Sunday Matters: Sunday Sure Comes Up Fast

Sunday Matters

Why are the weekdays so long and the weekends so short?

This past week was okay but I wasn’t feeling great and our water heater decided to spring a leak which required replacement and I had something going on nearly every night but here I am, none the worse for wear.

Right Now:

Besides the normal stuff that make up my Sunday morning, I’ll be bowling this afternoon! I haven’t bowled in years. Not sure if I will actually be able to participate given my neck pain but we shall see.

This Week:

My daughter starts rehearsals for Shrek on Monday. Auditions for leads are the following week. I know she is wanting to be Teen Fiona but she is also trying to decide on a fairy tale character to go for too. Little Red Riding Hood is a good pick but they seem to want someone younger for that role.

My son’s classes are all ironed out now and he is entering week 2 of the semester. On top of his studies he’s looking for extra work and wants to dabble in community arts by getting involved with the local arts commission. All the talk about defunding the National Endowment for the Arts has him all fired up.


Also happening this week, Valentine’s Day. I will be at the doctor. It was the only appointment I could snag so I took it. We don’t really go out for it anyway. Too busy and crowded for my taste.


Ulysses. (#ulyssesRAL2017)

Quote from Ulysses by James Joyce

I am trying really hard to read other books in between because Ulysses requires many breaks but I’m finding it hard to return to it when I do step away. Part two is such a chunk. I may have to drop everything just to get it read.


Not much but tonight I will be watching The Walking Dead. Cue the streamers!!!!


Dinner better make itself or deliver itself to my house tonight because all I want to think about is The Walking Dead and nothing else.

Grateful for:

People with a good sense of humor. If you’re funny, I love you. That’s all I need to say.

26 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Sunday Sure Comes Up Fast”

  1. Bowling sounds like a great idea. Be careful. Don’t overdo it. I went bowling some years back after not having done it for many years. I was crippled the next day. That’s all I can say.

    1. With all the weird neck and face pain I’ve dealt with this year, you can be sure I will bowl with caution. I may just sit and watch.

  2. We don’t go out for VD either……too crowded, too expensive…..dinner for us tonight is bacon, egg, and cheese burritos……I plan to spend the day reading and catching up on email!!

    Happy Sunday Ti!

  3. Whoa! Your weeks are so adventurous! We aren’t going out either but then I have not been in a restaurant since July 1st…I am so freaked out by germs…but hopefully that will end soon.

    1. When it is time for you to hit a restaurant, you’ll have to ease into it. I’m sure your immune system will need a little TLC to build itself up again.

  4. I’m also fired up about where the priorities of this administration is. I’ve been infuriated by a lot but Betsy DeVos irked me the most! Sorry – I needed to vent.

  5. Be careful with the bowling, but have fun. Shrek sounds like it will be a good time for your daughter. Hope she get the part she wants. My husband asked me if I wanted to go out for Valentine’s Day and I just laughed. I told him we could go out on Monday evening or Wednesday. He asked if I wanted anything. We’ve been married for almost 37 years, so some years are more exciting than others. We did get engaged on Valentine’s Day of 1980 though. Hard to top that. I told him if he really wanted to get me something fun, buy me a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. That’ll do it! LOL

    1. We got engaged on Valentine’s Day too! We don’t do anything. We sometimes pick up take-out but I don’t even feel like doing that since I am doing this clean eating thing and who wants take out kale?

      I should have listened to your advice about taking it easy while bowling. I thought I did. I chose the lightest ball and was careful not to jar anything but by the third time up my neck was toast AND I pulled a hamstring. I feel better today though.

  6. Can you imagine a world without the NEO (or the EPA for that matter)?! Horrifying. I’m glad your son is fired up. And good luck to your daughter on her auditions, I must say I do not miss going to auditions 🙂

    1. I can’t imagine a world without art.

      Shrek looks like an interesting show. I’m not sold on the music but my daughter is so excited.

  7. Good luck to both E and the Teen! I here you about the weekdays being much too long and the weekend not long enough. I need a good vacation. Enjoy The Walking Dead tonight!

  8. Hope you had fun with bowling! We haven’t been in years but I used to have so much fun with it (even though I was terrible at it!).

  9. Love this post! Yes, the weekends are much too short. I love that your son is fired up over the NEA getting defunded 🙂 Good luck to the Teen and her Shrek audition!! Bowling sounds like fun and I hope you were able to enjoy it. I can dig just focusing on Ulysess – its that kind of book. As for TWD, you know that I was all about it yesterday. I watched bits of the marathon to gear up for the mid-season premiere 🙂 So glad its back on and that Rick is back. Have a great week!!

  10. I’m again behind on Walking Dead, nothing new there. I am eager to get back to Ulysses reading after the writer’s conference.

    As for V-Day dinner, not sure what we’re doing but probably something at home with our daughter.

    Like your son, I’m very fired up over the NEA stuff. NEA is vital for writers like me who have full-time jobs and cannot afford to not work but still want to be creative.

  11. I haven’t watched The Walking Dead episode yet, but we have it taped. Did you like it? Although we’ve watched every season, my husband is starting to want to stop watching it, but we’ve come too far! Hope you have a nice V-Day. And good luck to your daughter with Shrek!

    1. I saw from your other comment that you are all caught up now. Funny, my husband wasn’t too excited about TWD either. He said the story is petering out but when it came on he practically pushed me out of the way.

  12. The Walking Dead was only okay this last week, but I have a feeling we have some major stuff coming. I gotta be patient for it!

    Love what you are grateful for. Laughter can truly be an amazing medicine, especially when feeling down.

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