Happy Halloween!

The Girl and her Pumpkin
What a horrible shot. Can you see the ghostly apparition? My phone does not take good photos. Notice the bow on The Girl’s pumpkin?

I don’t have much time and this week appears to be a wash but I wanted to check-in with you all because it just feels as if it’s been a long time since we’ve chatted and I simply can’t let that happen.

I am reading. Lots. The writing? Not so much. I do most of my writing before work but with this ongoing project my morning time has not been my own. I expect it to ease up after this week. Just a tiny bit.

Tonight, I will be handing out candy with The Boy after he returns from a cross-country pasta party. The Girl asked a friend to come over for trick-or-treating so The Hub will take them through the neighborhood. I almost forgot to put the chili in the crock pot but I did it at 5am. Think it will be done by the time I get home? I need a crock pot with a timer because so often the stuff ends up overcooked. Can you overcook chili?

This morning I have to attend a three-hour training session, followed by a one-hour meeting and then hopefully I can leave a bit early to beat the traffic home.

Here’s what I am reading:

The Lost Art of Mixing

Swimming Home

Because You Have To

What are your plans for tonight?

26 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Well, my kids are over the Halloween thing. If we lived in a neighborhood, they might hand out candy, but we don’t. So we are thinking (after CC practice that is) pizza and scary movie.

  2. Happy Halloween to you too! Mouse and I will be passing out candy this evening. Her dad may take her trick or treating around our cul de sac if she’s up for it. She go to go trick or treating last Friday with her daycare friends and had a blast.

    I am glad you are finding time to read even if the writing has to wait. I’ve had my hands full with my mom and aunt’s visit and a sick dog. I am not sad to see October end.

  3. Happy Halloween, Ti! Those pumpkins came out great! I love the bow 😉 Hope you all have a great Halloween – enjoy that chilli! And, I know what you mean – I’ve been reading loads, but not really writing about the books. Hoping to post some reviews soon, but who knows. Oh well 🙂

  4. I am interested to hear what you think of the Levy book, and the Joan Frank one for that matter. Have a fun Halloween!

  5. I love the photo! I keep thinking about a slow cooker with a timer, too…and I forgot that I was hungry for chili…enjoy your evening…a chocolate gluten free? I am forever in awe of you reading more than one book at a time!

    1. A lot of chocolate is not gluten free because of cross contamination or the factory dusting the chocolate with flour to keep it from sticking in the bins. I don’t like sweets though too much so I am usually okay. I have iced coffee instead!

  6. Love the bow on the pumpkin! It doesn’t feel like Halloween here because it was canceled by Hurricane Sandy and our governor declared it won’t be until Monday.

  7. Oh, you got Frank’s book too! Darn it. How’d I miss out on that one. 🙂 Sounds like a busy Halloween. My week was so busy with the hurricane, I totally forgot to carve the pumpkins…ugh. I wish there had been more time. did you end up overcooking the chili?

    1. The chili was overcooked by a couple of hours. My crock pot runs too hot on low (I’ve found). I ate it anyway but it could heave been better.

  8. Happy belated Halloween! My town has been hit pretty hard by Sandy. I am one of the very few who have power, so my doors have been open to all my friends who are in need. Schools are closed for the week and it looks to be quite awhile before everyones power is restored.

    I have joined the Read Along for Bleak House and hope to be more successful than I was with War and Peace which I never finished. I am also reading The Zookeeper’s Wife, which is an eyeopener as to what many Poles and Germans did to help the Jews during WWII.

  9. I’m most intrigued by the books you’re reading here. Their covers are so attractive, esp. the first one. I look forward to reading your review on them. Trust you’ve had a wonderful night. 😉

  10. I love that ghostly apparition, it has a weathered effect! My two older kids did not go out at all last night. Only my 4 y.o., and he got “tired” after his bag was full (which was small) because he just wanted to get home and eat the candy already. Also it was raining so it wasn’t the best time to go knocking on doors. Daddy and kid surrendered so easily.

    At the moment am reading Dr Zhivago, barely started it. Happy November, Ti!

  11. We went trick or treating with the grandkids last night. How fun was that. The twin girls got almost 20 pounds of candy. Sick. Their dad promises to keep it safe and dole it out. Says they won’t every buy candy again:)

  12. Hi Ti,

    Hope your Halloween (and the chili) turned out good. I’m also reading The Lost Art of Mixing. So far – really good. I love the characters.

  13. I can’t tell you the last time I looked at a blog – what happened to me? I just fell of a cliff with blogging, doing it and reading them. Well… reading all together! Maybe I met my life quota? 🙂

    Looks like you enjoyed Halloween, loved your kids costumes.

    How are you feeling these days?

    1. I’d be feeling better if this work stress would let up. Other than that, I am okay. What about you? Plus, answer me this. I was thinking the other day that I may be thinking of your name incorrectly in my head. Is it Mari like “Mary”? Or is it Mari like Sorry? I’be been thinking the latter.

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