Friday: Random Bits

This week has been a blur. In one sense, it has gone quickly but in another… slow as molasses! The Boy is still causing me grief and I have a patch of gray hair to prove it. Seriously, this patch showed up overnight. You can’t see it unless I pull my hair back but The Girl was kind enough to point it out to me. God love her.

As we roll into May, things do not die down. Instead, they pick up. The Girl was asked to join honors chorus. The only downside is that rehearsals are from 4-5pm, which makes it difficult for a working parent. The challenges never end but it’s just six rehearsals and a final show so it’s a short-term thing. I think we can make it work.

Beauty and the Beast is coming along. The Boy is becoming, ahem, transforming into Lumiere as I type. The French accent, the walking around with forearms help upward, the singing, the dancing…it’s all coming together. We haven’t seen the costume yet but it’s rented and apparently has the torches and everything built in. However, I don’t think the theatre will allow the use of propane so we’ll see how they handle the effect. Plus, The Boy wears glasses so we need to get him some contacts for the show. Wouldn’t it be funny if Lumiere wore some cool, hipster eyeglasses? Okay, I guess not.

Bryan Batt
Bryan Batt as Lumiere
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In addition to the show coming up, The Boy is wrapping up track season with a few more races and the banquet. Then there is his choir banquet, then they both have a cast party for the last show (Music Man), May and June will be very busy before it begins to slow down again. The Girl had wanted to try out for swim team this summer, but it conflicts with her summer camp field trips, which are both offered through the city. You’d think they’d consider this when scheduling.

As for me, I’ve been feeling a little down. The events in Boston, followed by the tragedy in Texas and the fact that I am a complete and utter news junkie, meant that I was glued to the TV and/or computer while the entire thing unfolded. I can’t tell you how sad it made me to see Boston fall off the trend list on Twitter after just TWO days. Terrible things happen, people move on. Sigh.

On a happier note, and probably what’s kept me somewhat grounded through all this crazy, is the #winditup2013 read-along. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle continues to be a very interesting read and reading it with others has been an enjoyable experience. We are about to roll into book three, the final book, and right now the story could go anywhere. One of the participants described it as being Twin Peaks-y and I agree. It’s a little bit of everything for sure.

We had some plans for this weekend but they’ve been nixed since The Boy is helping someone with a video shoot and I stupidly scheduled eye appointments right smack, in the middle of the day. Doesn’t leave enough time for a road trip so I’ll spend the weekend reading. I am not joining Dewey’s Read-a-Thon officially since I never have enough time to dedicate to it, but for my reading buddies who DO participate, enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Friday: Random Bits”

  1. I totally do not know how you do it all. You work full time, have two busy children, a husband, a household, plus you work your blog and find time to read. OMG!

    1. I do it, but I don’t do ANY of it, all that well. LOL. These days I let stuff slip which I never did before but I just can’t keep up with the calendar and now that the kids are getting older, I feel as if they need to keep their own calendars if they want to go and do things. None of this last minute, “Oh mom, gotta work a dance tonight and make cookies for ASB.” Uh, no.

  2. I knw what you mean about following the Boston stories…and the Today show profiled some of the victims….and it was so sad…

  3. I’m right there with you. I can’t think about things too much or they bring me down. I just keep trudging forward. I love the idea of Lumiere having cool glasses. Why not I say! My daughter got contacts last year and she has done pretty well with them, except that she is constantly ripping them. The finish line for me is to get the boy finished with volleyball (our track is done), then we can be busy on our own terms. I won’t be doing the readathon this weekend, even though I’d hoped I might. Literally I could not fit one more thing into my Saturday.

    1. Track is pretty much over for my son since he did so poorly this time around. He got interested too late, never really got into shape and is now looking forward to cross country (schedule is already out)! He is built for distance but apparently, not speed.

  4. How exciting for your son as “Lumiere “, both kids are so involved, I’d be pulling my hair out.

    Boston Marathon incident makes me sad as well, ans I too am obsessed with the news which doesn’t help. It’s true that people are becoming more desensitized because “bad things happen” – more and more it seems, Just so senseless. Try to have a good weekend Ti.

  5. I have that same patch of grey hair for the same reason! Oh, who am I kidding, at this point, there’s a lot of the grey stuff under that hair color but when my oldest was in high school I had that same thing happen. How that kid has time to give you so much grief with all he’s got going on, I can’t imagine!

    1. Well, he was told he cannot wear his glasses and when we went to the eye doctor this past weekend, my son decided last minute he does not want contacts so he is going to have to have someone assist him backstage with that costume on. He has staircases to go down and no arms to help him along. I have to talk to the director.

  6. My son points out my gray too. I guess it is a service they provide!!! : )

    I hope you can post photos of his Lumiere costume.
    And my … your kids are super busy!

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