The Sunday Salon: I LOVE The Weekend

Sunday Salon

Sigh. Weekends aren’t always relaxing for me, but they are much appreciated, even when they involve cleaning and errands the constant chauffeuring of these kids of mine. Gosh, they are busy!

And The Boy just got busier. He’s in choir, but he auditioned for this other group in choir called the Madrigals and he made it. His “initiation” took place the other day and involved a “kidnapping” at the crack of dawn. I kept it quiet, but I think someone tipped him off as he wasn’t too surprised that these kids were in his room and jumping on his bed! This is the finished result. I was kidnapped when I made pep squad in high school. It’s all in fun.

the Boy - Madrigals

The Girl begins rehearsal this week for her choral group and she is also signing up for a couple of craft clubs. She is VERY excited about summer day camp, which is just around the corner. The countdown has begun. Summer will be busy but hopefully fun too. Mmmmm. I can already smell the Hawaiian Tropic (which now smells like the original Coppertone of my youth).

This weekend has been spent watching movies even though I had planned to get more reading in. Some days, I just don’t feel like thinking and yesterday was one of those days. We watched movies all day long and I was just fine with it. We watched two Bond films (Dr. No and A View to a Kill), an 80’s movie (Back to School) and today I think we may watch another Bond film (Tomorrow Never Dies).

Later, we plan to BBQ some burgers as it is just gorgeous out! What do you have planned for today?

31 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: I LOVE The Weekend”

  1. I cooked black bean chilli for supper last night and made 2 veggie pot pies this morning, early this morning, so I wouldn’t have to cook. I put them in the freezer, so all I have to do is bake them. I haven’t read anything but will try to get started sometimes this week.

    1. Veggie pot pies sound sooooo good. I miss pie of any kind. I can’t find a good gluten free crust substitute and trust me, I have tried!

  2. We went to friends house last night for hamburgers on the grill and it was so nice, just kicking back and relaxing with a glass of wine. I love my weekends too, although I find that I don’t do much relaxing. (I was questioning this very thing today when I headed out to the animal shelter while my husband was preparing to take a nap!!!) I’m catching up on blogs and writing a review this afternoon, and then this evening my hubby, my son and I will go see Rush in concert. Woo hoo!

    1. I was cleaning and cooking and helping with homework and the hub was walking out the door to visit with his brother! Easy peasy… walk out the door. I so wish I could do that. How was Rush? Awesome, I bet.

  3. I love movie days, although it’s been way too long since we’ve had one around here. Your kids sound so busy – congrats to your son for making the Madrigals!

    1. I wish we had just one more day on the weekend though. Then we could have one day for errands, one for fun and one to just relax and recharge before the week. We could call it… Fun Day!

  4. Those kids sure do keep busy! I know what you mean about weekends not necessarily being relaxing. Mine are all about getting the things in that I can’t do during the week…catching up on grading, cleaning, errands. I’ve got some yummy food in the crockpot for later and fortunately husband went on a mission for take out for lunch, so we are set to stay in for the rest of the day! More grading and cleaning! lol!

    1. I love having something yummy to look forward to on the weekend. I cook simple meals during the week or we have sandwiches because there is often just 15-20 minutes or so before we have to be somewhere and with my gluten allergy, we don’t eat out much. Hope you have a good week!

    1. It was so warm here, we had to turn our AC on twice. I don’t like having to do that. It’s just so expensive to run these days.

  5. I wish the weekends were a little longer. I never seem to get much done. The niggling chores that I don’t do during the week seem to take up a whole day. I did have a Saturday date night with hubby and visited a bit with my parents, whom I’ve been neglecting, today, so those things are good, even though they get me no closer to being caught up on reviews! Also, I wrote my #winditup2013 discussion post for tomorrow so it’s ready to go!

