Sunday Matters: Rough Start

Sunday Matters

2018 has rolled in with a bang. My BIL’s funeral is this morning but I am out-of-town with The Girl at her first club volleyball tournament. Don’t ask. The funeral was difficult to schedule due to numerous setbacks. I’ll leave it at that. The Hub will be in attendance. The entire family is looking for closure.

Also, while lounging on the couch during my last week of vacation, I discovered a weird pile of “dust” that looked more like pellets and guess what? TERMITES. So we will have to tent at some point but with production week coming up, it has to wait until February. It made me really grouchy this week. A total downer since I have to return to work on Monday. But to put it in perspective, I have friends battling cancer, family members struggling with addiction and friends who have also lost loved ones over the break. Termites do not rate on that scale of life.

Right Now:

This is a scheduled post because right now, I am driving to the tournament. Nothing like leaving at 5am to be on the court by 6:30am.

This Week:

Work. Homeless outreach. Beginning to do some research on which books to pitch at the yearly book club selection meeting. We choose books for the year. We each pitch two. Any suggestions?


I just finished Nutshell. The review posts tomorrow. I found it to be clever and hilarious.

I also finished Manhattan Beach. The review posts on Wednesday but I really enjoyed it.

I am currently reading Seven Days of Us. Interesting premise. So far, it’s fun and I am having a hard time putting it down.

Is anyone reading Fire and Fury? I am #1033 on the hold list. I am curious but I am not sure I can tolerate what’s in it.


I watched that episode of Black Mirror that everyone was talking about, USS Callister. It was so much fun! Very clever. Almost like watching a movie.

I also watched a movie I have had recorded for forever, Ping Pong Summer. Very 80’s. All about a young teen vacationing with his parents. He gets dragged into a ping pong tournament by a local bully. It’s got Lea Thompson and Susan Sarandon. It’s pretty low-budget but has a good message.


I’ve made chicken curry this past week but the rest of our meals have been snack-y things like avocado toast, rice cakes with hummus. The Girl became a vegetarian so with me being gluten-free, meals are difficult to plan right now.

Grateful for:

As much as I hate shelling out thousands of dollars right after Christmas to tent the house, I am grateful that we have a house,  warm beds to sleep in, food on the table, etc.

How is 2018 starting off for you?

34 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Rough Start”

  1. Ti, that is definitely a rough start to 2018. Keeping you all in my prayers. So much going on, and as usual you are handling it all like a pro. You are amazing 🙂 I have yet to watch Black Mirror, even though I have it on my Netflix list. I’ve been sick all week, so I have no idea what book you are talking about – fire and fury?n I tried reading the Egan book, but gave up on it. As for the McEwan book, I’ve never really liked his writing, so I passed on this one. Sounds like you enjoyed it 🙂 I did read a lot of books while I’ve been sick, but they were all quick reads – mystery/thriller or chick lit. I wanted fun and fast. That sucks about the termites. And that really sucks that its back to work already. Hope The Girl and her team kick butt at the volleyball tournament.

    1. You must watch Black Mirror but it’s very disturbing. Great writing though.

      The Egan book. I really loved it which surprised me so much because I do not like War books, typically but it was a lot more.

      ​Re: volleyball. They lost all three games. New team, not enough practice.

      Back at work today and I am trying hard to clean out all of my inboxes. Work’s was not bad. I think all the bosses were out too. ​

  2. Oh goodness, my wish for you is GOODNESS going forward. Thank you for perspective reminder. I’m in a blogging mood and thinking about books but getting to the READING of those books has not quite happened yet. It’s day 7 of the year and I have only read on book of less than 300 pages. oh well. Lots of blog posts, though. 😉
    Oh! wanted to ask if you get Boar’s Head products in CA – try the chocolate hummus! it’s really good. I think it is gluten free.

    1. We do get Boar’s Head products here. Chocolate hummus?? I don’t think I have ever seen hummus though. I see the meats and the mustard jars but no hummus. Sounds very interesting. Like my discovery of Choco Vine. Chocolate wine!! Goodness it’s good. Think Bailey’s but with red wine and dark chocolate.

  3. So sorry to hear about your BIL. I remembered he was very sick but missed post that he died. Termites ugh – guess we don’t have to worry about that one, it’s -7 here this morning!!! I’m #144 for Fire and Fury. Curious what he has to say about the “smartest genius ever”. Have a good week despite all that is going on.

    1. My BIL passed away on 12/16. It was very difficult. He was on life support, then seemed to get better but then got much worse.

      Fire and Fury. I read some of a leaked .pdf version floating around and it is very hard to stomach. Not so much what is said but that it’s all about him. I mean, do I need to know more? It seems like we all know enough and yet he still exists in the seat.

  4. So sorry your year has started off on the sad/frustrating side. Keeping you guys in my prayers. Good luck to your girl on her tournament. I remember those from years and years (and years) ago. I’m reading LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE and finding it really, really good. Maybe you could pitch that one. Hope your back to work goes OK and termite dilemma is at least scheduled. Take care!

    1. It seemed like many in my club had already read Little Fires or were reading it when we met last so it probably won’t get picked. Plus, they weren’t fans of her first book. Too bad because I really liked Little Fires.

      The volleyball tournament was rough. They need a lot more practice. I signed my daughter up for club so she could improve her skills in anticipation of making JV next year but I don’t know. She doesn’t want to play on the freshman team again as a sophomore.

  5. I was shocked at my library waitlist for Fire and Fury…over 1400! I’ve never seen a waitlist that long before and the book wasn’t on my radar until Trump started his defensive tweets which is making a lot of people go hmmm…so yes I’m going to read it. I love a tweet I saw by Stephen Colbert that said Trump has accidentally started a national book club! He should’ve remained silent imo.

