Sunday Matters: Coming Up For Air

Sunday Matters

This. Past. Week. Well, it went smoothly. No big hiccups to speak of. We took it one day at a time and got through all of the events (choir concert, banquet, The Teen’s big audition, etc.) There was one snafu when The Girl’s field trip bus didn’t return on time and we missed church but what can you do? Traffic was horrible. I’d rather them take their time than rush back.

Right Now:

Hitting an early service at church today because our normal service conflicts with The Girl’s team party. That is why we tried to hit church on Thursday. So hard to get up early on the weekend. It will just be The Girl and I. The Hub will stay behind to make sure The Teen gets up and dressed and out the door for day 2 at the theater.

This Week:

Monday is the big day. The Jerry Herman Awards are at 7pm. The Teen did well at his audition. We find out the results AT THE SHOW! It’s nerve-wracking! It will be a late night. I figure we will be done at 10 pm and then we still have to drive home so yeah, it will be a long night but it’s so exciting!

I can’t really think of much else going on this week. A good thing.


I’ve got book club this week. Still reading All The Light We Cannot See. I need to get it read before Thursday!

The Misery read along (#MiseryRAL) starts June 1st. It promises to be a hoot. I’ll be reading and tweeting about it in between my other reads. The new King book comes out this week too. How did I forget about it?

Also reading A Little Life. About 50% in. This book is impossible to read quickly. I am seriously highlighting every other page, the writing is so lovely.  I am taking my time with it and loving every moment I have with it.


I am halfway through Mad Men, Season 5. Still loving this show. We watched Return of the Jedi recently. Had to get The Girl up to speed before the new movie comes out later this year. I picked up Million Dollar Arm from Netflix but haven’t gotten to it yet.


I don’t think I’ve cooked once this week! There wasn’t time to cook but even if I had the time, I don’t think I would have. I don’t have a taste for anything and still feel  blah. This is telling me I need to go on some sort of cleanse or clean diet but where is my motivation these days? If it takes effort, then I immediately just want to go to bed. Not like me at all.

Some of the stuff you’ve been cooking sounds tasty though. Too bad a personal chef is not a possibility.

Grateful for:

Oh, all sorts of things. My pup. The Hub has been sick and so he’s been sleeping in another room. The Otter Pup HAS to sleep exactly halfway between the two of us when he does this so she camps out on the stairs. Too funny! She is such a sweet pup!

I got a raise at work. This was unexpected but great! A very nice surprise. Maybe I will treat myself to a new Kindle so that PATTY doesn’t make fun of my old one anymore. I know, I know, just kidding and all that. I have a hard time buying new stuff when the old stuff works perfectly fine.

How’ve you all been? It got really hot here this weekend. The team party is a pool party so they picked a good day for it. What are you up to?

22 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Coming Up For Air”

  1. Whoa. That doesn’t sound like a busy week at all, compared to what you usually have going on, but good for you and your family…and the raise! Woo hoo! Always a good thing.

    Here, it’s another cloudy/rainy day as it was yesterday so I’ll probably read like I did yesterday. The book yesterday was Norwegian by Night by Derek B. Miller, which a patron at the library recommended and surprisingly was pretty good. Today’s book probably will be The Retribution by Val McDermid, another crime fiction selection.

    1. It’s funny how books make the rounds. I pitched Norwegian by Night to my club in January and it made the reading list. We’ll be reading it later this year. I had not heard of it either but a blogger recommended it. I want to say Belle.


      From:”Book Chatter” Date:Sun, May 31, 2015 at 7:08 AM Subject:[Book Chatter] Comment: “Sunday Matters: Coming Up For Air”

  2. I admit to calling your old Kindle a dinosaur…but…when you get your new one you will be thrilled! I think! I can’t wait to find out what happens on Monday! Yeah for a surprise pay raise! Lol!

  3. Yay for raises! Congratulations! I hope that takes the sting out of your recent move and new office digs. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for The Teen on Monday! Who is more nervous – you or him?

    Have a great week, and make sure you let me know how Monday goes!

  4. Congrats on the raise! Fingers crossed on Monday for the Teen 😀 It’s got hot here too. My cherries were ready to pick, so I made a pie. Lots of events next week at my son’s school too. Still, exciting 🙂 Have a good week!

    1. You grew your own cherries? Impressive!! I can’t grow a thing. A little known fact.  This performance tonight for The Teen has made me a bundle of nerves. I didn’t sleep at all last night. 

  5. Congrats on the raise! It’s even better that you didn’t see it coming! I’m I’m so excited to tell you that I’ll be listening to Mr. Mercedes this week on audio! With Finders Keepers coming out this month I wanted to get busy so I’d be ready. I know you really liked it and I went back and re-read your review of it yesterday. I think it will be the perfect way to get re0introduced to his writing. It’s been a while for me. I think since Insomnia! I’ll be thinking good thoughts for The Teen and wishing him luck! Have a great week and I hope you start feeling more like yourself soon, my friend.

    1. Hope you enjoy Mr. Mercedes!! I can’t wait for the new book. We are reading Misery for a read along in June so I may have to wait a tiny bit before I get to the new book. But no worries… maybe this weekend?

  6. Oh goodness, this MiseryRAL will hopefully be a hoot! We have a someone who can’t find it – you understand that frustration! But it will be a quicker book. The shortest King I think I have ever readalonged. I better start in on my ideas.

  7. My twins graduate from high school four years ago (and older daughter 3 years before that), but memories all the running around still linger. Maybe a little bit of a breather this summer? Congrats on the surprise pay raise!!

  8. How are there enough hours in the day?! I’m mid-way thru All the Light We Cannot See … still liking it but I need to hurry up on it too. I’m very curious about A Little Life. Is it that good? Is it book of the year quality? Hmm. Congrats on the raise at work! Terrific.

  9. Congratulations on the raise and fingers crossed for the teen! Your dog is so cute! I love how they have to always keep tabs on us and make sure everyone is in prime condition – must be so stressful to be a dog. No wonder they have cute faces and adorable habits – how can you not smother them with love.

    1. Our pup can be a real pill when she knows we are all okay. She’s funny like that. Too much like her people, I guess. 

  10. I am SO excited for you! I’ll be hopping onto Facebook tomorrow night just in case you have a chance to post an update. Sending The Boy all my best – I’ve got my fingers crossed for him.

  11. Great news about the unexpected raise.

    I also read A Little Life very slow, so it would all sink in and stick with me — which it did. This is the one book I will never give away. Haunting

  12. My weekend was way busier than I like, so not enough down-time before the work week. That’s how it is sometimes. I did fit some reading time in, and hope to pick up a copy of Misery soon to join in the read-along. I really want to try A Little Life, too, but probably won’t get to it in June!

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