The Sunday Salon: Staycation

The Sunday Salon

We plan a vacation every year, but this year, the family business is just steps away from closing, so we are staying in town and taking some day trips. I’m sort of blue about the whole thing. The good news, is that the Otter Pup has been left alone (twice now), outside of her crate and she seems to be okay with it.
This means that we can take slightly longer day trips. She just sits in the sun and waits for us to get back.

What trips do we have planned? Well, some museums (hopefully), a couple of beach trips and maybe we’ll spend some time in Santa Barbara, Ventura or Ojai. I love Ojai. I know The Hub has plans to take The Girl and Boy to Six Flags. I may or may not go on that trip.  I am not a fan of our Six Flags since they stopped doing business with The Hub’s company and decided to go overseas. Don’t even get me going on that.

As for today, I just got back from taking The Girl shopping for back-to-school stuff. She is a spender! She has very rich tastes for my modest budget.We shopped with coupons and got 40% off where we could but a t-shirt does not cost $36!!! Please! I won’t mention the store but I HATE when stores mark-up prices and then take them down to make it look like you are getting a good bargain.

I guess I am a bit touchy today. I apologize.  I am going to mix-up an Arnold Palmer and take a chill-pill while reading Before I Fall (which is absolutely riveting!) Just what I need to brighten this blue mood of mine.

BTW, Carmageddon was no big deal. In fact, the freeway opened a day before it was supposed to. People said it was kind of nice because it forced them to stay at home and relax. Isn’t that sad? That we need a major freeway to close to keep us at home?

Anyway, happy Sunday to you!


24 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Staycation”

    1. Thanks. It’s hard since we thought long ago we’d be able to retire on the sale of the business (when the time came). Now with everything going overseas, it’s not worth anything. Just typing this made me sad…so off I go to cheer myself up.

  1. OMG…parts of this post are so funny…not the business part but the daughter with expensive tastes part…I love that…
    Have that Arnold Palmer and read…and enjoy your week…it is terribly hot here on the East Coast…this is the week they are tearing our bathroom shower apart to fix it and make it bigger…my husband toucheda tile yesterday…and now there is a huge water mark in the family room ceiling…and I hate workers in and out and walking up and down the stairs and interrupting my peacefully blissfully ordered life…I may be drinking all week long!!!

    1. I hate workers and the mess that typically goes along with them.

      The Girl is currently holed up in her room for her less than perfect attitude so now I am in a really foul mood.

  2. When we were in Spain we saw windmill energy EVERYwhere – thought of you the whole time, of course! I’m so glad you’re finding Before I Fall riveting – I just love finding really good books!

  3. That sucks about the business. I’m sorry. We’re not going far this summer either, just a handful of camping trips within a couple of hours.

    Off to google an Arnold Palmer. Last night was all about the Tom Collins here. Mmmm.

  4. Ti, sorry about the business – that really sucks! I’m not going on vacation either this year, so I guess we are in the same boat. Sounds like you are going to have a good time though and make the best of it – which is what I plan on doing, too 🙂 Enjoy that Arnold Palmer and your book!

  5. Sorry about the troubles but staycations can be a wonderfully relaxing thing. I like to start with a day or two of super cleaning and purging and then off to the activities. We like one day road trips to places about a couple of hours away like Philadelphia for us. Try not to let this all get you down. Things may improve and if not, you are one smart woman who will figure out how to re-tool. xo

  6. I am sorry about the family business and firms taking their business out of the country….I do love your attitude about shopping though!! I always use coupons and wait for the sales to get my son’s school clothes. I get off pretty easy as he is very low maintenance!! I think the idea of chilling with a drink and reading sounds like a slice of heaven. And yes…that is sad that a highway has to close before people realize that being at home is a GOOD thing!! 😀

  7. Ti, I am sorry to hear about the family business. Outsourcing is hurting our country when business is taken overseas it effects the family business and jobs. It’s effected my husband’s business as well and it’s scary when there are so many college grads without jobs. I work in the medical field and my job can’t be outsourced. On the positive side, you are fortunate to have so many options available for your staycation. It sounds like a vacation to me:) Enjoy the time with your family!

    1. Thanks Bonnie. For now, my job is secure but with the cost of living out here, the loss of that income is going to be devastating. I am trying to think positive thoughts but it’s not looking too good.

  8. Do you really have an otter pup? Or is my imagination getting the best of me.

    I feel your pain about the shopping for back to school clothes. My kids are all grown up now. But I was a single mom for many years and it was always so traumatic to have to get all three kids outfitted for a new year. Ouch!

    Glad to hear you have a really riveting book though. I picked up Daniel Silva’s new one and do not want to put it down. It is amazing.

  9. So did your chill plll work? Especially now that Carmaggedon is over?

    For us, we don’t need a freeway to close…just not a lot of money will do that. Suddenly, we’re all about the staycations, mostly staying on the couch. 🙂

    1. My chill pill didn’t work that day, but my long day at the beach yesterday helped quite a bit.

      Today the kids are doing stuff and I am loning it. Hoping to get a lot of reading done.

    2. I think I replied to the wrong reader initially. Darn phone. Anyway, the chill pill didn’t work too well initially, but after a nice beach day yesterday, I feel more relaxed now. Hoping to spend tomorrow at a museum that I’ve never been to, the Norton Simon.

  10. Ti, I’m so sorry about the business-that’s rough. Lucky you can leave the pup alone. Sammy would tear apart the house for sure. This one chews everything. I agree on the prices of clothes. It’s crazy! I have heard so many good things about Before I Fall and I even have it on my eReader. I really need to get to it. Hope you manage to have a good week.

    1. We were at the beach all day yesterday and when we got home, Chloe was so glad to see us. She spent 20 min jumping all over us.

      Before I Fall was really good. I have to write-up the review.

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