Sunday Matters: A Place for Everything

Sunday Matters

Good morning! We all made it through the week! I know some of you had busy weeks,  myself included. This week is no different but I will, WILL carve out some time to put things in their place this week. I feel a little lost when things are all over the place. Do you get that way? I am fairly organized but I still come home at the end of the week to find mini piles of crud everywhere. My kids come home, and drop their stuff and that’s where it sits until they pick it up again. I feel like it sucks my life force dry. I gotta get a handle on that.

Yesterday, the middle school group at church had its Back to School Bash. It was an 80s theme and it was so fun! And, you won’t believe it but I spotted Atlas Shrugged! Yes! A parent was reading it and we had a moment to discuss the book. I love when that happens. Atlas Shrugged, 80’s music and kids having fun. It was a very special day. Oh, and there was a DeLorean! It was street legal and everything! So cool.


Right Now:

Enjoying my second cup of coffee. I’ve given up coffee during the week so the weekend coffee fix is turning out to be a real treat. At the moment, I am trying to get the kids moving so we can go to church. They are being slugs today.

This Week:

It’s kind of an exciting week. Peter Pan rehearsals start for The Girl. This time she is trying out for a Lost Boy (Curly) and one of Tiger Lily’s dancing friends.  We won’t know what she gets until October. Long wait.


Just started Finders Keepers by Stephen King. It’s really good so far. This cover is so gruesome. I kind of wish his covers wouldn’t be so mainstream. I feel like more people would read his books if they didn’t see all this gore on cover.

Finders Keepers


Tonight, I will be watching Fear the Walking Dead. I believe it’s back from its break last week. At least, I hope so.


These days I never know what to make. I feel like a big pot of chili but it’s so warm out. Not quite chili weather.

Grateful for:

I am grateful for the  little signs I’ve gotten lately that I am doing the right thing.

What are you up to this week?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: A Place for Everything”

  1. I find it hard to believe but we have a chill in the air here! AC is off…we have windows open and we couldn’t figure out why we could not get comfy with our coffee and newspapers until Den and I both realized it was cold! We were cold! We kept on shorts but ran upstairs for long sleeves!

    We just had a few tacos…yum…for lunch and I think I might make soup for later…Sausage, Kale and White Bean Soup!

    We try not to move on Sunday! Football for Den and books and games and coloring for me!

  2. What a fun event – the ’80’s thing. Can’t believe there was a DeLorean! Bet the parents loved that even more than the kids. LOL

    Have a good week, Ti! I like what you said about getting little signs that you are doing the right thing. Could apply in so many ways, right?

  3. It was rainy and mid 60’s today so I was anxious to make a pot roast. Funny how our cravings change with the seasons.

    Have a good week and enjoy Finder’s Keepers.

    1. There’s a chill in the air today (doubt we’ll hit 60) and chili sounds really good! We’ll be back to upper 70’s and 80’s by Tuesday, so I plan to enjoy it for a couple of days! Have a great week 🙂

  4. Here’s to a great week for everyone — mine will be hellish. It already started that way today.

    I digress; we haven’t done much in way of organizing or cleaning since my binge not too long ago on my day off. I’ve been reading some poetry lately and I have to get reading the Oct. book club pick which is a bunch of short stories in a book called Poe’s Children.

    Nothing watching here…we finished up Zoo for the week and a couple others, but we’re still behind on Under the Dome and The Strain…and Fear the Walking Dead. 😦

  5. Ooh, I can’t wait to hear about Finders Keepers 🙂 That bash sounds like a fabulous idea! Once again, all seems to be well on Planet Ti… Have a good week!

  6. Yup, when stuff is not in its place, I get very frazzled and increasingly irritable. I try to explain this to everyone at home but they say take a break for now since there’s a baby. I say all the more reason to keep things where they belong.

    We turned on the heater on Sunday. It was so cold! I hope your weather cools down soon.

  7. Oh a DeLorean, how fun. It looks like the Bat mobile. I don’t think we taped Fear the WD. Was it on this past Sunday? If so, I think we missed it, sigh

  8. I know what you’re talking about with getting twitchy when things are too out of place. No one in my house seems to understand that I’m a much less cranky person if they just keep things where they belong. You’d think they’d do that for themselves, wouldn’t you?!

    1. Right now the one thing that is driving me up the wall is the fact that I have shoes ALL over my house. We have a basket, a closet and the like but they kick off the shoes as soon as they get home and they are literally everywhere. I bend down so much to pick them up that I threw my back out.

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