    1. I was saying on Facebook that Fire and Fury is like the new Fifty Shades of Grey. Everyone is reading it or trying to get their hands on it, even non-readers. I say “everyone” lightly. I know there are some out there who refuse to read it and that’s okay, of course. I am not sure I could stomach it! I read some of a .pdf version floating around and it was rough.

      1. I think I’m going with the audiobook, I have 2 audible credits and the print book is hard to get. You’re right, it’s the new ‘IT” book and may not have been had Trump kept his mouth shut on twitter

  6. I have also had a rough start. Allergies and sinus issues. Heat did not work. Etc. I do have a book recommendation for you. You must put this on your to read list. It is going to be a block buster and I loved it. THE IMMORTALISTS by Chloe Benjamin. You want a brand spanking new book for your reading this coming year. This is it.

    As far as FIRE AND FURY goes the only people who could get their hands on a copy were living in NYC. Publisher suddenly decided to release it because of all the chatter. Impossible to get books shipped. And the weather was so awful. Plus, they just did not print enough. I am thinking it has nothing new in it. Once people see that, the hype will be over. We had people calling our little store who were frantic to get it.

    I can not really complain. Many people battling much worse stuff..

    1. There is an unauthorized .pdf version of the Fire and Fury book floating around and I took a look. It’s more of the same. Nothing surprising. It’s almost too tedious to read the short paragraphs I skimmed. The current state of the world is hard enough to tolerate. Who wants to read about the gritty details? I guess lots of people.

      I will make a note about The Immortalists. I’ve seen it around. My book clubs one rule is that it’s available from the library (enough copies) so sometimes if it’s a newish book I can still work it in but usually have to place it at the end of the year so that our library has stored up enough copies and it’s not on hold everywhere.

  7. Sending sympathies and a hug. Sorry to hear about the termites, it is so cold here in NY. -4 this morning. We are battling frozen pipes. Everywhere has its issues. I have Seven Days of Us on my nightstand. I am working my way through The Summer Before The War by Helen Simonson. It was a slow start but is much better now, though not nearly as good as Major Pettigrew. I am also enjoying Alice Hoffman’s The Rules of Magic.
    I definitely agree that Little Fires Everywhere would make a great Book Club read. My book club also needs to put together our reading list.
    Hope the tournament goes well and you have an easy transition back to work.

    1. In my old house, we encountered frozen pipes a few times due to the location of the main valve. The neighbor showed us how to unfreeze them by pouring water over the valve but what do you folks do for that?

  8. Termites are a pain, but I’m glad you’re able to keep things in perspective. In this part of the country, they’re not uncommon, so we keep a termite bond on our house, which probably costs the same in the long run.

    Sorry you have to miss the funeral but I know how those things can go. I’m sending hugs your way.

  9. So sorry…I missed the post about your BIL, too…so sorry about that. You have such amazing strength…you really do…I can see how people lean on you for some of it. I did not go to my FIL’s funeral…sometimes I think it matters more that we were there for them when they were still with us. Take care…I don’t want to read that book…a reviewer from the NYT said it was poorly written and they would never put it anywhere on its pages. I saw an interview with the author and I wasn’t impressed…with his words at all. It wouldn’t matter to me who he wrote about if it was poorly written and that might be the case here…I don’t know and I don’t really care.

  10. Ti, I’m so sorry to hear about your rough start to the year. I sure the rest of it goes better for you (after the tenting is done, I guess).

    My year so far has been uneventful – just enduring the frigid cold like everyone else in Eastern Canada and the US.

    1. You have to see Black Mirror. The earlier seasons are SO dark and disturbing but this current season seems more clever, less dark.

  11. I’m sorry to hear about your BIL, Ti. I know it’s hard to miss the funeral. We did years of club volleyball with one of my daughters. The days are long, but hopefully you have a good group of teammates/parents to hang out with. My reading year is off to a very slow start – haven’t picked up a book since New Years Day. Several days on the road traveling to FL, then unpacking, getting groceries, etc. Hope to turn things around this week.

    1. This was our first club volleyball tournament and they lost all of their games. Many of these girls are brand new to volleyball, at least that is my understanding but I thought club was more difficult to make. I am hoping to see my daughter’s skills improve a lot if she wants to make JV next year. She played well freshman year but needs to work on her serves, her strength and accuracy.

  12. Oh. Man. Life keeps throwing things at you, doesn’t it?

    I am so glad you are finally able to get closure regarding your BIL. How is your SIL doing?

    The termites thing. I have no words. I hope the month passes quickly for you so that you can put this latest setback behind you!

    I hope the Teen did well at her tournament. Break a leg on production week!

    And you – I hope you can get some rest this week. 2018 is going to get better for you. I just know it!

  13. Our year hasn’t started off well either: a funeral (an aunt who had been ill for some time), a dead car battery, a frozen water line (fixed now), a long work week for my wife (a stretch of 13 days in a row), a long work week for me (six days in a row, not as bad, but still not the usual). Hopefully things will get better for the both of our families. Here’s to hope!

    1. We are in parallel worlds with the funeral and dead battery. My son’s car, this time.

      I think the beginning of the year holds a lot of promise because it gives us the opportunity for a clean slate, new beginnings and all that but because we put so much emphasis on it being good, sometimes these little “reminders” blindside us. Look at it this way, we are getting all the bad stuff out of the way now so we can enjoy the rest of the year 😉

  14. You really have not had a great start to the year. On the plus side, things will surely get better, right? I’m glad we’re not the only people who think avocado toast is enough for a supper!

  15. Sorry it sounds you’ve had a rough start to 2018, ugh. How did the tenting of the termites go? My parents in Calif. have done that twice to their place in the OC. Seems quite a hassle & expense. Sympathies to you & your family for loss of the loss of your B.I.L. Sad.

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