The Atlas Shrugged Read Along (#AtlasRAL)

Atlas Shrugged RAL

I’ve been on a Mad Men kick. I’ve watched seasons 1-5 in a very short time,  but a strange thing happened while watching. One of the characters mentioned Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and then a season later it was mentioned again.

Don Draper - Mad Men

So far, I think it’s been mentioned a total of three times. Yes, I paid attention.

I read The Fountainhead years ago but never really had the desire to read this one until now. I casually mentioned it on Facebook and someone said they’d like to read it too and then so on and so on. Without really trying, a read along was born!

Here’s a blurb from Goodreads:

Tremendous in its scope, this novel presents an astounding panorama of human life — from the productive genius who becomes a worthless playboy — to the great steel industrialist who does not know that he is working for his own destruction — to the philosopher who becomes a pirate — to the composer who gives up his career on the night of his triumph — to the woman who runs a transcontinental railroad — to the lowest track worker in her Terminal tunnels.

I typically like my read alongs to be a little less formal and fun so I am not asking for mandatory posts or anything like that. The book is nearly 1200 pages long so I would love it if others could join me.


  • Runs from July 1-Aug 15, 2015
  • Use #AtlasRAL to talk about it on Twitter.
  • I hope to write an update post on my blog after each part (I, II, III) just to see how we are doing.

Suggested Read By Dates:

Part I by July 15 (approx 300 pages)
Part II by July 31 (approx 320 pages)
Part III by August 15 (approx 450 pages)

Are you in? If so, leave me a comment including the following:

  • Your Twitter handle, if you have one.  Mine is @TiBookChatter.
  • Blog URL, if you have one.
  • Or just a note saying you want to join in!

42 thoughts on “The Atlas Shrugged Read Along (#AtlasRAL)”

  1. As I said before, count me in! I read this when Holly was a baby and absolutely loved it. I want to see if that sentiment still remains now that I am older and wiser. I can’t wait!

    1. It will be interesting to hear what you think now. I am afraid to read The Fountainhead now. I loved it so much in college that I’m afraid my age and jaded self will ruin it. 

  2. I read it a long, long time ago (the 70’s? the early 80’s?) when I was on a scifi kick. Not sure if it is still classified as such. I remember it being quite a page-turner.

    1. At 1200 something pages I can deal with it being a page turner. I’ve always wanted to read it and the comment made on Mad Men about it intrigued me. 

  3. I tried reading this years ago but I’m willing to give it another go especially since there is an audio version. It is 63 hrs! OMG! So count me in.

  4. Goodness, Ti! 🙂 You realize that people tend to choose lighter reads in the summer, lol 🙂 You go for … Atlas Shrugged! I read it in college, and I’d love to do it again, but I don’t know if I can find the time. It’s a really big commitment. In any case, I’ll be cheering for you from the sidelines at the very least 🙂

    1. I’ve always read heavier reads over the summer. Well, not always heavy but huge. I like to take the summer to really spend time with a good door stop. LOL. I typically can’t focus on a chunkster during the regular school year. Too many distractions for me. I do read lighter stuff in between though. 

  5. I might be interested! I feel a little nervous about starting and not finishing since the book is so long… but I have wanted to read this and have it on my shelf. I’m going to think about this one!

    1. Well, I would love to join you. These read alongs I host are zero guilt, no stress read alongs. I just like reading books with people 😉 If you don’t finish… so what? Maybe you will and then you can mark it off the list. It’s been on my list for a long time. 

  6. I’m really thinking about this one, Ti. I’ve actually never had any desire to read Ayn Rand, but I confess it’s because of a not-very-valid reason: a long time ago someone I didn’t like very much absolutely adored Atlas Shrugged 🙂

        1. Yeah, baby! You can consider it exercise because it is a chunk! I tried to hold it at the bookstore and went with an eBook. I may still get a hardcopy for page counts.

          From:”Book Chatter” Date:Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 5:37 PM Subject:[Book Chatter] Comment: “The Atlas Shrugged Read Along (#AtlasRAL)”

  7. I’m thinking about it! SUCH a chunkster. Maybe I should do the audio? I have attempted this book a number of times and just get either distracted or bored? I really can’t remember. And that will be a big boat time which either means tons of reading time or none… (Thinking about it, tho, I am!)
    Confession: I have only seen a few snippets of MadMen…

    1. If you tried it before, it would be nice to finally read it and put it behind you. I know with me, I have to have other people reading with me or I’ll go crazy not being able to talk about it with someone.

      From:”Book Chatter” Date:Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 4:24 AM Subject:[Book Chatter] Comment: “The Atlas Shrugged Read Along (#AtlasRAL)”

  8. I’m trying to decide if this would make me rage-y or not. It’s pretty conservative from what I’ve heard. But then I think how can I not read something that might expand my knowledge and understanding of others? But then 1200 pages. Damn. Ok I need talking into it.

  9. So so so tempted but I’ll be out of town for two weeks of the readalong and it’s SOOOOOOOOOOO long. LOL! Nevermind that I’m planning to read one of those damn long Outlander books as well. Maybe I’ll jump in here and there.

    1. Do jump in where and when you can. There are no rules, as you know. I think it’s chock full of stuff to talk about no matter how much you end up reading. They’ll be something to talk about. 

  10. I’d like to join but not sure if I can stick with a long book for a month! I used to refer it as my foot stool in one of my blog post because it is such a chunkster! I have it in Kindle too but I think the paper copy works for me better.

    1. It’s okay if you finish it sooner. I picked 6 weeks to make it more doable but if you read it in less time that works too. It’s a long book and I will be reading lighter stuff with it as well. 

  11. I can never get my friends to read what I’m reading at the same time, or vice versa, and I’d love to join in! My twitter is @hazelmbear and I can hardly wait to start!

    1. Excellent!

      Have a good time in Arizona.

      From:”Book Chatter” Date:Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 6:05 PM Subject:[Book Chatter] Comment: “The Atlas Shrugged Read Along (#AtlasRAL)”

  12. I just bought The Fountainhead, because it was my mom’s favorite book. This one is quite the read! (Atlas) Should be good discussion!

    1. Can I just say? Your mom has excellent taste 😉 I really liked The Fountainhead. I will be thrilled if I end up liking Atlas even half as much. 

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