The New Year, So Far


This photo was taken yesterday during the 2nd wave of three El Niño storm cells. There was one point where the hail sent the Otter Pup AND The Girl upstairs to find me. It was loud and the wind kicked up something fierce. I was sure the power was going to out but it held.

Right now, the sun is peeking through and things are drying out a bit. More rain is coming but it’s nice to have a small break just to give the storm drains a chance to catch-up. EVERYTHING floods here when it rains like this.

I am still off from work. I return on Monday but right now, I am in denial. This is the time of year where I really hate being a working mom. I feel so frazzled when my schedule resumes. I think a lot of it is my lack of sleep. Waking early and going to bed late for years on end has taken its toll. I’ve been sleeping in nearly every day and I feel so much better. I’d like to work more sleep into the plan but there is always so much that needs to be done when I get home from work.

What have I been doing? I’ve been reading. Not really watching too much TV. I finished The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and will be posting the review soon. I am currently reading The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson.  It’s a fun read. I love Bryson! I am about to pick up Joyce Maynard’s new one, Under the Influence. It comes out in February. I’ve loved everything she’s written so far.

Under the Influence

Tonight, I have a book club meeting to discuss Norwegian by Night and then on the 21st is our big, yearly selection meeting where we choose our books for the entire year! I’ve got my list but need to narrow it down to two! So tough.

This weekend, I’d like to do something fun with the family as our last hurrah before we return to work and school, but the injured toe holds me back. It’s better. I can get around on it if I go slow but I still can’t wear a shoe all that well or walk around for too long. There are so many museums offering free entry this month but I am not sure I can navigate the crowds that well.

One thing that really gets me pumped up are all the 2016 releases. What books are you excited about? I am trying to get a review copy of Justin Cronin’s new one, The City of Mirrors but so far, no luck. Has anyone gotten a review copy?

15 thoughts on “The New Year, So Far”

  1. Sounds like you’re getting the rain you need there, though to much all at once. The new year feels like more of the same here; it’s that blah feeling I had at the end of 2015. It’s still sticking around. I’ll be over it eventually; I hope.

    Things are changing at the day job, some I’m happy about and others I’m not so happy about. I’ll figure out how to deal at some point after the initial shock wears off.

    I’ve been reading more slowly, but that’s pretty typical of me after the holidays. I want to zone out on TV

  2. Going back after a long break is always sooo hard…you’ve been off three weeks? Maybe you should let museums slide by this week end? What if someone steps on that toe?

    There are tons of amazing 2016 releases…in all genres!

    1. You’re probably right but I feel as if I need to do something fun. Maybe I can find something that doesn’t involve too much walking. I read that Kondo book and tried to organize and dropped a box on the same toe! And then this morning, I fell down the stairs. I am okay though. The dog tripped me up.

  3. For some reason I like that photo a lot. Feels kind of dreamlike. That weather sounded fierce. The winds her in SoFla were terrifying the other day. I thought the trees would blow away. The rainy season is the worst – all it does is flood over here. Welcome to the new year,right? Oh well, I’m used to it (but I still hate it). I’m glad you are getting around better with your toe. At least you are getting tons of reading done. I love Bryson – his writing always makes me smile (and laugh). Good luck picking two titles for you IRL book club – how fun and hard! I keep hearing about that Kondo book, so I can’t wait for your post about it. I’m excited for City of Mirrors and can’t wait! I’m also eager to read the last book in the Bill Hodges trilogy by King. I have a list of books that are being released this year that I am allowing myself to buy – other than those I plan on reading my own damn books (thanks to Andi’s post!). Enjoy your last hurrah this weekend before reality strikes. Have fun!!

  4. Glad you guys are getting some rain. Ti, you worry me somewhat. I think taking it easy this weekend sounds like a plan – with the toe and all. And maybe your body is telling you something with the extra sleep…just saying…I know, I’m acting like a mother. Wish I could come help you tidy and clear out. You could just point and I would do the heavy lifting. LOL

    1. I have the kids helping. Well, The Teen helped me one day. I still have more to do in the garage but I am not sure it will happen this week. I am dying to tackle clothes and closets but in all honesty, I will probably sit and read.

  5. I’m unemployed right now and it feels really weird. It’s so unsettling, and I haven’t been able to relax and enjoy this extra time off because I’m worried about finding a new job. I hadn’t heard about Justin Cronin’s new book yet, but I did just go crazy on NetGalley last night and request about six review copies, which I had been really good about not doing until I got rid of my review backlog.

  6. The rain has been lovely, but not so the flooded streets and car accidents causing road closures. I know what you mean about not looking forward to going back to work. Even a long weekend like New Year’s weekend leaves me feeling that way. :-S

    I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  7. Hi Ti, I need to play catch up on Cronin before the new one releases — which is when? June? That’s good you’re getting some rain for the drought. And it’s also good you have a few more days before work resumes. Just ease into it … slowly

  8. I returned to work last week and felt much the same as you do now. I feel the same now as well. I really need a few more days at home. Glad that you guys are getting some rain and hope it doesn’t get too flooded over there.

  9. Glad the storm has passed, Ti. You’re doing a lot of reading – I’ve been slacking up since the beginning of the year. But I already decided to take it easy in 2016… Now let’s see how long this zen mood will last 😉

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