Sunday Matters: Retreats and Stuff

Sunday Matters

This past week was good. It ended with a day off from work and a leadership retreat on Friday and Saturday. It’s hard to remove myself from the house when there is so much to do but it’s also good to get away every now and then.

Right Now:

I’m trying to talk myself out of going to breakfast. Mostly because it always involves bacon and hash browns which are a dangerous combination for me. No, I’d much rather have the twigs and berries I have in the fridge (sarcasm).

This Week:

I am taking a few days off this week so I can spend it with the kids. It’s spring break y’all! The Hub has to work which is a major downer but the three of us will take a few days to rest and enjoy whatever my daughter has planned for us. Later this week, my son heads to Palm Springs to finish out his break. Then, on Thursday I’ll be at work but will attend a special lunch in honor of my friend’s father who passed away recently.


It just occurred to me that I need to re-read my book club book, The Things They Carried. I read it a long time ago but don’t remember a thing. We meet to discuss it this Thursday so I better get on it.


This Sunday is the finale of The Walking Dead and it better be good!

Bates Motel is beyond great! Last Monday’s episode was absolutely crazy. I had to talk it through with another blogger because it really messed with my mind.


I didn’t make much this past week. My evenings were too busy. I did manage to make a Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Penne dish which fed us for two days. With this weekend’s retreat and me being busy most of today, I am thinking take-out is on the menu.

Grateful for:

My First 5 app. It’s a daily Bible reading plan but man I am loving it. I find that more often than not, the reading for that day applies to what I am experiencing or about to experience. It’s crazy how it works out that way.

What are you up to? Is anyone local going to The L.A. Times Festival of Books in April? I’m not sure I can make it right now.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Retreats and Stuff”

  1. It sounds as though you had a great week. We seemed to cook a lot here without wasting food or time…which was nice for us. Nuelasta kicked my butt as usual so yesterday was a rest in bed day…but it had to be that way. I am lousy when I ache. Sigh! Reading lots and just trying to stay calm and positive!

    1. Yes. It was a good week and spending some time at the beach always perks me up. I think we are heading to the Santa Monica Pier this weekend. My son is in Palm Springs for break but we shall eat tacos and walk on the pier.

      Are you recovered from your aches yet?

  2. Enjoy your time with your kids!

    I love sun dried tomatoes so that dish you prepared sounds wonderful to me.

    I bet your book club has a great discussion with The Things They Carried.

    1. I had a great time with the kids. The weather was gorgeous for our day trips too so we lucked out.

      The book club discussion for The Things They Carried was really good but some did not like the book at all.

      The chicken dish was so yummy!! I’ve made it before but I don’t use a recipe so it’s always different.

  3. Spring break is just ending for me and tomorrow I am in charge of a PD day for all social studies teachers so I’m a bit stressed about that. But, this past week I’ve read a bunch, hung out with visiting family, and relaxed so it’s all good.

    1. It would be good if spring break was the same all over. LOL. CSUN had theirs so early and my kids had theirs pretty late in comparison to other schools. Hard to coordinate.

  4. It sounds like you had a great week and have another great one to look forward to! Holly and I got home late last night, and honestly, take-out sounds pretty good myself. I need to go to the store to get stuff for the week but have no desire to leave the house today, especially as this week is month-end for me and I know it will be long hours at the office. Enjoy the time with your kids this week!

    1. Did you survive month end?

      I took three days off to do stuff with the kids and that worked out well. It was long enough to feel as if we did something but then when I came back to work on Thursday I really wished I had taken the whole week. But, I can’t be greedy. It was good.

      And that thing I asked you to cross your fingers for, fell through in a dramatic way!! No Disney College Program this summer. He got past the final interview and then had to wait until the very last minute to hear that he was no longer being considered. However, he has three internship opportunities which could be very good for him.

    1. Oh good! I hope you enjoy that app as much as I do. I really look forward to my mornings because of that app. I spend time with it every day before I hit the office.

  5. I always think it is kind of amazing myself that a Bible verse I might read applies so accurately to my current situation.

    And, I tried to listen to The Things We Carried on audible….I just need to read it. I am a daydreamer, apparently, and can’t find a way to focus on audio books very easily. Some books work, some don’t.

    Enjoy your days off! I wish I had a few days break right about now.

    1. I guess the audio book is read by Cranston? That would be good but the book itself is a collection of stories so I’m not sure how it would translate on audio. It was an excellent discussion book but no one really loved it.

  6. Hi. Is the WD finale really tonight? Oh my, I’m behind. Should I go straight to the finale or watch the few episodes before it? I almost feel like cheating. I thought about going to the LA book festival but I have a tennis tournament then, so I won’t make it. I hope you go! Enjoy your days off this week.

    1. The previous episodes leading up the finale are kind of slow but you need to see them to understand the stuff going on in the finale. I can’t believe the season is over. Sure went fast.

    1. We had a good time for the three days I was off. I am now back at work and glad it’s a short week.

      Have you tried First 5 yet? I really love that app.

  7. So how was The Walking Dead and Bates Motel? Were they as good as you anticipated? I had a review last week on my blog of a show you might like: The Returned, the French version.

    This Thursday is my wife’s birthday and on Friday, we’re going out to dinner, since I’m off on Friday, to a sushi place, I think. As for the L.A. Times Book Festival, I don’t think I’ll be making it. 😉

    1. The Walking Dead was pretty good. No surprised but a good action episode. A major character was killed off but we all saw it coming a mile away. Especially since she is the star of the new Star Trek TV show.

      Bates though!! It was an excellent episode!! That show is just so good! The series ends with this season but it’s not taking the same path as the movie (at all). Can’t wait to see how it will end.

      Happy Belated Bday to your wife!! Have a great time tonight!

  8. I read The Things They Carried ages ago, but I remember really enjoying it. I couldn’t tell you details of the book though.

    I enjoyed last night’s Walking Dead. What did you think?

  9. Sounds like a busy week. I hope you find time to read The Things They Carried again before the book club meeting. It’s one of my favorites.

    We’ve had a hard week of activities and such and my allergies are just kicking in which means I feel like I’m wandering around in a fog most of the time.

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