Read Ulysses With Us! (#ulyssesRAL2017)


Long ago in a land far away, I tried to read Ulysses and gave up quickly but the book had nothing to do with it. It was a timing thing. I had too much going on and just wasn’t in the right mood. I’ve been meaning to get back to it.

When I mentioned this on Twitter or perhaps it was in response to a blog comment, Serena suggested we read it together. We thought maybe there’d be a few of you who might want to join us.

Hosted By:

Serena at Savvy Verse & Wit and myself, Ti  at Book Chatter.

Twitter Hashtag:

We will use Twitter to discuss this book throughout the read along by using the hashtag #ulyssesRAL2017. If you ever want to see what any of us are saying, just search for that hashtag.

Reading Breakdown:

Part 1 Discussion on Feb. 10
Part 2 Discussion on March 10 (largest section)
Part 3 Discussion on March 17

If this sounds even remotely fun or doable and you’d like to join in, let us know by signing-up below and be sure to use #ulyssesRAL2017 if/when you post on Twitter.

Sign-Up With Mr. Linky By Clicking Below

I’ve got my copy, which is the cover noted above and I am ready for February 1st!

12 thoughts on “Read Ulysses With Us! (#ulyssesRAL2017)”

  1. So, Shaina from Shaina Reads mentioned a Serial Reader App for reading classics in small daily pieces. Ulysses was on the list, so I may have downloaded the app and signed up to read that. We are talking 10 minutes a day, and there are 109 “days”, so I will be reading it for a while. The important thing here is that you inspired me to read it. Or at least attempt to read it.

    1. Is Serial Reader the name of the app? I’m impressed that you are giving it a go, considering your initial reaction to it! LOL.

      1. It is the name of the app. Well, I feel like this is one of those books every bibliophile should try at least once. I’m not making any promises to finish it, but I figure I can do 10 minutes a day.

  2. There is a book, published by the O’Brian Press in Dublin, entitled DUBLIN BAY, from Killiney to Howth, by Brian Lalor. I got it through Amazon. It is filled with beautiful drawings of all the scenes around Dublin Bay, including “the gloomy domed living room,” (page 12 of Ullysses) and the round gunrest on the roof. Reading the entire book opens up new vistas in understanding where the scenes take place. Just a suggestion.

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