Sunday Matters: Weekend Eats

Sunday Matters

We had a lovely 4th. The Teen invited his girlfriend over for dinner. We BBQ’d burgers, hot links, and hot dogs. I made this pasta salad and this potato salad and we grilled corn. The Girl whipped up a fruit dip for strawberries and we made these Frozen Coconut Limeades. It was all so good. Oh, and I can’t forget The Teen’s bacon wrapped smokies. He has to have bacon or the day is not a success.

Kale Caesar Pasta Salad
Photo Credit: Foodie Crush
Iowa Girl Eats Potato Salad
Photo Credit: Iowa Girl Eats
Frozen Coconut Limeades
Photo Credit: Smitten Kitchen

Right Now:

Eating a piece of avocado toast, washing it down with coffee and then we are off to church. I  might have some time to read a chapter of Atlas Shrugged before we go. In order to stay on track with the #AtlasRAL, I have to grab a chapter whenever I can because the book is over 1200 pages long!

This Week:

The Teen takes his driver’s test this week. We could have a new licensed driver in the house by Tuesday.

On Thursday, I have a hair appointment and that is it!! Easy week, even though I think work will be picking up here soon in preparation of the Fall semester.


I am about five chapter into Atlas Shrugged and I must say, the reading is much easier than I thought it would be. It’s still early but right now, it’s an easy book to reach for.

I overbooked myself as far as ARCs (review copies) for the month so I will be doing some quick reading of several books over the next few weeks. At least, that is the plan.


After taking a little break from Mad Men, my normal viewing spot was booked, I managed to watch two episodes of Season 6 and I am right back into it.

I recorded that new show on AMC called Humans. I guess it’s about robots living with humans as nannies and the like. I haven’t watched the first episode yet but it looks good and will maybe tide me over until Fear the Walking Dead starts.


As you saw above, I had fun making those salads and whipping up those tropical drinks but I’m sure the rest of the week will be spent eating leftovers because I made way too much.

Grateful for:

I love having an extra day to relax. Definitely grateful for having Friday off. Also grateful to spend time with family. No volunteering tonight as the Middle School ministry is on summer break. It’s nice to not be running around.

Your turn! What do you have planned for today? What yummy stuff did you cook for the 4th?

32 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Weekend Eats”

  1. The potato salad looks amazing. I love the cool, clean look of it. And I love the apple cider vinegar added. I will be making this soon.

    My husband and I worked yesterday. We had the entire week off before that, though, so it was okay.

    1. If you make the potato salad, really weigh and measure the potatoes. I used larger potatoes and it turned out a little dry for me. The taste was great but a tad dry. I am not a fan of celery or relish in my potato salad so I am pleased that this one is so simple, yet flavorful and doesn’t use a ton of mayo. 

  2. Your week end sounded lovely…the only thing that was different for as far as food this week end was making corn on the cob in the oven but I don’t think I really liked it…

    I accidentally had a waffle dream…an actual dream about waffles…so I woke up this morning…said the word waffles…and Den assumed we were having waffles for breakfast…he went to church and came back with buttermilk…the only thing I needed for waffles…and I had to make waffles…my recipe is complicated…needs whipped egg whites…so I am exhausted…

    1. I thought waffles were pretty simple to make? Not yours, huh?We grilled corn in the husk but I usually put it in the oven in the husk and it comes out great. 

  3. The pasta salad sounds fantastic! In fact, all teh food sounds amazing. I’ve always wanted to read Atlas Shrugged ever since a friend told me years ago that it was an experience I’d never forget. She even bought all of her employees a copy for Christmas one year – and she has a lot of employees! That is how strongly she felt about it! Enjoy your read-a-long!

    1. Wow! She bought everyone a copy of the book? It is an experience to be reading it. It’s got so much in it to absorb. I am almost done with part I and I am ahead of schedule. Let’s see if I can keep that up 

    1.  We made this entire platter of appetizers, I place it on the table, turned my head, and the platter was empty. No bacon to be had. I had two pieces and I gave one to the pup because it was her birthday!! Well, the birthday we gave her 😉

  4. Everything looks amazing, and sounds just as yummy 🙂 I overate this weekend, and with Mom visiting for my bday and taking the opportunity to cook, I expect this will continue for a few days. Sigh. Fingers crossed for The Teen 🙂

    1. The problem with all of that cooking, is that I am not hungry for it once it’s served. No joke. I wasn’t hungry for it that night but we had leftovers the next day and I was hungry for it then. 

