Up Next: Books That I’m Excited About

I’m doing fairly well with my review copies. I’ve got a handful to read between now and this summer but overall, I try to be choosy with what I request or accept so my list of immediate “to-reads” is not that long.

These are the books that I am most excited about! I didn’t list Murakami’s Wind/Pinball because I already gushed about that one. I can’t skip an opportunity to mention it here again, though.

Okay, next up on my list:

The Last Bookaneer

The Last Bookaneer by Matthew Pearl, April 28, 2015
(Book pirates!)

The Last Leaves Falling

The Last Leaves Falling by Sarah Benwell, June 2, 2015
(A teen with ALS. A story of friendship and acceptance.)

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers by Stephen King, June 2, 2015
(Book 2 of the Bill Hodges trilogy!)

The Summer of Good Intentions

The Summer of Good Intentions by Wendy Francis, July 7, 2015
(Cape Cod in the summer! Need I say more?)

Days of Awe

Days of Awe by Lauren Fox, August 4, 2015
(An exploration of marriage, motherhood and tragedy!)

What books are you anxious to get to?

16 thoughts on “Up Next: Books That I’m Excited About”

  1. Come on Justin Cronin with “The City of Mirrors” and Kate Morton with “The Lake House”,,,

    1. When IS Cronin’s book coming out?

      From:”Book Chatter” Date:Fri, May 8, 2015 at 4:13 AM Subject:[Book Chatter] Comment: “Up Next: Books That I’m Excited About”

  2. I want to get Finders Keepers. I tried to talk my book club into reading it since we read the first book in the series but they never listen to me.

  3. Can’t wait to read The Last Leaves Falling! The buzz around it had been incredible. But all your list looks yummy 🙂

  4. I don’t have anything on the radar! Well, I did pre-order the Harper Lee but that doesn’t mean I’ll read it right away. Bookaneers…Ha! Love it. 🙂

  5. I have a few review books to read between now and the summer too but none of the ones you listed here. They all sound great though. I did want to read The Last Bookaneer but the release date didn’t quite work for me plus I already had too many on my hands and didn’t want to add more. Hope you enjoy it! Cannot wait to hear what you think of it.

  6. Oh Ti even Justin Cronin posts that he doesn’t know when it will be released. And patience is NOT a virtue of mine 😉

  7. This reminds me I need to finish Mr. Mercedes, which for some reason I stopped listening to about two-thirds of the way through, even though I was really enjoying it.

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