Sunday Matters: It’s All Good

Sunday Matters

I feel like the clouds have finally parted. I’ve had some time to rest, a little time to organize and that makes me a better person. Everyone needs rest and who can function when everything is all over the place? I know some people can but I am not one of them.

Right Now:

As usual, we are about to head off to church and even though it’s still the weekend, I am trying to not think about the upcoming week. It’s impossible though because I am a planner.

This Week:

Are we really entering March this week? Unbelievable. Well, we have the same stuff going on with volleyball practices and the like but if The Girl gets a callback for Oliver then she will have a second round of auditions this week as well. Oh! I have book club this week too. I totally forgot.

My son is doing well over in Orlando. He is working a lot of hours and enjoying his seminar class but he has some time for fun stuff too. He’s been visiting the parks and all of the resorts. His one major complaint right now is the transportation system. He has a shift at 4:45 a.m. which means he needs to be ON the bus by 3 a.m.  That is incredibly early when your shift ends at 11:30 p.m. the night before.


I am working hard to get through  my review copies. I am finishing Strange Weather and then moving on to Future Home of the Living God. I am feeling the need to add something really fun to read too like The Perfect Nanny, of which I just got a copy of.

As you can see above, I just remembered that my book club meets this week so I will be reading our pick, Being Mortal, sometime before then.


I know I complained about The Walking Dead being slow but the show starts up again this Sunday and I cannot wait!

I’d also like to see a few of the Best Picture contenders. I have not see ONE film out of the bunch. I have Get Out recorded so I will begin there.


A tostada sounds really good to me. I love them piled high with avocado, beans, cheese, shredded chicken or ground beef/turkey and topped with a dollop of sour cream. I’m a sour cream girl. Will I actually go out and buy the ingredients to make them? Ha! Maybe.

We’ve been living on almond butter, avocado toast, pasta and marinara and grilled cheese. It’s funny how my meals have come down to this. I can see why older folks eat such simple meals. I mean, why bother?

Grateful for:

I am grateful for the time I have in the mornings. I get to work early (mostly to avoid traffic) but it gives me time to do my Bible study, blog, journal, whatever. I do all of these things while sipping my coffee and it’s just a good way to begin a day. Any day, really.

Today, I end with a question I have asked before. What is the one book you want to read but haven’t gotten to?

My answer: Pride and Prejudice.

I’ve tried to read it twice before but it didn’t click with me. Truthfully, I didn’t give it much time. I plan to read it this year. Finally.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: It’s All Good”

  1. I’m glad to hear your son is doing so well and can understand his frustration at the transportation system.

    There are so many books I’d like to read, I can’t begin to name them all.

    1. As you can imagine, the guest shuttles are fabulous but employees cannot ride them. There lies the difference.

      Too many great books to get to, huh? I have so many in my head but P&P is the one that haunts me since so many have read it and I have not.

  2. I read The Perfect Nanny…my lips are sealed! I will be very curious about your thoughts!

    I still really do not have tons of energy for complicated cooking…that’s why I love sheet pan dinners or one pan skillet dinners that I can prep earlier in the day. I still haven’t gone out to dinner…at night…the way we used to. I am more comfortable going out to lunch.

    We can easily live on veggie sandwiches, bean burritos and salads…sushi, too! And pasta…plain and simple pasta!

    I don’t have any idea what book I haven’t read yet but want to…but I have read Pride And Prejudice!

    Have a great week!

    1. Bean burritos are so simple but so good. Mission makes a great gluten free flour tortilla so I could actually enjoy a burrito if I wanted to. They aren’t quite large enough to roll properly but maybe a small baby burrito? Sure.

      1. Or I use corn tortillas to make quesadillas…I sandwich beans, cheese and a tiny bit of chopped onion between to corn tortillas and sauté them…they get crispy and oozy! We add avocado slices, salsa, Greek yogurt…yum!

        1. That sounds really good. My friend made me Peruvian beans which were white beans simmered in stock and spices and they were so buttery and delicious just as they were. I think they would be awesome smashed and added to a quesadilla.

  3. Glad you get that morning time. I think many of us a bit of quiet to think and plan. As to your son, well, I guess there could be worse places to have back-to-back shifts. Wonder if he will get ‘tired’ of the Mouse? I just read Meredith’s review of The Perfect Nanny on Dolce Bellezza – hmmm….I won’t say anything, but I do want to read it. One book – not sure I could give you just one.

    1. I haven’t started Nanny yet but I plan to right after I finish this book club book.

      My kid said he is now a coffee person. I guess you’d almost have to be with those hours. But his shifts should be normal soon when he transitions to Typhoon Lagoon. That was his original assignment but they were closed for refurbishment so they gave him that temp assignment over at ESPN.

  4. Your poor son — he needs more sleep! The movie Get Out is quite a spoof. I thought it was excellent & off-beat weird too. Great place to start with movies. Maybe I’ll read P & P with you sometime this year. Not sure it’s ever been an easy novel for me.

    1. Get Out was pretty good. I figured out very early on what was happening but that did not detract from the overall creepiness of it.

  5. You are reading Being Mortal, which I thought it was excellent. It’s one of those books that I find myself referring to quite often in conversation. I hope you find it interesting. It sounds like Disney needs to get it’s act together regarding shift work!

    1. Being Mortal is a very interesting read. I know for some in my group it’s a tough subject so I’ll be curious to see what the group thinks when we meet this Thursday.

  6. Wow, that schedule doesn’t allow much sleep time does it? Oh well, he’s young. I usually only get around 4-5 hours sleep a night because once I wake up to go potty I usually can’t go back to sleep.

    Mmmm, tostadas!

  7. Get Out is the only Oscar-nominated movie I have seen and plan to see. The others just do not interest me.

    What book do I want to read but haven’t gotten around to reading? Um, all of them?

    So far, my meals since Saturday have been Chipotle, nothing, and crappy frozen pizza that my husband somehow burnt. Things have come to a sad state when a bowl of cereal may be the best meal all week.

    1. Nope. A sad state of a meal is the one I brought today for lunch. Gluten free bread for toast, plus PB&J. Sadness. I haven’t really stocked the pantry or fridge since our termite adventure soooo… I make do. However, a Teriyaki Salmon bowl from the student center is calling my name.

    1. I know. I bought a copy with a really cool cover years ago but now there are better covers out there. LOL. #procrastination

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