Friday: What Not

Friday What Not

This entire week flew by in an instant! I took Monday and Tuesday off to work on The Girl’s room. I finished all of the components late Tuesday but man it wiped me out! I just need to put the headboard up and then I will share pics.

On Wednesday, since it was The Girl’s birthday and we were nursing some wounds over the cast list for Peter Pan (take a guess) we went out for a nice dinner but man, I was dying. I ate some canned tuna for lunch and had a horrible allergic reaction! My lymph nodes are still swollen. I may need to carry around an EpiPen from here on out because the reaction hit me incredibly fast.

Needless to say, I’ve been a little bit of a mess. BUT, I’ve been reading Salem’s Lot and Neverwhere and just need to get to The Quick in order to keep all my read-along commitments on the up and up.

Speaking of Stephen King, book 3 of the Mr. Mercedes series was announced yesterday.  You can read a little bit about it, here.  I love the cover.

End of Watch

This weekend, I will be spending a good chunk of Saturday trying to find housing for my mother and sister. It’s a long story but since my father’s death, they’ve not been able to make ends meet and the cost of living in the immediate Los Angeles area is just too high. It’s been stressing me out. There are lots of complicated details that make this a very sticky situation but I am praying for a miracle.

At some point this weekend, I also have to sit down with The Teen to plan the Theatre Halloween party he is having at our house. I love a good party but it does take planning and right now he is flying by the seat of his pants.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop-in since I haven’t been around much this week. It’s still hot here!! Not in the mood to decorate for Halloween but I suppose I will have to at some point.

Have you decorated yet?

16 thoughts on “Friday: What Not”

  1. Good luck with the housing issue. I’ll be in NYC looking at apartments for 2 of my daughters… finding something they can agree upon and afford should be interesting. Heaven help us both. I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. I thought you would have had a really relaxing week after your two days off…so sorry! Do you think you are allergic to fish now? All fish? Take care…especially with the added stress of your mom and sister.

  3. {hugs}
    And YAY to the Girl’s room coming together! I still need to hang pictures in my guest room.
    I finished my Diversiverse book yesterday so I am likely going to put huge dent into Salem’s Lot as I walk the dogs and clean. I should have taken a sub job but… I will Monday. ha
    I am not a good party planner – it stresses me out.
    Thanks for keeping me apprised of all the King news. I do follow him on Twitter and I did see that prequel to the Shining thing there (maybe not his tweet stream, but maybe? I forget.)
    Have a great weekend. We have fun plans I’m excited for – overnight on NC coast. yippee

    1. I don’t mind party planning but it is needed which is not what my kid believes.

      Last year we thought we’d get pizza for the friends that came over and the wait time for pizza, even if I picked it up myself was 3-4 hours. So, no pizza on Halloween.

      1. Hey, at least, you’re ahead of the game this year with still a few weeks to go. I would have just done pizza myself and thought that would have been good enough. At least, you learned from last year :). Good luck with this year’s party…and hope yesterday with the apartment search went well for you too.

  4. Happy to hear about the 3rd book in the series for King. Sounds like you’ve had a rough week, hope you get some ME time.

  5. Ah, Ti, you’re not having the best of weeks, are you? Not sure about the Peter Pan situation, but it sounds disappointing… Good luck with the housing problem. And omg, stay away from tuna!!!! I hope you’re feeling better? Well, at least we’ll always have … King, right? 😛 Hugs

  6. I don’t envy you trying to find affordable housing for your mother and sister. I hope you are able to find something reasonable. I also hope you are feeling better, Ti. In fact, I hope the rest of the month gets better for you and your family.

    I haven’t decorated for Halloween yet, but notice most of the neighbors have. I need to think about doing that this weekend. There never seems to be enough time. My brother and his wife are in town and we’ve been entertaining them.

    Here’s to a better week and a great weekend!

    1. What will your daughter be for Halloween? My kids usually have a plan by now but they are both unsure at the moment. My daughter said something about dressing up as a cracked porcelain doll and bought some eye lashes for it but so far nothing else. I want The Teen and his girlfriend to go as Buddy Holly and Patsy Cline… after the plane crash. They haven’t bitten yet.

  7. So sorry about the allergic reaction. When I was in grad school, one of my friends ate shrimp for the first time ever and before he could say yum, he was hit with allergic reactions left, right, and center. It was horrid. He had to go to ER to get that cleared up (and that’s when we learned that our grad school insurance pays for nothing!). Anyways, he thought of adding more shrimp to his diet to not be allergic anymore until a doctor friend strongly recommended not to because shrimp allergy can be fatal. Anyways, not sure why I shared that story except that it reminded me of what that chap went through.

    Oh yeah, time to get those Halloween decorations out. I kind of want to dress up the babe in something Halloweeny but I don’t want to do it either. This may be the only time for the next decade or two that she won’t dress up, lol! On the other hand, a baby in a scary outfit can be kinda funny…

    Hope you have a good week ahead. Sorry that your long weekend ended up being a lot of work, but on the other hand, you are almost done! Hope you find housing for your mom and sister soon.

    1. I am still dealing with the reaction and it was last Wednesday when it happened. Top of mouth is still numb but I can feel it coming back. I hate all these weird allergies I seem to have now. I can’t eat anything.

  8. I hope the allergic reaction is better now, and that you remedy that housing situation. I can just imagine how expensive LA would be when DC area is so pricey as it is.

    Sounds like you have a lot planned. No Halloween decorations here, but that’s really my husband’s purview since its his favorite holiday.

    1. I still have residual something going on as far as the reaction goes. The top of my mouth is still numb. It’s really bothering me but I am trying to ignore it.

      Ugh. The housing. It’s not ideal. It’s in a really weird town and although affordable there is something about the place that is bugging me.

      I know there are other areas outside of LA that are just as expensive if not more, like New York, but for them, I have to keep them in California, somewhat close to me so I can get there in an emergency and right now, that means about 2.5 to 3 hours away.

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