Carmageddon 2011: Will We Survive?

Carmadeggon 2011
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Those of you not living near Los Angeles may not know, but everyone near me is bracing for Carmageddon, and it begins tonight and doesn’t end until early Monday morning. How does this affect me? Well, our vacation begins today and although we had planned to stay in town, all of the day trips we planned are now cancelled because of this freakin’ closure. Well, maybe not cancelled forever as we could go later in the week. That’s certainly a possibility.

The 405 freeway, one of the major arteries through Los Angeles will be closed for a 10-mile stretch. It’s wicked on a good day, but with this closure, folks flying out of LAX or coming in for that matter, are totally screwed. Folks who work in the area (UCLA for example) are screwed. You get the picture. People are booking up hotels left and right just to make sure they make their flights. Movie theaters along that strip are offering free popcorn for those people willing to brave the chaos. Just how loyal will those Harry Potter fans be? Hmmm.

So, if you have time this weekend, tune to the news to see how we are doing because all the news agencies are running special coverage shows to keep us all informed of what a clusterfu*k it’s sure to be. Notice how Kate and Will visited LAST week? Even THEY knew.

It’s sort of funny though how everyone is gearing up for this. It’s the talk of the day around here.

“Hey Phil, are you getting ready for Carmageddon this weekend?”

“Sure thing, Sally! Got the lawn chairs out and the hibachi grill so we can make s’mores along the side of the road. We’ll be stuck there anyway so why not live it up?” (think Clark Griswold).

“Oh Phil. You’re so funny!”

Bang. Bang.

15 thoughts on “Carmageddon 2011: Will We Survive?”

  1. Oh, that sounds brutal. A couple of winters ago, our city (Ottawa, ON) had a bus strike, which meant that, suddenly, there were ten times more cars on the road than usual. The trip to work, usually 20 minutes (at the very most) took an hour. Traffic went about a foot a minute.

    Good luck!!! Audio books will surely be your best friend during this time.

  2. You can haveva stay cation for a while!!!
    Great books, great wine…and family safe and sound!!!
    Take care and have fun!!!

  3. I shall pray for you all. Hey. Maybe you should set up a roadside lemonade stand with your kids. Pay for your next family trip!

  4. This is when I’m very happy I moved down to San Diego. I am miles and miles away and this still raises my blood pressure. On the up side I hear Virgin Airlines is offering flights from Burbank to Long Beach for $4.00. Good luck, I hope it doesn’t spoil too much of your Stay-cay.

  5. I’m hoping that here in Long Beach we’ll be far enough away from the madness, but we’ll be staying close to home anyhow. Hopefully everyone will be prepared enough that it won’t be an issue…wishful thinking, I know.

  6. Oh Ti, I did see this on our morning news….how awful. I get upset when our bridge is down to one lane for repairs and traffic gets backed up. Hope you have good books while u r home bound.

  7. Argh! This is when I’m happy I moved away from LA. Cars, traffic and bad public transportation. Maybe the public transportation has gotten better in the last decade. Stay cool, relax and enjoy staying home!

  8. I used to travel to the LA area for work and had to drive from LAX to Burbank — when I saw the Carmaggedon report on the news I immediately felt your pain. Hope everyone lives through it with the minimum of inconvenience.

  9. Oh, so this is what all that airline ticket rate fuss was about. My cousin stays in LA with her family, so I guess this is going to be tough for them. Yikes! That strip is always a mess. The traffic!

  10. Ti, until you mentioned the airport I hadn’t really thought this was going to affect my family much since we live in Orange County. But.. Bob has to fly out of LAX early Monday morning for a business trip to Boston. He’s gonna have to give himself way more time than usual to try to navigate his way there. Ugh.

  11. Will be tuning in to the news in a few minutes to see just how you guys are doing out in L.A. Glad I’m not there right now:)

    1. So far, it’s been ok. No one is out! Eleven months from now when they do the other half, more people will be on the road because this leg of construction and its impact was severly overhyped.

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