    1. I cannot stand clutter and by the weekend, the kids have papers everywhere so I spend a good chunk of every Saturday clearing that stuff out and finding a place for the stuff we need to keep. I don’t mind it if I can get it done early because then I feel as if I can sit down and relax a bit without papers sticking out everywhere. BUT, I never really relaxed this weekend. I have been feeling incredibly anxious lately. Like, earthquake anxious. I only feel this way right before a big quake and it’s making me nervous. Could not sleep last night either.

    1. It’s fun to go out to eat but not when you HAVE to, huh? So you got your knobs. I remember being surprised at how costly knobs were when we re-did out kitchen in the old house. I think we needed like 42 or something. It was alot!

  6. So cool that The Boy made the group! I love the kidnapping idea. A few months ago Marc’s buddies did that too him because he was down in the dumps and sad…it was pretty hysterical!! I love weekends too and would probably love them even more if I had your weather to enjoy!! I did get Book two completed though and it blew my mind a bit!! 🙂

    1. I skated along with book two but book three is surprising me. I am still recovering from the kidnapping. For one, they were really late! I got up so early and they were so late getting there. I was all antsy over it.

    1. I am just glad that they are both not in the upper grades at the same time. The Girl’s activities are not nearly as involved as his. Hers will pick up when she hits middle school though as she has lots of interests (swimming, acting, singing, cheer). Not looking forward to cheer. I am hoping she changes her mind by then.

  7. With my hubby’s schedule, it’s just me and the 2-year-old girl who is trying out the potty these days, but boy is it not fun….I cannot wait for this rain to go away so I can grill and for the grass to be done in the backyard…but it’s going good, so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

    1. The potty training is not fun, or the being alone part? Or both? LOL. I went cold turkey with both of my kids when they potty trained. I took a long weekend, usually a holiday weekend and put them in undies and refused to use diapers or pull-ups. The boy did not have one accident, even at night and he was about 2 1/2. The Girl, good lord! She took the entire weekend and peed everywhere! We’d be in the store, and she would just stand there and pee. Before that, she’d ASK for a diaper! Plus it took her many nights to learn to wake herself up or for her bladder to mature enough to last through the night but after the weekend, she WAS using the potty all the time and she was only 2. Good luck!

  8. Your kids are so talented! I know how much I enjoy being involved with and watching my daughter dance, I am sure you find the same pleasure (and exhaustion) with your two!

    1. I know you “get” it with how busy and active your lovely daughter is. I love to watch the finished product but their rehearsals go for months before I see anything! I have to be patient.

  9. We grilled burgers last night too, and it was such a beautiful day. The weather was nice, and things at the house were quiet. I was hunkered down in the bed reading a lot, and talking to a good friend. It was a rather nice Sunday.

    I love that your kids are doing well, and that they are so active! It seems like they are really happy being artistic and creative, both in music and theater. My daughter loves art too, and does a lot of sculpting and painting. Hope you have a wonderful week over there!!

    1. Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend. After my fairly good weekend, I was surprised at how antsy I was last night. Didn’t want to read or sit still for more than 5 minutes. Feel better today but I told my hub it’s the feeling I get right before a big quake. Eeek!

  10. Those two really do keep you busy but what fun to get to watch them performing and being so involved!

  11. Congratulations to your son! I am glad you had a nice weekend. You deserved it. 🙂

    My weekend was busy one minute and totally relaxed the next. It seems to be our pattern.

  12. How great for your son Ti (fun photo-for us). We had an awesome weekend outdoors, took a nice drive, stopped for lunch and just enjoyed the weather and visiting someplace new. Have a great week.

  13. What an exciting time for your kids… and your family. Memories are being made!

    It’s going to be 73 here tomorrow and lovely this weekend…. I’m heading to 40 degrees. Something I love but it’s been a cold spring and I’m really ready for 70’s.

    Hoping you are having a great week. Have you been able to start working out again? I remember seeing a post that you were thinking about this again.

  14. Your kids are busy … but that is good. As long as they have time to read. I wish I’d been kidnapped like that! It never did happen but never say never!

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