Sunday Matters: Easter Sunday and a Time to Rest

Sunday Matters

It’s been a very strange month. My lack of energy has somehow ramped up my sense of humor and I don’t have the energy to even be embarrassed by any of it. The other day, in a meeting, I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and what did I pull out with it? A feminine product and it took me a good minute to realize I was still holding it along with my phone. No biggie.

I had to deliver two cases of soft drinks that I was donating for a dinner and instead of making two trips, because that would require too much energy, I decided to carry all 48 cans in one trip. I made it though the door but then almost passed out in the restroom. That was a wake-up call.

I am waiting on my blood work. I hope to know more about this lack of energy soon but the shortcuts that I am taking to do all things don’t surprise me at all these days.

Right Now:

Guys I am not doing anything today. We attended Easter service earlier in the week as my church has many services to attend. I do not have to be at the high school ministry tonight either so it’s me and Jesus Christ Superstar – Live.

This Week:

My daughter leaves for her choir trip on Tuesday. They are headed to Hawaii. I’ve never been and this is her first time going but what a blast, huh? Because she is gone my schedule is quiet. No rehearsals, no appointments, no practices. My life group is on break until the 17th so the whole week is mine. Well, I do have to work.


I finished Future Home of the Living God and should have the review up soon. Very interesting read.

I am wanting to read something quiet and peaceful and was thinking of:

Walden: Life in the Woods Cover


I recorded The Terror, which is a new series based on the book. I have yet to watch it though.

I mentioned Jesus Christ Superstar – Live but now I am wondering if it will conflict with The Walking Dead.


I am making an Apricot Glazed Ham with scalloped potatoes and a green veggie. Not sure what green veggie. I have broccoli but that does not sound good right now. I have to get more sides because The Girl is vegetarian now. What can I sub for ham?  Maybe just more sides? She is not into Tofurkey.

Grateful for:

This week I am grateful for a personal care product. My hair has been a challenge with all this vitamin deficiency stuff going on. I have tried all types of conditioners and none of them improved anythingm until Garnier’s Banana Hair Mask. The mask comes in different scents and formulas. I chose banana since I needed strengthening but it smells glorious and I hate bananas. You can use it like a regular conditioner or leave it in. It’s cheap! Under $5. I am getting nothing in return for this plug.

What’s going on with you? Anything interesting or fun?

Happy Easter!

15 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Easter Sunday and a Time to Rest”

  1. Our bodies work in a delicate balance – I sure hope they figure out what’s going on with you.

    My son went to Hawaii with the band in high school and I offered to chaperone. He told me they didn’t need more chaperones. Later, I learned that any and all parents were welcome to go. Oh well. He had a blast and probably wouldn’t have had as much fun with me. I know your daughter is going to love it!

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    1. I could have gone but it was even more expensive for the adults to go. I’m a little nervous and she is too, a little. She’s been on planes before but doesn’t remember since she was pretty young.

  2. I hope you have a peaceful restful Sunday…that is my plan…I want to read and watch a movie…green veg? Asparagus is popping up all over the East Coast…it is that time of year…I am roasting that and making peas, too! Easter cries out for green! I hope you feel more energy soon. Take care!

    1. I am the only person who loves asparagus. I opted for creamed spinach. I make it worth Boursin cheese and cream. So good. I am about to make some gluten free biscuits.

  3. I’m sorry you are low-energy these days. I hope the blood work gives you and answer and an easy solution. My daughter is home for spring break and we’re both sick. No fun.

    1. I had similar blood test results in January, even had a liver ultrasound (“fatty” liver, they said). 2 months later I had the tests again and all was totally fine. I hope yours are as well!

  4. So what did you watch? Being a theater family, I really want to know your impressions of JCS. I personally LOVED it. I loved everything about it but I now have a greater appreciation for Brandon Dixon and John Legend.

    ENJOY your quiet week and enjoy the lack of running around for the girl. It is such a rare thing, where we have nowhere to be because of our children that I feel like you should somehow celebrate it. Instead, celebrate with putting your feet up and getting some much-needed rest!

    1. I watched JCS until TWD came on. I am going to watch the rest of JCS tonight, I hope. It was very well done. High production quality for sure. I felt that Legend played it a little safe. Dixon was amazing. The clear stand out for sure. I wasn’t all that into Bareilles. She sings beautifully but she just didn’t do it for me at all. The ensemble was very good. I liked the staging and the set. The costumes were appropriate. The audience was too much at times but the sound was pretty good overall.

      I am definitely going to relax but I might drag myself to see that horror movie, A Quiet Place. It reminds me of the book Bird Box but with sound instead of sight.

  5. I went vegetarian some months back and discovered this “smart ground” beef alternative in my grocery store’s organic/vegan foods section. We use it for all of our tacos, sloppy joes, etc. they also have alternatives to pulled pork, beef tips, and others. I’d start in that section. It’s not tofu, but is a veggie/soy(?) based product. When it’s properly seasoned or prepared I can’t even tell much of a difference. The best part is no grease or oil like with real meat! You can also sub more beans, lentils, and chickpeas into your diet for protein instead of just veggies. A vegetarian/vegan diet should still be nutritionally complete. There are thousands of recipe ideas out there now. I even found a vegetarian buffalo wing idea! I hope this helps! I’ve really felt better physically and mentally since making the diet switch. It’s awesome she made that choice.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we have tried many of the meat subs. She particularly likes the brand Morning Star. I was vegan for a long time and know a bit about what to make but she is not as adventurous or hasn’t been so far. I could easily be vegetarian again but I have Celiac now and cooking gluten free and vegetarian is too much of a challenge for me at the moment.

      Have you heard of Oumph? It’s a new product that made an appearance at Disney’s Food and Wine festival this year. My coworker mentioned it and said that he could not tell the difference between it and a meat product. It kind of reminds me of Soylent Green (haha) but he did say it was excellent in taste.

  6. Hope you are feeling better. We went away for last weekend — Easter, so I’m behind a bit. How did your daughter like Hawaii? Wow.

    1. She loved Hawaii. Now she wants to travel all over. She was very nervous about the flight because she hasn’t been on a plane since age 4 and she didn’t remember anything about it. I did take time beforehand to go over how it all works like the baggage check in, security, what you can control on the plane yourself like air flow and the like. Little things that you would not think of. She was fine and slept all the way back.

      I got the results back from the doctor. I think she was also on break. I have to have further testing.

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