  5. All those dishes sound and look fabulous! Glad you had a great foodie day for the 4th. Curious to hear what you think of Atlas Shrugged. I liked Fountainhead when I read it but disagreed with so much of the author’s principles that I don’t care to read any more of her books. But, I like to know what this book is about so I’ll be following along (when I can).

    1.  I am actually enjoying Atlas Shrugged quite a bit. It’s about big business and the pursuit of  $$ but the characters are so driven. It’s hard to figure out what makes them tick besides the $$. It focuses on railroads but touches on oil, metal production, etc. It’s a crazy ride. 

  6. Love the picture of the potato salad and want to make it. Looked at recipe. Is it perhaps a little sweet? I like my potato salad totally savory.

  7. Your weekends sounded fun and the salads looked great as well. I’ve been off since Wednesday and go back Tuesday so we’ve done a lot of outdoor exercise, watched Jaws –very fun, read lots and caught up on reviews, even saving a few for the week.

    4 more days of work this week and retired 🙂 the practice run went well..LOL

    1. Only four more days of work and you are retired?? That went so fast. I remember you starting the countdown but man, that flew by. 

  8. Your salads look delicious but that avocado on toast appeals just as much to me! Good luck to The Teen with his driving test!

    1. OMG! Avocado on toast is my new fave thing! Buttered toast, topped with avocado and a sprinkle of sea salt. So tasty!

  9. I’m with The Teen. We had bacon with our burgers this weekend too. Sadly, no bacon at the church picnic, but the burgers and hot dogs were still good. I didn’t make anything but my wife made deviled eggs (as you saw and commented on) for the church picnic. It was nice having that extra day off on Friday. At least, I was able to mow the lawn that day and not have to think about it the rest of the weekend. I’d like to say that I got lots of reading done, but I’d be lying. I got caught up in an NCIS marathon today. Maybe this afternoon before I go to work for a few hours, I’ll get some reading in…we’ll see.

    1. I am really craving deviled eggs now.  I got a lot of reading done over the weekend. A lot for me. I feel the need to stay on top of this Atlas Shrugged reading or I feel as if I will be buried by it so I made myself sit down to read a few very long chapters.  Today, I worked another chapter in and then maybe I will read more at lunch. Depends on whether my hiding space is available or not because if it is, I will probably watch Mad Men instead. 

  10. Yum. the food looks great. We had burgs. I should check out Mad Men; we are caught up in True Detective Season 1 now with Woody & Matthew Mc. Pretty dark. Good luck with Atlas and thanks for the lowdown on what A Little Life deals with. Glad you told me.

  11. Bacon is a must 😀 I’m going to check out that pasta salad recipe. I’m always looking for more things like that, especially during this time of year when it’s too darn hot to run the oven for very long.

    Good luck to the teen on his driving test! 😀 Exciting!!

  12. Thanks for sending me the link to the pasta salad! I am definitely putting it on next week’s menu, topped with grilled chicken because somehow I think the two would work well together.

    It sounds like you are getting a much-needed respite from life’s craziness. That is awesome. If you do anything drastic to your hair, you better send me pics!

    Good luck to the Teen on his driving test! How are you handling this possibility? (We are signing up my teen for driver’s ed today in fact. I am not quite ready for this, although the idea of having another driver in the family excites me to no end.)

  13. Can’t wait to hear how that driver’s test goes today!

    I need to figure out when Fear the Walking Dead comes on. I don’t want to miss that one. I’m curious about Humans, so definitely keep us posted on what you think of that one.

    1. He passed the driver’s test so we now have another driver in the house!The AMC site says Fear The Walking Dead is coming out August 2015 but not date yet! It got pushed. It was supposed to be out now. 

  14. Reading this post has made me hungry! It sounds like you had a great weekend.

    I need to start on Atlas Shrugged. It’s good to know it’s been an easy read so far. 1200 pages, though – I’m really going to have to make sure I dip into every day. Well, first I have to make sure I start on it. And THEN I have to make sure I read a bit every day!

    1. Yes, starting on it would be good 😉 But again, no pressure ever! I just like to read books with people so if you can’t do it, that’s fine too. 

  15. Hi, it’s Wednesday. Still want to know what I did today? I listened to a few percentages of #AtlasRAL (I’m to the point – well, chap 11 at 11% – where Frisco is confronted by Dagny for an answer but she doesn’t get it.)

  16. Oh those salads look delicious! My boys agree that anything with bacon is a success. I think I overbooked review books this month too, it’s hard to keep up. Have a great week!

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