Sunday Matters: All Done

Sunday Matters

OLIVER is done! My kids have done this show three or four times now but this time around, it was the easiest, most well-rehearsed show. Everyone was awesome. Here is a photo that someone snapped of my daughter backstage as Mrs. Sowerberry, the undertaker’s wife. She got to sing That’s Your Funeral and fall into a coffin. So fun. That link is not her actually singing because we are not allowed to record but it’s such a fun song.

Mrs. Sowerberry from Oliver

And here is just a snippet of the show’s rehearsal that the theatre company posted.  As you can see, very elaborate sets. Definitely not a high school production.

Right Now:

We had to miss church last weekend due to the production schedule so we are going this morning. No high school ministry tonight but the girls in my group want to meetup so I am meeting them later for frozen yogurt.

This Week:

Nothing. Guys, I have nothing. Well, I have work but no other commitments except Monday night outreach.


I started Tin Man by Sarah Winman and it’s so good! The writing is so lovely. After just a page or two I completely fell into the story.

I will start my book club book today. We are reading Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? It’s an interesting choice for discussion.


Nothing, although my life group ladies told me to watch Botched. Does anyone watch that show?


I’ve been ordering groceries online and I am really  liking it. This week we will have pizza, a hamburger/cheese bake, Parmesan chicken with broccoli, and breakfast for dinner.

Grateful for:

Online groceries. I add to my cart throughout the week and then show up at a certain time for them to load up my car. And to be truthful, I’ve sent The Hub to pick it up twice now which is even easier for me!

What are you grateful for this week?

24 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: All Done”

  1. Online grocery shopping is the BEST. I started doing this a few months ago when one of our grocery stores introduced this and it has been a godsend on busy weekends. I love it.

    1. We have done the online grocery thing a couple of times now and both orders were without issue. Perfect, really. Even the produce. It just makes my life so much easier. I seriously cannot even express how happy it makes me.

  2. Your daughter looks terrific as Mrs. Sowerberry! I know your glad to have the show done even though it’s fun.

    My mom watches Botched (and other reality shows) and talks about them so much I don’t need to watch any of them.

  3. I have not watched Botch…it seems scarier to me than your Walking Dead shows…what a time saver for you! Ordering groceries…although grocery shopping when you don’t work is a delight for me…when I was teaching and would shop after school…I hated it! Your daughter is beautiful…you must be very proud! Even after the churros…I started Tinman and loved it but for some reason I put it down! Today I am grateful for feeling good…no aches…no pains…just good!

  4. First of all, your girl is so beautiful! Seriously. Glad she had a good experience and also glad that you have a ‘no commitment’ week. Frozen yogurt with your girls group sounds great. I loved ordering groceries online when my husband had his heart surgery a few months ago. The grocery store where I shop had just started doing it and my daughter suggested I try it. She had good success with another store and it helped when she was getting off her night shift at the hospital and going home to sleep. I told the store it was perfect for situations such as mine and I was pleased with their selections for produce, etc. Have a good week, Ti!

    1. Thank you!! She had a really good time in this show and both production weeks were pretty easy going. She is sick now, of course. I am so glad she did not get sick for the shows.

  5. Nothing? You have nothing this week??!! Hooray!!
    So glad the production went to smoothly. Your daughter looks beautiful! I have a hold on Tin Man now and this list isn’t too long…should be reading it soon. Enjoy your quiet week 🙂

  6. Grocery shopping is one of the errands that I actually like doing, but I can see that doing it online would be great for someone with a totally busy schedule (that would be you). Even though the plays are fun, I bet it feels good when you get a little break.

  7. Wow, nothing at all this week? I hope you enjoy the heck out it! I watched one or two episodes of Botched a while ago but it didn’t interest me all that much.

    1. I know. I don’t know what to do with myself. Actually, I am tempted to clean but I’ve been trying to ignore that urge.

      1. Get that thought out of your head. Take some time and just relax and have fun! Unless your consider cleaning as fun, and that’s just weird 🙂

        1. I don’t consider cleaning fun but I like a clean house or an organized space before I sit down to relax. It kind of relaxes me. I always thought I should have been an organization specialist for that show Hoarders.

  8. Wow, that’s a lot of time spent on one show — they must love it! I’m glad you seem to have a lower-stress week ahead! Not so here, but that’s to be expected with summer swim. I think your book club book sounds like one a member in our group would enjoy!

    1. Well, doing Oliver so many times but every few years is always different because they age which puts them into different characters, should they get the part. My son was a pick pocket once and then Bill Sykes and my daughter was an orphan once and then Mrs. Sowerberry. Same show but totally different when they play different roles.

  9. Yay for online grocery shopping! It is a lifesaver!

    OMG, girl. Enjoy your freedom! Do lots of self-care, relax. Get away and do something for YOU. You deserve it!!

    1. I painted my nails, gave myself a facial, deep conditioned my hair and I am going to weed through my closet to get rid of everything old. I felt pretty good over the weekend just from the little I did.

  10. From just that little snippet, the girl singing sounded like Bernadette Peters in Into The Woods, which isn’t a bad thing…I’ve never even heard of that show Botched. 🙂 …I’m grateful for getting away this week as my wife and I went to a wedding in Ohio this weekend.

    1. I am not sure who was signing in that clip but I could not get my daughter to sing for me and I could not record the show at all due to royalty issues but I included the clip just because the song is so good and very workable on stage.

  11. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m preemptively grateful for the Hulu show Puppy Prep, which is apparently five short episodes of television about pups training to be service dogs. I think it will be perfect.

    I’ve never tried online groceries! Ever since I started going to Costco, I’ve had to buy way fewer groceries week to week (basically just produce), which has been a weird new way to budget and plan. I think I like it though? And it’s a change because I always have food in the house, which never used to be the case.

  12. This week I am especially grateful for your book club list. I am having major ankle surgery tomorrow and have books lined up to read. Also plenty of movies on the hard drive to watch. Will be off my right foot for 6 weeks and will be getting around on a knee scooter. MOST grateful for my husband who will be taking care of me while I heal.

    1. Is this to correct an injury? Oh man. Well, I see you are looking at the bright side, which is plenty of time for reading. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve picked up. I have so many that I reserved for summer reading that “summer” will be over and done with before I get to all of them.

  13. I have yet to order groceries online but I’m certain it would save me money – so easy to grab a bag of chips or candy or an extra bottle of wine as you mosey through the store!

    1. You must try online ordering! You would save money for sure but it’s just so easy. I feel stupid for not having tried it sooner.

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