Sunday Matters: Have My Word but No Time to Write About It

Sunday Matters

I had all these things to say and then my phone went kaput while at church. I am not all that attached to my phone. In fact, I hate the darn thing but when it doesn’t work and forces you to go to the Verizon store, which is just like walking onto a car lot these days, you get a little cranky. Not the way I wanted to spend my last day before work.

But, I had small group ministry tonight and now I feel so much better. My replacement phone (thank goodness for insurance) should be here by Tuesday but I lost all my photos from the past few months. Which  makes me a little sad.

On another note, I did find a word for my #OneWord resolution but I’ve no time to tell you about it! I promise to write it up this week.

Right Now:

I am currently prepping for my return to work and their return to school and trying to get dinner on the table.

This Week:

I am just focusing on getting through the week. I have one small appointment and there is always rehearsal but as far as personal appointments go, it should be a slow week.


Oh my goodness!! I am almost done with Joyce Maynard’s new book, Under the Influence, which comes out in February. It’s SO good.


We watched Guardians of the Galaxy again the other night and we introduced The Girl to The Goodbye Girl. She loved it!


I am making spaghetti for dinner but earlier in the day, I made up my lunches for the week, brown rice, grilled chicken breast and green beans.

Grateful for:

Quiet time. I don’t get too much of it on a regular basis but when I do get it, I am just so grateful for it.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Have My Word but No Time to Write About It”

    1. This guy sidled up to the counter and told me I had to pay $150 for the deductible on the insurance. I JUST went through this process with my daughter’s phone last week with a different guy and I told him, Uh no… it’s not damaged, it’s defective. There is a difference. That said, I am still waiting for the replacement and my daughter’s came within a day.

  1. Bad news about the phone! I hope the replacement will behave better… I suppose I’ll have to check out Under The Influence, eh? 🙂 Hope your return to work went on smoothly… Hugs ❤

    1. Still waiting for the phone. We just got a replacement phone for my daughter last week when her phone could not connect to Wi-Fi. Mine just imploded.

      My first day back at work was challenging but it’s over and now I am numb again.

      Yes! When Under the Influence comes out I say read it but let me get to the ending first. I hope it holds up.

    1. Some stuff gets saved to the cloud but one of the problems is that it wasn’t backing up regularly. The last three times the process failed. I was able to back some stuff up for my daughter when her phone quit working last week but mine imploded. I believe the battery exploded inside the phone. During church it would not turn off and just got hotter and hotter so I couldn’t wipe data or back anything up. I had to change alllll of my passwords yesterday since I have to send this defective one back and I am afraid someone can still access what’s on it. I can’t physically do something to it since I need it to be intact for the insurance to replace it.

      1. If you have a way of taking the SD card out of the back of the phone, you can try seeing if the photos saved to that card. If it’s an Android-based phone, it’s quite possible.

        Those little cards will slip into a little adapter and you can save them elsewhere, or simply slip that card into your new phone.

        This, of course, will mean nothing if the battery acid destroyed the SD card.

        I’d check before sending back your phone.

        1. Thank you! I had to transfer the SIM card for the new phone to work anyway and some of the photos were there but my phone must have been having problems since before summer because that was when the last successful backup took place. I also got my contacts back through Google but lost the ones I had on the Backup Assistant Plus. I lost one precious video but some of the others were there. What worried me the most is I was unable to power it on to do a date wipe before I sent it back. I hope, the battery acid took care of that but I changed every password for every thing I had on there just to be safe.

          On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 4:02 PM, Book Chatter wrote:


          1. Not necessarily the SIM, but the SD card; it’s a tiny black card they put in the phone for storage in Android-based phones. Your phone may not have one though so I’d have to see the phone to be sure. It sucks to lose photos. I’m thankful for my iPhone because it auto-updates to the iCloud. I dunno what I’d do if I lost all those memories. Hopefully the phone people are honest and don’t pilfer your old phone. :/

            The SD looks like this:….0…1ac.1.64.img..1.12.1066.7bsCwFEATIc#imgrc=9o6ExbqHZUesiM%3A

            1. Oh yes, of course. The SD card. Well, the Moto X has a sealed case so it’s not removable. They told me that cracking it open would make it fall into the “damaged” category which would not be covered so I changed all my passwords and I mean, all of them and where I could retracted access. I used Chrome for my browser so I’ve cleared cache remotely but there’s nothing else I can do. It makes me a little uneasy.

              ​I never did any banking on the phone though so I am okay there but if weird stuff starts happening on social media then I may have to take additional steps. ​Thank you for trying to help. I so appreciate it.

  2. Someone else just lost all the photos on their phone so I backed mine up yesterday.

    Your the second person to say Under the Influence is so good. I can’t wait to read it!!

    1. The good thing is that some of those photos I know I shared to Instagram and Facebook so there’s that but I lost one precious video and I could shoot myself for it. I am STILL waiting for my replacement phone and then I have to do the whole setup thing again. We just did this for my daughter last week. She and I have the same brand phone and hers quit first even though her’s was newer than mine.

  3. You’ve reminded me I need to transfer my photos from phone to computer. I do that quite regularly since my last phone died on me. I hope your return to work went smoothly. I am glad to hear you are liking Under the Influence. I am looking forward to that one. Have a great week, Ti!

  4. Ugh, phone problems are among the worst, I tell ya. Especially when you lose some stuff like photos or documents. The husband’s phone’s screen is cracked and he needs to drive two hours out to be able to get it fixed. I am a little mad about that because it has to be on a workday and schedule is tight right now. Hope you had a good first day back at work!

    1. My first day back was a little rough. I don’t have anything going on tonight though so I plan to just kick back. Hopefully. Still waiting for my replacement phone. Honestly, I really hate smartphones. I have my husband’s flip phone right now in case I need to make a call but it’s like a tank and never needs to be charged. Plus, my work can’t find me and I can focus more.

    1. I look so much younger after the break I took. The magic potion. Sleep. I am only at day 2 of work and getting up at 4:15 but already I am feeling it and I am making myself go to bed at 9 or close to it. Last night I brought the girl home from rehearsal at 9 and it took her a long time to get to bed. I went to bed but had to keep getting up to nudge her to move faster.

    1. The new Maynard book is so complex. Really makes you go one way and then the other. I have some opinions about how it went down but it worked my brain with all that pondering I did while reading it.

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