Misery Read Along Kick-Off (#MiseryRAL)

Uncle Stevie

It’s June! The weather is starting to heat up and yes, that means read-along fun! Today is the Misery read along kick-off. We are reading the book this month and tweeting about it using the hashtag #MiseryRAL. That’s it!

If you need to get in the mood for this, check out the kick-off post which includes a poem! That Care! Always making it interesting. And that photo of Stephen King! Too much!

Anyway, are you in? How can you say no?

17 thoughts on “Misery Read Along Kick-Off (#MiseryRAL)”

    1.  Isn’t it? He looks like a *orn star from the 80s. I bleeped it out because I really don’t want unsolicited comments regarding that subject. LOL. 

  1. Im so excited to read this! Believe it or not I’ve onlu watched the movie – many, many times but never read the book. I hear it’s a lot darker than the movie. Yaaaay! Should be loads of fun.

    1. The book IS darker. That, I remember but I can’t remember all of the details on how it differs from the book. I read the first 5% just now and don’t remember it opening that way but I read it like 25 years ago. Maybe longer!

  2. Love the pic 😀 But as usually I’m scrambling for time (I have NO idea how you’re juggling so many things!). Good luck and have fun! 😀

    1. I am not juggling it all that well. A little frazzled at the moment! King was a nice distraction this morning though. 

  3. The postcard makes for the BEST bookmark. LOL! Just started at lunch–I was actually a bit surprised that it’s not first person POV–keeps taking my mind a bit to wrap around that. Was going to ask if this is a re-read for you but see from the comments that it is.

  4. OK, I’m not going to read Misery, but I just have to say – what a picture!! You’re right – he does look like some kind of vintage porn star. That’s the King I remember from book covers. You guys enjoy! LOL

  5. Grrr…so many readalongs for June! I’ve got to do the Travel the World in Books one (esp. since I help run it!) and I have to finish a book for my Postal Book Club with bloggers, and I’m just not sure I have time to finish this one by the end of June, too. Esp. with review books, also. Gah! Super sad.

  6. I’ve been a bad girl – reading way ahead. I need to catch up on my other readalong so I’ll put this one aside and let everyone catch up. It is so hard not to tweet spoilers!

    1. I know it. It’s the book I reach for, at the moment. I am at 50% right now and put it down for the day. Maybe. 

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