Sunday Matters: Reading In Progress

Sunday Matters

Last week was a short week and it was glorious. Two days of work and the rest reserved for play. That’s how it should always be. We hit the beach, we visited the LA Arboretum and we managed to see Beauty and the Beast.

That is my daughter way out there.
The LA Arboretum on a gloriously sunny day.

Everything is so green right now and the weather was perfect! I mean, on a day like that, how can you stay indoors?

Right Now:

Oh, much of the same going on today as on most Sundays except The Walking Dead is over so my evenings are free now. What shall I do with the 9 o’clock hour?

This Week:

Sometime this week I have to make two appointments I’ve been dreading. A consult for braces (the girl) and a booster shot appointment for The Otter Pup. She was due earlier but when the rabies is a three-year shot you tend to let the other stuff fall to the wayside. She is a few months past where she should be so that must be done.

Work? The same.

Rehearsals start-up again for Shrek and sign-ups for Grease take place Monday night. Yes. Two shows now, Shrek and Grease. Auditions for Grease haven’t happened yet but hopefully this time my daughter will get something. She tries really hard and practices plenty but I am not in the room with her so I haven’t a clue what is going on with her auditions.


I finished The Fall of Lisa Bellow and it was wonderful. I loved it. The review posts on Tuesday, I also finished The Things They Carried for book club. It was a good discussion.

I picked up The Barrowfields thinking it might take some time for me to get into the story but nope, I am already a good ways in. I really need to pick up the pace because I have a lot of review copies, which I try not to have all at once but so be it! It’s a nice problem to have.


Still watching Bates Motel and it’s fabulous. If you haven’t seen the series you really need to. SUCH good writing and if you think you know the story of Norman and his mother, you’d be wrong because this is not a retelling of Psycho.


This is sad but I am thinking of removing this category from this template because these days I really don’t make much. I am trying to eat clean and it’s not very fancy or exciting. I do like to hear about what you are all making though.

Grateful for:

I got really depressed this week over the situation with my sister. It just hit me. Hard. I was so out of it that I wandered into a thrift store and just staggered around for awhile. For some reason that comforted me. I have no idea why! The thrift store has nothing to do with anything but it was quiet and empty and it was a good place for me to just unload (mentally). Mindlessly browsing with no purpose in mind. Actually, the thrift store is where my mother spent a lot of her time. Okay, that just hit me. I am going now.

What are you up to today? Cooking anything good? Any wonderful news to share?

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Reading In Progress”

  1. Beautiful pictures Ti. Our rabies shots here are every year! ugh Looking forward to the Fall of Lisa Bellow – glad u liked it. Sorry you are still struggling with family issues…enjoy the beautiful weather

    1. Our weather really has been beautiful. Cool and sunny in the AM, slightly warmer in the afternoon with cool evenings. I love it.

      You will love Lisa Bellow. That is all.

    1. I wish I could say that the situation with my sister will get better but it can only get worse. I’m frustrated because the system is broken and there’s not much I can do about that.

  2. I hope the situation with your sister improves. I’m glad you had time this past week away from work doing things that are relaxing; I’ve never been to the LA Arboretum. In fact, I don’t think I even knew it exists!

    1. The Arboretum is in Arcadia and it is gorgeous to visit. It’s pretty large too. I think it’s bigger than Descanso Gardens. We took a wrong turn and added a couple of miles to our walk. It doesn’t have a restaurant or even a snack bar so if you go, bring lunch and water because we nearly died at one point. The Fantasy Island house is there but the water was drained last year to water the plants and they have not added more. It’s sad to see it without water.

  3. We made a Dutch Baby for breakfast…I just love saying that name and it’s so much fun to make one big puffy pancake! Sorry about your sad thoughts…

  4. Those are nice outdoor shots, wow! Which beach is closest to you all to go to? Sorry about the situation with your sister; that’s hard. I think we will have more time now that there’s no more Walking Dead. How did you like the new Beauty and the Beast??

    1. We can get to Ventura in about 40 minutes but they like Carpinteria better so just drive just a bit more to go there.

      If you know nothing about music then Beauty and the Beast is great! If you know a little something about music then you will like it but not love it. All of the actors were autotuned including the two Broadway stars!! Watson can’t sing but she was adorable in the film. Well-acted all around. Visuals are stunning.

      1. Ah! I was listening to Broadway tunes yesterday and a song from the new Beauty and the Beast came on. Holly said it sounded awful and that Emma was autotuned. I did not pick up on it at all, but I was a room away from the speaker. I will have to tell her she was right.

        1. Your daughter is absolutely correct. Plus they autotuned the the other actors too including two Broadway stars!! Unreal. Watson was adorable though so I can see why she got the gig but I really wish they’d hired actors who can sing and leave it at that.

  5. Wait, which one is your daughter? In the foreground or one of the dots in the water? 🙂 I liked your photos from the arboretum on Instagram too. As for what to do instead of watching TV, how about reading? Again 🙂

    1. She is the one heading towards the water. She had her boogie board but the water was too cold for her so she came right on back after making that discovery. We aren’t big water people but we do like to sit in the sun and people watch. However, there were a lot of people there by the time we left. Too many for my taste but that part of the beach had a lot of people with their dogs. The dogs were nicer to be around.

  6. Hug hug hug, I’m so sorry you were having a hard time. Grief and anxiety are like that — they’ll come at you when you’re not expecting it. ONE THOUSAND HUGS.

    We have a short week this week (Good Friday!) and I am painfully excited about it, particularly because my stressful extended family Easter got canceled so I now have the whole long weekend free of crappy stuff. Yay.

  7. Hi Ti! Your Spring break sounds wonderful but I a sorry for your situation with your sister. Keep looking up for your help and comfort.
    I am reading a couple of different books-the latest new one in the Maisie Dobbs series and one called Pancakes in Paris which is about a guy who opens an American diner in Paris…. I am finding that I really enjoy having a memoir read going while reading my usual fiction selections.
    Sending happy thoughts for your daughter’s audition…

    1. Thanks, Kim. I have days where things are perfectly fine and then some days I do nothing but obsess over my sister’s situation. I am having more of those days as her eviction date approaches.

      I am looking forward to Easter though. I need some peace and comfort.

  8. Those pictures! I was green with envy seeing them on IG last week especially because we were in the forties with rain all week long. It was damp and cold and miserable. I am so glad you were able to get away from work and enjoy the time and weather with your kids!

    I wish there was something I could do to help you in regards to your sister. The system is indeed broken and I fear there are times were it causes more harm than help. I hope you are able to find some peace though!

    Have a great week!!

  9. Have you been watching Feud Betty Vs Joan on Sunday nights on FX. It comes on 10PM eastern time. It is real good. It is something you can watch.

  10. Ti, I’m so sorry to hear you were feeling depressed last week. I can’t even begin to imagine how frustrating and stressed you must feel about your sister’s situation. That really rots. I’m glad you were able to enjoy some time off with your kids. Hope this week is a good one. Good luck to your daughter and her auditions – my fingers are crossed for her. I can’t believe that TWD is over – what will we watch and discuss now? That’s great you have so many review books to get through – what a great problem to have 🙂

  11. I would love to go to the beach, but that’s a 3-hour drive. Not happening. LOL

    Reading has slowed for me but I’m loving Blue Apron and my parents are hear and got to try a couple of the recipes I made to. So it seems they liked them…they cleaned their plates. I take that as a win, like I do when my daughter finishes her food. 🙂

    I haven’t really done much but work so nothing new there.

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