Sunday Matters: Still Hot and I am SO Not Feeling It

Sunday Matters

THIS weather! All this week it’s been about 100 degrees. It’s mid-October and not one leaf has changed color, no cool breeze in the evening, nothing. We never get real fall weather but this is really pushing it. Still, we did go ahead and put the Halloween stuff up because if we wait any longer we’ll miss it! But man, I long for a cool evening, fluffy blankets, soup.


This past week was another busy week. I fear that the rest of the year may be this way. Last week I tried to catch-up on my blog reading. I was somewhat successful.

Yesterday we drove over two hours away to find housing for my mother and sister. That trip was a bit depressing and I’m not really sure what to do. I need to think a bit and I need to do it fast. I don’t like being under pressure when making decisions like that.

I spent the rest of yesterday cleaning the house, putting stuff away and basically, keeping my mind busy.

Right Now:

I couldn’t sleep all that well so I got up early and I am about to enjoy my first cup of coffee. Soon, we’ll head off to church. Later? Possibly more cleaning and organizing It’s what I do when I am stressed.

This Week:

This week should be pretty tame. Just the normal stuff going on.


I am fully immersed into Salem’s Lot and partially into Neverwhere. I am trying to give them equal time but King is winning out. As usual.


Last Friday The Girl and I saw Pan. It’s gotten horrible reviews but we really liked it. There is one strange part where it felt like a musical but after that, it was nothing but action and visual effects and good acting by the young actor who plays Pan. Kids will enjoy it but there were plenty of adults in the theater enjoying it too. A full theater, full of kids and not one peep. There’s your review.

I sat down to watch American Horror Story – Hotel and it’s WAY out there. At times, very disturbing. But like a train wreck, you can’t look away. I think it will be a big hit but it’s definitely not for younger viewers.

Tonight, it’s all about the premier of The Walking Dead! Yes!! It’s back.


We’ll probably grab something tonight. Too hot for soup, chili, or basically anything requiring a stove or oven.

Grateful for:

My Hub. He’s a big lug of a guy but when I get all frazzled about these housing decisions he puts it all into perspective and strips it down to the basics. On the drive back yesterday my mind was spinning and he knew exactly what to say. So grateful for that even-toned, matter-of-fact approach. I need that sometimes.

That’s it for me. What’s up with you?

17 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Still Hot and I am SO Not Feeling It”

  1. So were you able to find housing for your mother and sister? I hope so…or that you will soon.

    That first cup of coffee…it helps so much. This morning, bleh, and then that (iced for me) cup of coffee and I was feeling so much better. Still am.

    Today here? Reading posts like yours…and napping…and maybe mowing the lawn. Would like to go out to Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (near where I live) to see leaves today, but maybe tomorrow, not sure yet.

    1. We drive out to check out two places. One was horrible and totally freaked me out. Not a good neighborhood. Poor living conditions, etc.

      The second was better but I have a feeling about it. Something is bothering me about it and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s in better shape and in a better spot but no public transportation and they don’t drive. It’s by an air base and it’s definitely different. Worried about medical, etc. They both have so many health issues.

      1. Are they any agencies out there that might service that area? I know where we live, we have an agency that helps service the outlying areas, providing transportation for those who need it. It might be worth looking into.

    2. I was told there is a shuttle service to certain areas but most people take cabs. Only the one hospital. Have to see if they can even go there with their limited insurance.

      1. Praying it all works out…I’ll stop commenting and let someone else comment now. 🙂 Oh, looks like Kathy (think that’s her name “BermudaOnion”) already has. Good. 🙂

  2. It sounds like neither housing option is great – hopefully something will come up that will help you make a decision.

    It’s starting to feel like fall here but I’m not ready to let go of summer.

  3. It is definitely fall here today…we had White Chicken Chili last night…it was so good…a recipe I have never made before…so sorry that you have even more stuff to deal with…there seems to always be something worrisome in our lives much of the time!

    1. I think I saw a photo of your white chili and it looked really, really good. I so wish it was cool here! It’s going to be close to 100 today, again and then it is supposed to cool down a whopping 5 degrees.

  4. Your hubs sounds a lot like mine 🙂 I’d be very lost without him and I am woman enough to say so in writing… Well, we were supposed to go and see Pan too, but our son decided at the last moment on The Walk, which was great, yet terrifying and impossible to watch for someone as deadly afraid of heights as me. I literally had to cover my eyes for most of the last part… But it was breathtaking, so if you don’t have my phobia, you should go and see it.
    Otherwise, the week was okay. Things steadied some at my son’s school, Hubs was only abroad for one day, and I finally managed to finish researching for a new book 🙂 I hope to do some plotting this coming week.
    I also hope to do some decorating – it’s high time! As for the weather, it’s been raining cats and dogs and the wind gusts like a wild beast! Perfect for soups & teas, both of which I have indulged in most copiously!
    Have a good week, Ti ❤

    1. Okay, The Walk. When we went to Pan, some of the viewers of The Walk in 3D had to leave the theater because of nausea and vertigo! How horrible. I can’t do those types of movies. I am not afraid of heights so much but spinning or weird angles or depth perception tricks do a number on me every time. I would need Dramamine before going.

      ​So you’ve had some cooler weather. SO envious! It’s supposed to be nearly 100 again today. I am okay inside of course but when I leave the office to hop into my blazing hot car, I am not a happy camper. ​

  5. I’ve been in Redlands this week and it’s hot! 105 degrees, yikes. I can’t believe this is October here. Hope you can de-stress. I’m looking forward to the WD premiere. Oh I couldn’t hang with Fear the WD. I just kept missing the episodes (on purpose?). Have a good week.

  6. My hub is a lot like yours – helps to keep the perspective in check when I go on a rampage with my thoughts. I so hope the housing situation works out for you – I end up stressing so much over my family and can never recover until they have, so I know how you feel. I need to watch FTWD first, then TWD. I deliberately planned it this way because I have not watched live TV since my baby was born and I don’t think I will be able to watch live TV for a good long while. So I’ve been catching up on TV online. Glad to hear that you enjoyed FTWD – that’s great to hear. Did you recognize some of their sets as anyplace near where you stay/work?

    1. I did not recognize any of the FTWD sets. I did hear that they only shot the first episode in Los Angeles though and that they ended up shooting in Canada (??) because of how hard it is to shut down neighborhoods here. That was a rumor I heard but they kept the set to one neighborhood and a couple of indoor sets so it makes me wonder if that is what they did.

  7. I am once again behind on TV shows. I’ve given serious thought to giving up all my shows.

    If something feels off about a place, I would totally not do it. Go with your instincts.

    Nothing much here but it is fall at least for a few days — the weather is colder and the leaves are starting to turn and fall off. I’m not really ready for fall, but that’s nothing new since I love Summer.

    1. The only reason why I stay up with my TV shows is because I fear someone will blow it for me on social media so I force myself to sit down and watch as soon as possible.

      The instinct thing. I may not have a choice but to go with this place even though I am not 100% okay with it. They need to move pretty fast. This will be an issue too because they do not want to move.

  8. You’re right about leaves not changing… even during my New England road trip, went on purpose to see fall foliage but mostly still green. But not 100F though. And that’s good. 😉

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