Friday: Changes Are Imminent

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Where did the week go? On the one hand it dragged but on the other, it flew by. I guess the back and forth kid stuff, meetings and the like kept me busy enough to not know what day it was. I hate when that happens.

In all the craziness I got to thinking about my blog and decided that I will be switching out the template soon. Very soon. The theme I am currently using has been discontinued and my latest commenting problem was due to the template being outdated. To be honest, for two years now I’ve been trying to simplify my life and that should include my blogging space as well. Right?

I’ve found three templates that could work for me even without customization but I wanted to give you all a heads-up. I don’t want you to stop by and be surprised by any of it. Hopefully, you’ll find the new format cleaner and more streamlined. It will be in by the weekend! Exciting, huh?

Now, a little Friday update. We have our last track meet of the season this weekend and it is supposed to be WAY hot! We also have to figure out how to get the other kid to his SAT test which is on the other side of the world… not really but not anywhere near where we will be for the meet. Saturday is also The Hub’s birthday so we’ll have to work some celebration in somewhere. The Teen is rehearsing like crazy for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels too which makes family time darn near impossible.

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday so far. I am just glad that the end of the week is here. STILL have not moved. STILL don’t know if The Girl made choir. It’s a waiting game.

Until later. Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Friday: Changes Are Imminent”

  1. Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! Looks like you need it a lot. Your weekend is making me already dread those days when my kid(s) will get to that age. (Don’t worry, you are not responsible for the feeling, it’s probably my anxiety before the baby.) Oh well. I hope you have a great weekend, despite how busy it will be. And Happy Birthday to your husband in advance!!

    1. It’s way early for you to even be worrying about the busy kid thing but it’s definitely good busy and not at all like “work” busy. You know? Track took every Saturday we had and four days during the week but nothing beats seeing your kid PR as she comes across the finish line. Nothing. 

  2. Happy Friday! I cannot wait to see what you pick over the weekend for the blog! I have another busy weekend coming and another busy week, but that’s nothing new as I am headed for a vacation soon, which means I have to finished up some work projects before that!

    1. Thank you! I told the Hub we’d celebrate at some point but then he said we could maybe celebrate Mother’s day and his Bday at the same time but then next week is the Teen’s show… blah blah. Too busy. LOL. Have a great weekend!

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