Sunday Matters: Uh, Hello

Sunday Matters

It’s so easy for the week to slip past me. Especially while reading Ulysses. I’ve been MIA this week because Ulysses requires all of my attention and that means other books do not get read. The struggle is real.

Right Now:

My Sunday schedule is pretty much the same. We go to church, I go into panic mode over not having shopped for the week and then I head back to church to hang with the middle-schoolers. But every Sunday manages to be different which keeps it interesting.

This Week:

Not much happening this week besides Shrek auditions. I’ve filled my daughter up with all the home remedies for sickness because she always, ALWAYS gets sick for auditions. She started to sneeze on Thursday. I refuse to let the sickness in so she has had every home remedy you can think of.

She is not a fan of me right now. Who gags on honey? She does.


I’m still reading Ulysses for the read-along. It’s a bit of a slog and I took an unintended three-day break from it so now I am feeling a bit behind.

This is what I really want to read:

Lincoln in the Bardo

Everyone is reading Lincoln in the Bardo and I feel SO left out.  It sounds fascinating. Abraham Lincoln, a ghost and strange happenings. Fabulous.


Oh man. Bates Motel. I just finished  watching the episodes from last season. What a show. The new season begins this week and it looks absolutely crazy. Norman. Such a piece of work he is.

The Walking Dead is on tonight and I am hoping it has a little more pep than last week’s mid-season opener which was a real yawn-fest. I still managed to talk about it no less than 12 times this past week though.


I feel like grilling. I also feel like making up some casseroles but my kids are not fans of casseroles.

Grateful for:

Camaraderie. It’s feels good to get together with people and just BE. No pressure. No facades.

How are you all doing? California had a monster storm. It was named Lucifer. It lived up to its name.

27 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Uh, Hello”

  1. Grilling sounds great…Ulysses sounds awful…I can’t even imagine it! This is a quiet week end…joints and muscles ache from my Neulasta shot…it is almost unbearable…but it goes away…as long as I can endure the first two days…I can handle it! Stay dry!

    1. As of this morning she was well. Auditions are tonight. We have to keep her well through callbacks so the home remedies will be in abundance until then.

  2. Bates is going to be Cray Cray……I’m so excited for it to start tomorrow!

    My kids are not fans of casseroles either….we are having homemade pizza with roasted red peppers!!

    Happy Sunday Ti…….lots of rain coming your way. We’ve had it for two days and I’m sending it to you!!

    1. I still haven’t seen Bates!! It comes on so late for us and then last night I got home too late. I plan to watch it tonight!

      The rain! Egads there was tons of it. Thank you, M’am!

  3. You made me laugh the ‘honey gagging’. Hope her audition goes well. I can’t really imagine reading ULYSSES. Sorry. Not for me. Glad you guys were safe in the storm. Grilled anything sounds good. Have a good week, Ti!

    1. After many days of honey, apple cider and cayenne, I can say that she is no longer gagging and used to it. She is good for tonight. We have to keep her healthy through next week for callbacks.

      Reading Ulysses is like sticking pins in me. One part of me enjoys it. If you can break it down into sections, some sections stand out but as a whole, much of it makes no sense. Joyce must have been drunk or taking large quantities of something when he wrote it. I read it out loud to my husband sometimes and he thinks I am having a stroke or something.

  4. Fingers crossed your home remedies work and your daughter is feeling great just in time for auditions!! Everyone does seem to be loving on the Saunders book – I have it kindled thanks to NetGalley, but have yet to read it. I saw the weather in the news and thought – Whoa, Nelly! Glad you are all safe and sound 🙂 I never saw Bates, but feel like I am missing out. I hear Rihanna is going to be in an ep this new season. As for TWD – I just want to see Negan get taken down and I will be happy. Hope you have a great week, Ti!!

  5. I am just about to finish up Stranger Things. I am not really into the alien thing, but I only have one more episode to finish the season. Next up? The Good Fight (spin-off of the Good Wife)

    1. Not into the alien thing? So you were hoping for more of a supernatural spin? I love Sci Fi so the more aliens the better. The show reminds me of so many other movies which is why I loved it so much.

