Sunday Matters: A Glimpse of Spring

Sunday Matters

As of this morning, The Music Man is done. We battled illness during its run but The Girl did well even though she wasn’t feeling good for most of it.

Right Now:

I am lounging people. LOUNGING. It’s Super Bowl Sunday and even though I have zero interest in the teams that are playing,  I love all the other stuff that goes with it. Plus,  I have the night off from student ministry which makes it pretty nice.

Some have asked for an update so here you go. My son is good. He’s putting his hours in and exploring Disney World during his off hours. He’s making new friends and he seems to be eating okay. So far, so good.

This Week:

Nothing out of the ordinary this week. Same old stuff. The weather has been unseasonably warm. I mean, it really feels like spring. It’s kind of nice. It makes me think of summer reading.


Speaking of reading. I am reading Nomadland for a non-fiction club. The idea of living modestly is appealing to me. I know some people are forced to live in vans or RVs because they can’t make rent but some people do it by choice, refusing to work themselves to death just to live in traditional housing. I’ve read articles where young people are living this way so they can go to where the work is. Interesting.

I have some review books to get to but I am looking for something really juicy to read. Not juicy like a bodice ripper but a good, psychological thriller would be great. Any suggestions?


I keep talking about all these shows I want to watch and it  never happens. When I have down time, I am either reading or just hanging on the couch staring off into space.


Nothing fancy. I tried cauliflower pizza the other day. Interesting texture. Of course, today is a big food day with the Super Bowl and all. We have been invited to a friend’s house to watch the game and with me being gluten-free and my daughter being a vegetarian, we will be bringing some things to the party as well. Plus, they have a new puppy. Enough said.

By the way, The Girl wants mozzarella sticks:

Image result for mozzarella sticks
Photo credit: The Food Network

Grateful for:

People with a sense of humor. Gosh, I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh too. I am grateful for all the people who make me laugh.

So, do you have a juicy reading recommendation for me? The kind of book that makes you forget to eat? I want one of those.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: A Glimpse of Spring”

  1. I’m pulling for the Eagles since they are from my home state… I can relate to just staring into space. Sometimes it’s all the energy I have to do…sorry, no recommendation, as obviously from last week I don’t even know what kind of books you like. 😉

  2. I’m so glad to hear your son is doing well!

    Since we sell beer, today is a busy day for us. I’m going to try to sneak out early to make some soup since it’s cold here today.

    I’d like to read Nomadland but don’t have it and can’t justify bringing any new books into the house.

    1. Nomadland is interesting but it’s not all that great to read. It’s choppy. More like individual accounts strung together. I’m not sure this NF club will have much to discuss. It does speak to high rents and low wages but these people tend to want to live this way which puts a different spin on it.

  3. It’s probably not for you but Best Day Ever is unputdownable! We are cheering for the Eagles and making chili…chili with tons of toppings! I am reading The Hazelwood…so far it’s llovely!

  4. My husband is from Philadelphia and a life long Eagles fan. Last time Eagles were in Super Bowl was 2004 and the lost to Patriots. I know people will root against Pats as this would be their 6th Super Bowl win but as a lifelong New Englander, their my team. Plus a have $$ st stake here:)

    Psychological Thrillers are my fav genre these days so I’d be interested in any great suggestions as well.

    Glad your son is doing well!

  5. Good to know your son is ‘exploring’ Disney World. I wish I was exploring Disney World. Ha! Sometimes sitting and staring is good for the mind and soul. A re-boot after lots of stuff – you’ve had stuff. Enjoy the re-boot. 😉

    I’ve heard good things about The Chalk Man. Or the 2nd book in Meg Gardiner’s Unsub series (1st book Unsub) is just out or will be out soon – Into the Black Nowhere.

    Go Eagles! Sorry, Diane, I don’t like New England. LOL

    1. Yay for the Eagles!!

      I listed to a podcast with the author of The Chalk Man. It sounds so sinister and yet the author sounded so bubbly and happy when talking about it. She said her idol is Stephen King so maybe I should check it out.

  6. Glad your son is doing well and good for your daughter for carrying on even though she was not feeling great. I loved Best Day Ever and will post my review either today or tomorrow.

  7. Yea for lounging! It’s my favorite thing to do besides reading. 🙂

    Glad to hear the kiddos are doing so well and that The Music Man is finished.

    My favorite (recent) thriller-ish books are the Frieda Klein books by Nicci French. The first especially…

  8. I will reiterate Best Day Ever was juicy good. I just finished The One by John Marrs which I thought was SO good I did not want to do anything at all but read. I didn’t want to eat or drink or play with the pup until I was done. (It didn’t happen that way but I did finish it in less than 24 hours.)

  9. Glad the Boy is doing well. The Game turned out to be pretty close. But not sure I’d go for cauliflower pizza, yikes! Mozzarella sticks sounds better. I’m reading a thriller right now called Need to Know by Karen Cleveland but I haven’t gotten far enough to see if it will be unputdownable. Have a good week!

    1. The cauliflower crust was very good! It was light and crisp. Not dense like most gluten free crusts. On Super Bowl Sunday though I made do with artichoke dip 😉

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