Sunday Matters: Where Do I Start?

Sunday Matters

Hello, March. Funny how you crept up on me.

The weekend has been good. Yesterday, I had breakfast with a friend I haven’t seen for 34 years!! Unbelievable! It was so good to see her again . We talked as if no time had passed.

Today, I come to you worn out and tired. My iron levels are rock bottom again and I have little energy for anything. I am just wiped out but it’s not really something I can control even with rest. I don’t absorb iron so I will have to talk to the doc again about it.

Right Now:

Hey, I’m awake and upright. I call that a win.

This Week:

The final cast list for Oliver posts on Tuesday. We have a volleyball tournament on Saturday to go to and in between those two all the normal stuff I am involved in.

However, no matter how busy I am,  I will make an effort to be a little more cautious about my food choices this week. Ever since we returned to the house I have been eating pseudo meals. On their own, they are healthy but piled on top of one another we are talking major calories and a lot of sugar. Protein bars and yogurt, trail mix, lots of toast with avocado. Too much. I am so over it and coupled with the low iron I feel like sludge.


I started Future Home of the Living God. Not sure how I feel about it yet. It’s starting off very slow for me.


I am not able to watch the Oscars tonight because I will be with the high school ministry. I may be able to watch some of the red carpet action beforehand but hopefully I’ll make it back in time for The Walking Dead. I’ll record it but if I am too late coming back I can’t stay up to watch the entire show. I wake up way too early.

Image result for book club movie jane fonda

Oh! I saw a trailer for this movie and I am dying. What a cast! I need to see it.


I should just take this category out. No time to cook.

Grateful for:

My tax lady. It’s a funny thing to say but she makes our life so easy by taking care of it all for us and now she does my son’s too so we are super grateful to have her.

Do you watch the Oscars? I miss the old, Hollywood glamour. It’s just not like it used to be.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Where Do I Start?”

  1. I hear you on the food thing. I am really trying to make good choices but those times when I can’t are getting to me. I need like a week of nothing but salads and fruit, I think. I am going to try to cook this week. It should be doable as this is the closest we will have to a normal week since November.

    You have to let me know the results of tryouts! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her!

    Enjoy your time at the ministry tonight! No Oscars for us because I just don’t enjoy awards shows anymore but it would be nice to watch something with the family either on Prime, Hulu, or Netflix. A long, hot bath also sounds heavenly. I doubt there is time for both.

  2. So sorry you are so busy…sometimes you don’t seem to have the time to even take a deep breath!

    We had so much wind this week…60 mph…one of our trees was pulled out of the ground!

  3. Take care of yourself, Ti! The movie about a book club looks interesting. Hope your week is filled with better eating (take care…) and something fun. Not sure what that will be, your choice. LOL

  4. Ok. A couple thoughts. Oscars–I hadn’t seen any of the movies and felt like there were way too many actors/actresses I didn’t recognize. I think I just got old. The movie Book Club looks fun and funny!

    1. I recognized a lot of the actors even though I only saw two of the films. Some are not aging all that well. Others, like the ones in that Book Club clip look pretty fabulous.

      I only got to see that first hour but it seemed like a tasteful show. No low blow comments. No crudeness. Kept the political stuff to a minimum. I recorded it but then erased it. It’s not like I am ever gonna sit my butt down to watch it now.

  5. The Book Club movie looks quite funny & one to watch! But why are they reading 50 Shades in it. Guess it’s about older ladies dating again. Andy Garcia isn’t too bad either. Hope you are feeling better this week. Going to be visiting my folks in Redlands soon during spring break time. Have you had any rain?!

    1. I think Jane Fonda’s character is like Sex in the City’s Samantha. She is pretty hot to trot so I bet the book was her choice. LOL. That would make sense because the others seem hesitant to read it. Which of course makes it even funnier.

      We had a day of rain last week and we are expecting rain this weekend but nothing significant. But Mammoth has had a lot of snow which means water for us later.

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