My Latest Obsession

Stay Sweet Pencil Case

I have a thing for office supplies. My beloved pencil case, one that I picked up from the dollar bin at Target (if you can believe it) finally fell apart. This has sent me on a quest to find the perfect pencil case.

Succulent Plants Pencil Case

I die! So cute.

Large Capacity Forest Life Convertible Pencil Case 5

I love these because they also turn into a pen cup/holder.

And these… those colors. LOVE. Of course, I have not bought one yet so my pencils and journaling pens are currently in a Ziplock bag. So stylish! While looking for a case I’ve seen some great journals too. See where this is going?

I am currently reading a book about death and dying so looking at fun, colorful pencil cases seems like a good distraction. Anyone else find themselves obsessed over office supplies?

17 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession”

  1. I love them, too. Found these bright purple net bags at Office Depot in different sizes I use for cosmetics, charging cables, earrings — everything that was in ziplock baggies!

    1. Before my beloved pencil case, I used some mesh bags in different colors to contain all my stuff in my backpack. They were okay but not cute. I need a bright color because my bag is black.

  2. Yes! I’m crazy for office supplies. Also, I love journals and planners – I have too many to count 🙂 My latest obsession is junk journals. I want to make one and have been buying paper supplies to do so – obsessed! LOL! Love those pen holders you pictured – especially the one that turns into a pen cup holder – I’ve seen something like that on JetPens’ website.

    1. Yes!! I saw the ones on the JetPens site. They are much more but to be honest, I am not sure I want to spend a lot on shipping for a $7 pencil case but we shall see what I end up with. What is a Junk Journal?

  3. I love office supplies…pens, markers, stickers, rulers, notebooks…I am unable to stop every time I get an idea about another kind of sketching or notebook I want to create. For the longest time Den and I would never travel without sketch pads and water colors. But I never thought about a case…mine are always in baggies but in a cool carry on…hmmm…

  4. I, too, share your obsession with office supplies which my family/friends find odd. I go to stationary stores in New York every time I visit there in addition to the ones near me. I have a whole drawer full of note pads, pens, stickers. Will never live long enough to use them all as I keep buying more – it’s sort of like my book obsession.

    1. It’s a huge deal now with social media. I see stuff on Instagram that I want. I love it all. The planners, the notepads, the cute pineapple clips, etc. If you need to take care of business then why not do it with some cute washi tape?

  5. Girl, if you knew how much I have paid over the years for cute office supplies, you would die. But I am a firm believer that I need to enjoy my work space. So if that means spending a little extra on a mouse pad or in-box, I am all for it!

    1. You and I had that whole planner conversation once so I know you have that going on on the side. LOL. I like to have fun, peppy supplies to keep me motivated.

  6. I’ve been toting mine around in a plastic box that, while it is efficient enough, is actually much to big and bulky (big enough that my pens and washi tape are both in it. I’m going to have to do some exploring!

  7. Did someone say office supplies? LOVE THEM! Starting a bullet journal made me happy for many reasons, not least of which was shopping for a journal and pens. Of course, I had to have a variety of pens. One would just not be enough.

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