Sunday Matters: See? I Remembered

Sunday Matters

Last week I totally forgot to write a Sunday post. I was busy but it didn’t even dawn on me to write it up. This week I promised I would not forget and here I am.

I am in a strange mood. A lazy mood. I just want to spend my days on the couch with a blanket. It’s been rainy here but in California that never lasts long. And to be honest, I am never lazy so I don’t even know why I said that. I am always doing something. Even if I am a couch potato I am organizing a drawer or cleaning out my purse. What is wrong with me?

Right Now:

Coffee has been poured down my gullet. Toast has been had. Avocado toast because avocado toast sprinkled with seasoned salt is best. It’s a tournament day so it will be spent in a gym most of the day. Hoping the girls do well. I don’t care for the drive though.

This Week:

My daughter attended an overnight theater competition on Friday-Saturday so now it’s just rehearsals for Oliver and Oklahoma. Club volleyball is still going strong but ends in June. The year is going by so fast it will be here before we know it but then right when it ends summer camp for high school volleyball begins. Hope she makes the team again.


Still reading Future Home of the Living God and I must say, it’s become quite interesting. The world is ending, sounds like humans are reverting to apes and a woman is pregnant. There you go.  Not sure how it will all play out.


The Walking Dead just got interesting again. Some weird woman joined the cast. She could be Eugene’s long lost sister. I jest but seriously! She is the female version Eugene and it’s creeping me out. She promises a better future filled with windmills/turbines. She hands Maggie a “how-to” book for the apocalypse. Hello! Red flags everywhere so pay attention.


I made a yummy gluten-free, vegan pesto pasta the other night with sun dried tomatoes and wilted spinach. Very good. I also made Chicken Cacciatore over rice. Grilled cheese and tomato soup will be enjoyed some time this week. Curry chicken as well.

Grateful for:

All of the friends I have made through blogging. I interact with so many of you on a given day. You offer words of support to me each and every day when I am feeling down and we talk about books. What can be better than that? Thank you!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: See? I Remembered”

  1. Maybe the change of seasons or the time change is bothering you. Whatever it is, I hope you’re back to your old self soon. I’m tired today but that’s not unusual.

  2. You definitely sound better. Have been on a real reading kick lately.
    I have read Flight Attendent by Chris Bohjalian, I’ll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa de los Santos, Summer at the Robbers Library by Sue Halpern and Every Note Played by Lisa Genova. All good, but the Genova book is very depressing.

  3. It doesn’t sound like you get to be a couch potato for long. Maybe you just like to be in constant motion. Myself, I like to slow down once in a while, but then again we don’t have children (by choice), so maybe have more time to slow down.

    1. It is my personality because even before kids I was always doing something. I’m not one of those nervous energy types but I like to feel productive and I like the see the fruits of my labor, like clean floors or a clutter free desk.

  4. I always love you Sunday posts and our connection. You helped me so much last year…no matter what happens I just feel stronger…not as scared as I was…so you can’t forget your Sunday posts…ever again! We are chilling today…I think I want to watch Jumanji or Thor later today and I am really loving American Idol! Have a restful week!

    1. ​If you like avocados then I highly recommend it on toast. It’s so good. ​Quite filling too and pretty good in the good fats area.

  5. The blogging world really is great, isn’t it! I just saw that Dewey’s read-a-thon is April 28 so I am excited about that! Also, spring break just started so that is all good!

    1. Maybe I can join the read a thon this year. CSUN had their break last week but I still had to work. My daughter’s break is next week. She is going to Hawaii with her choir. I am working. Bleh.

  6. Good to hear about your world, Ti. And organizing your purse sounds ‘normal’ to me. Doesn’t everyone do that? LOL

    Seriously, I am glad to hear your ‘voice’ sounding a bit better. Hope that means you are feeling a bit more well. Take care and we are grateful for you as well. You’ve always got something interesting to say and share and talk about. And I love the fact that you work with the teens at your church. I miss doing that, though my girl is now in her mid-30’s. Wow, I’m old. Ha!

    1. Aw, thanks so much. I am kind of having a rough time with my health but trying to rest and finally take care of myself. I have a really hard time doing that.

  7. Not much is better than that Ti: Encouragement & books. What ever happened to the WD — are they still prisoners to that other group or did Rick & everyone defeat them? How’s Carol & Maggie? I’ve been in Redlands with my folks & it’s been great being here — but a bit lazy too this week, just mushing around, catching up with them. It’s been cooler weather than normal but still I don’t want to leave on Tues. No way. Flew in to Palm Springs & have to leave there too. Ugh so hard, saying goodbye to the desert & the folks. take care.

    1. No, Rick’s group has not defeated anyone yet. From that pivotal death that took place, you know the one, I think only a few weeks have passed because Maggie is pregnant but not showing at all, Judith STILL isn’t walking or talking, and not much has changed. People have shifted around. Some people have died but not really big plot turns there. The show is trying to rally with this latest episode but it’s struggling. Oh, and they aren’t doing much with Carol. She’s been non-existent really.

      The cooler weather in Palm Spring never bothers me. It’s always so hot there. I just love how everything is so green given its desert climate.

  8. Being a couch potato sounds like a good thing when you’re so busy. I think we all need that time to recharge, even if we are sitting on the couch reorganizing purses.

    Have a great week. I have spring break off to spend with my daughter and family, so I’ll be scarce this week.

  9. You’re so busy all the time, no wonder you long to be a couch potato once in a while! I haven’t been around much this winter, but am always happy to read your posts. Hope the tournament went well and that you have a good week! 🙂

    1. Well, they lost every game. It was a rough morning for our family. She had that theatre tournament the night before and got back late and we had to leave so early for the volleyball tournament. We were ALL dragging. I’m having some issue with my blood… so the tests show so I am really trying hard to rest and do less.

  10. I hope you were able to get in some relaxing this weekend. I feel you on dragging. I am torn between wanting to do all the things that need doing so I can relax in peace versus just collapsing and having to face everything when I am only slightly less tired.

    Did you schedule that infusion yet?

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