  6. I’ve had a bit of a break from Ulysses as well as I prepared for this past weekend’s book club, but it is back to it again today after work. I hope I don’t fall too far behind.

  7. Have you had enough of the rain yet? I can’t believe almost all of California is out of its drought. That is an insane amount of water that has fallen on you over a relatively short period of time. You so desperately needed it though, so I can imagine it is difficult to complain about it.

    Ulysses is crazy-pants. I find myself skimming parts just to get to those sections that actually make sense and seem to be part of the narrative. It means I am skimming a lot. I’m still sticking with it, although I can see why no one can say anything about it other than it is a beast. It is not the most endearing of stories. It definitely has a rambling Gulliver’s Travels feel to it.

    Break a leg to the Teen this week! I hope you were able to stave off the sickness, and she is healthy for auditions!

    1. You know what’s sad? Even with all the rain we’ve gotten, we will still be in trouble come summer because of hot freakin’ hot it gets now. All the green we have will turn to dry brush and the fire danger will increase by 10. I wish we had a way of storing all this water.

      Ulysses is a train wreck. Was Joyce drunk when he wrote it? I’m convinced he was.

      The Teen is good for auditions tonight. At least she was as of leaving the house this morning. We have to keep her healthy through callbacks next week. We’ll see how this plays out.

      1. At least the reservoirs will be full, right? That has to count for something, but I understand what you mean. Even we here in WI know that everything green will not be green come July and August without the dangers of fire.

        I can’t say that I am totally enjoying Ulysses. I do question anyone who says it is their favorite book. I liken reading it to exercising. You know you have to do it, you hate it while you are doing it, and when it is done, it is a relief. Yet you continue day after day.

        Keep me posted on the auditions!

  8. How much rain did you get? Was it a pounding? We are going for our “spring break” next weekend, flying to San Diego and on to Palm Springs area for the week. I’m hoping for warmth. Good luck to your daughter for Shrek; I hope she won’t get ill. We have watched both episodes of The Walking Dead. It is gearing up, for a battle. But not sure I like those People from the junk yard; they seemed cheerless and odd. What gives?!

    1. We got over four inches on Friday alone. It was just pouring down all day long. Not terribly hard but the wind made it so much worse. 75 mph! I don’t know if you’ll get warmth when you come down. It hasn’t been warm at all and Palm Springs has not bee much warmer but I will cross my fingers for you.

      As for TWD and the Scavengers… cheerless is an excellent way to describe them. I don’t get why they are so out of it. They seem brainwashed and drugged. Jadis is interesting though. I don’t trust her. And the Daryl/Carol reunion!! I so wanted him to spill the beans. Looks like Eugene is in a load of trouble next week.

  9. I read Ulysses a couple of decades ago. I’m glad I did and think of it as an Experience. It’s the only way to look at it as it’s not like a normal novel. You’ll be glad you read it.

    I sure hope your “actress” gets a chance to participate. Its such a fun experience. Good for you for forcing the honey, etc. No one thinks about all these aspects of parenthood prior to pregnancy, but that’s probably a good thing or we would have a lot fewer people in this world.

    Have a good week. Hang in there with Ulysses.

    1. Yep. I am too far in with Ulysses now to give up so I will see it through. I am reading other books in between sections. Right now I am reading about Ove and it seems to be a good one to pair with Ulysses.

      I think we get the callback list on Tuesday so we’ll how the honey/apple cider concoction worked.

  10. The weather here this week was perfect for grilling! It was so warm it was just like summer. Even the trees are blooming and it’s only February. So scary! I hope you guys didn’t have a nasty weather so far. That storm was definitely is ferocious.

    1. The weather this past weekend was okay. Drizzly but not too bad. It did get cold again. I don’t mind it really. My water bill has not been this low in 7 years.

  11. Your teen is not the only one who gags on honey! My daughter used to when we tried to use it for home remedies. Finally had to take to mixing it into hot beverages to get it down her. Glad you survived Lucifer!

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