The Sunday Salon: It’s Almost Here

You know how it works. Halloween comes and then Thanksgiving and then wham…it’s Christmas. I love all of it. I just wish I could slow it down a little. I am going to attempt to do that this year by doing more in the way of activities and less in the way of shopping. That way, I’ll actually feel as if I accomplished something. There is nothing worse than getting to the mall while it’s light out and then leaving when it’s dark. What a time suck that is. No. Don’t want to do that this year and online shopping takes the fun out of it for me so less shopping is the answer. I think.

Sunday Salon

It’s still warm here. Which is weird. The Girl wanted to carve the pumpkins today but if we do, they’ll be mushy by Halloween, so we literally have to wait until the night before.  We got our “Fall” fix at the school’s fall festival last Friday. It was fun and The Girl goes crazy running around with all of her friends and I must say, the costumes were pretty creative this year.

Pirate Girl 2012

Here’s The Girl as a Pirate. Her little friend went as Chucky’s Bride. I got a chuckle out of that wig. I LOVE the costumes. We got the last pieces for The Boy’s costume yesterday but if I mention it here, he’ll be upset so I will wait until the big day, and then post a pic (if he let’s me snap one).

Today is a nothing day. Last week was very stressful and this week will be about the same. After this week though, things should ease up a bit but I am so wiped out from last week, that I cleaned the house. I clean when I am stressed and now I am about to read Insurgent, which has been renewed six times and is due on Tuesday. I just want to finish it so I can turn it in and move on to the next book. I’m looking forward to reading it, but I hate reading books under the gun.

The Twelve has been patiently waiting for me. It’s the one book that I was dying to read but my reading vibe, mojo, whatever you want to call it, is all wrong right now. I need to be stress free to read it and it’s not happening for a while. I may have to save it for Thanksgiving week.

Right now I have the Roseanne Halloween episodes running. Think I can turn ’em off to get Insurgent read?

In the oven, roasted chicken with potatoes. It’s making the house even hotter than it is but it smells good. I sure hope it’s not 90 degrees for Thanksgiving this year.

What are your plans for Halloween? I will be handing out candy with The Boy. That is, if he doesn’t end up going off with his friends.  The Girl asked a friend to come over so they will be trick-or-treating together with The Hub. I’ll make a big pot of chili and probably watch a horror movie at the same time. The Otter Pup does not enjoy strangers at the door but she is doing a lot better with people in general so maybe she’ll be better this year.

Now, off to get a glass of iced tea. Not a seasonal drink but needed at the moment.

25 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: It’s Almost Here”

  1. I haven’t even opened the package that The Twelve came in yet! I was trying to complete some promised reviews before starting a fun read, and haven’t gotten there yet. Also very busy here, but Halloween kind of low-key for us, so I just plan on skipping my water aerobics class and handing out treats that night, if the hurricane has come and gone by then and doesn’t cause massive postponements like Massachusetts had last year. Love seeing the kids’ costumes!

    1. Hope you guys fare well with the weather. From the news, it’s hard to tell what is going on where. Facebook friends living in New York posted about evacuations but the news never said anything about evacuations so I don’t really have a clue what is going on across the way.

  2. What crazy weather for you! We have certainly been experiencing cooler temps and today the wind has been crazy!!! My son just left a few hours ago to go costumer shopping with his girlfriend. They still trick-or-treat!! We live way out in the country and no one ever stops at our house. Hope your week is not quite so stressful!!

    1. I see a lot of teens trick or treating in our neighborhood. By 8:30pm, the smaller children are gone and between 9-10pm, it’s all older kids. Their costumes are sometimes way over the top!! Those sexy/vixen type costumes. I remember once a group of about 12 high school kids stopping by. I opened the door and they recognized my son from the pictures I had hung on the wall behind me! They were his camp counselors the summer before. LOL.

  3. We have a home volleyball game at our school on halloween night! Can you believe that? **I’m** totally bummed so I know the kids are. I mean, granted, they’re in MIDDLE SCHOOL, but STILL…I tell them that they are never to old to get in the spirit of things (i.e. I trick or treated all the way into my freshman year of high school!)

    So, I’ll be cheering on the game and then coming home way past the time kids will be ringing the door bell.

    I really enjoy seeing kids dress up too. Oh well.

    Also…otter pup! I want to see a pic. Where can I find one???

    1. I just found out we have a cross country spaghetti night on Halloween night! Why do they did this stuff? The Otter Pup is the puppy we adopted almost two years ago. She resembled an otter when we got her and still does when she rolls onto her back. You can see her here: Here is a video of her too. Watch till the end (it’s not long) . She’s a hoot: I post pics of her once in a while on Facebook but she hates taking pictures so they are almost always too blurry for the blog.

    1. They had a Roseanne Halloween marathon and I recorded all of them. I’ve already watched them twice and saved my fave two to watch again on Halloween. They are great.

  4. Sounds like you are very busy already, nevermind that the holidays are just around the corner. Can’t wait to see the boy’s costume. My little one finally has a costume, and I cannot wait to see her in it.

    Unfortunately, today, tomorrow, and maybe even halloween here will be washed out with Hurricane Sandy’s mess. I cannot wait for this to be over!

    1. Well, the weather putting a damper to everything is a huge downer, but if Halloween ends up on a Friday or a Saturday because of it then that won’t be too bad. I hate when Halloween falls on a school night/work day. I have to rush home in horrible traffic and throw stuff together quickly before the kids start knocking.

  5. The Girl and her friend look adorable, and I would love to see what the Boy is wearing! It’s very cool here right now, and I am loving it. Sitting here with the doors open and the cool air washing in. It feels so lovely. It needs to get cold over there! I will send some of my cold air your way. I hope you have fun pumpkin carving!!

  6. It’s still ridiculously warm here, too. I wouldn’t mind little bit of Sandy. Just a LITTLE bit, though. Like a day of rain. Or a day of temps not in the 80s. The weather gods obviously missed the memo that fall is here.

  7. Cute photo. Like the pirate idea. I got The Candy today so I guess I’m handing out the goods. There’s snow here on the ground pre-Halloween so that’s different for a Californian. Will try to cope …

  8. I love the Roseanne Halloween episodes! We’ve been watching them often over here too. 🙂 I’m so happy that my in-laws are doing a name-draw this year for Christmas, so we’ll only have to buy a couple of gifts for that side. It eases the pressure greatly because that side of the family has expanded a lot.

    I look forward to seeing a photo of your son’s outfit if you get a snapshot. 🙂

  9. I love seeing Halloween costume pics! The Bride is pretty good! : )
    And I know what you mean about wanting to save a good book you’re looking forward to until you are ready for it. I hope you find the time soon!

  10. Stay cool! I keep telling people to ‘stay safe’, too. 😀
    The boat was on land but not far off the river where we keep it – water did come into the marina yard but not enough to float but one boat off (a little one, not ours) but it was nuts along the seacoast of Rhode Island. If you recall, it was the days after Katrina when it really got scary – let’s pray for swift and safe and reasonable cleanup “return to normal for NJ and NY. Did you ever read Zeitoun?

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