A Case of the Wants

I like to live simply in that I don’t require much to be happy. I hardly buy anything. Ask my kids! But for three years I’ve wanted these shoes. Last year I almost bought them but then didn’t. This year I bought them but then the online retailer kicked my order out due to the new security features they implemented which made a shipping address, different from your billing address, a big no no. Hello! Porch pirates! No one ships to their homes anymore, do they?

Well, I finally bought them from a different store and I don’t care how much they cost or if they are practical. I really debated on the metallic or plain black but black is so boring. These scream summer to me!

Birkenstock – Arizona Silver Metallic

Also on my mind are painted kitchen cabinets. Mine are stained and dark and don’t work for me. I like something like this:

FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE: French Cottage Kitchen Inspiration

I am also beginning to realize that our loft may actually become mine again soon. It was taken over by my son but he’s been gone and when he returns I am guessing it won’t be for long as he has school to finish. I love a good reading nook.


I like how simple this room is. Not the colors so much. I can’t make up my mind if I like modern or more of a farmhouse style. I change my mind daily. But I can do something like this in my loft.

So lovely, do this in the den

I also want this bag by FEED. When you buy a bag, you buy school meals for hungry kids! This one provides 40 school meals.

Olive Go-To Bag Front View

I also want to take a trip to London but that will have to wait.

I am off today for Cesar Chavez day but I am spending some of it in the lab and radiology department. Wish me luck.

16 thoughts on “A Case of the Wants”

  1. Good luck! I love those shoes! Birkenstocks are the best! That kitchen is to die for – OMG! A reading nook sounds like heaven and I know what you mean. I’m always changing my mind about a look. I like both modern and farmhouse 🙂 That bag is awesome. I was looking at something like that from Portland Leather, but in black leather. I do like FEED – such a great organization! I’ve been coveting a The Superior Labor (its a Japanese brand) bag for ages now, I’m hoping to get one for my birthday or Christmas. I love handbags and used to switch mine out all the time, but lately I’ve been trying to buy ones that I know I will want to use for years and years, not just a few months. London is awesome and you would LOVE it. Definitely keep it on your list 🙂 I want to go to Spain – I want to see where Dali was buried and go to the museum there. I’ve been to the Dali Museum here in FL and the one in London, but still need to go to the one in Spain. Oh, and Paris is also on my wish list, too 🙂 Happy Easter, Ti!!

  2. I like all the things you shared today! Glad you bought the shoes. Good luck with your stuff today. Will be thinking about you.

  3. Good luck in the lab and radiology department! And I hope you never experience a moment’s regret about purchasing those shoes. If you’ve wanted them for three years, then your desire is real and it is reasonable to acquire them.

    (This may be self-serving of me to say. I’ve been craving this one completely impractical pair of ankle boots for two years now, and I’m feeling like my day is approaching.)

  4. YAY for purchasing those shoes!!! I caved and bought boring black last year but between Holly and me, we wore them all summer long. Then again, I have no self-control when it comes to shoes.

    I hear you on flipping between modern and farmhouse. I like the look of farmhouse but don’t know if I could stand living with it all the time. As for painted cabinets, ours are custom maple that were installed by the original owners of the house. I want to paint them or stain them darker. Jim says that to do that to maple cabinets is a travesty. It’s not my fault I like darker wood grain!

    Good luck at the various departments today. I hope you get answers. Answers can lead to actions.

  5. I am so glad you got those shoes! Plus Berkies last forever and never go out of style. I hope you can enjoy your day…

  6. I don’t buy very much for myself either, but once in a while if I really want something I buy it. YOLO, and my thinking is that the money will go for something else so…

    I love reading nooks. They’re so cute and cozy.

  7. I know there are tons of people who swear by those sandals. I know you’ll love them. That bag looks fantastic. Enjoy your new buys, if you get the bag too. I hope you also get that loft for a reading room, that would be awesome. I’m on a happy library room kick right now.

  8. I love that you bought yourself the shoes! I hope they are the perfect summer thing. And that reading room is wonderful. I think the style is less important than a super comfy reading chair.

  9. Did you get the bag? I just saw one in person this weekend and now i want one too. She was in front of me in line and I asked her if that’s what it was, because it looked familiar.

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