The Sunday Salon: Sunday, really?

Sunday Salon

It’s one of those long weekends that you just want to savor, but the time is zipping by again (for me anyway). If I could push a pause button, I would.

Yesterday, we celebrated a friend’s 75th birthday at a local Mexican restaurant. We had a private room and it was a lot of fun. The margaritas were flowing and the food was good and everyone had a great time. Afterward, we all headed back to our friend’s house to have coffee and dessert.

Coffee duty was mine, because it was one of those big coffee makers and I had used one before for PTO (that makes me a professional), but I measured something wrong because that coffee could have burned a whole through your stomach. My heart was beating out of my chest for hours afterward. I have to tell you, I worried about some of those older folks as I laid my head down to sleep. They were drinking it like it was going out of style!

Today, I’ve done nothing but errands. I did manage to squeeze a nice lunch in with The Fam, but now we are just sitting around being lazy. I was supposed to write-up two reviews, but my review mojo is nowhere to be found at the moment. In a little while, we may head over to a friend’s house for tacos but it’s windy as heck and cold! What happened to our warm weather?

If we don’t go, I will hunker down with In Stiches by Anthony Youn. It’s pretty funny and Tony is like several of the boys I knew in high school. Oh! I have book club on Thursday and I still haven’t read the book (The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet). I started it, but got stuck. I mean, REALLY stuck. Has anyone read it? Does the story move along at some point?

To all who attended BEA and BBC, welcome back and to everyone else, happy Sunday to you!

Note: I am having trouble posting comments on some of your Blogger blogs. It’s not recognizing my Google account or even letting me post anonymously. I mentioned it to some of you but if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t stopped by, this is why. I’ve been reading, but can’t always comment. I know some others are experiencing the same problem. Not sure what to do about it.

23 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Sunday, really?”

  1. That does sound like a lovely week end…my husband took off Thursday and Friday so we have had a long at home vacation…we planted our entire vegetable garden and planted flowers in pots everywhere…we went to dinner last night and had huge martinis…today was laid back…New York Times and pancakes and books while watching races…I made soft shell crabs for dinner…a mess but so yummy…here on the East Coast it is soft shell season…we do them at home once and clean up for a week…they hiss and spatter everywhere!!!

    1. Soft shell crab is so yummy! I wasn’t aware they were so messy to make though.

      Martinis are pretty good too 🙂

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  2. The downtime this weekend has definitely been incredible! I can’t wait to hear what you think of In Stitches…Our weather has been crazy too…my firstborn’s senior party was supposed to be a luau and it ended up being a bonfire bc it was so cold!! Now, just a week later, it’s so hot we can’t hardly breathe…already! We usually expect that kind of weather by July and August but MAY?? Yikes.

  3. It is freezing here in Iowa, too. We were invited to another family’s house for s’mores tonight, but had to cancel because of the weather. I suggested getting our pjs on to read some books with my girls, but they think it is too early for that. They are still bargaining for a movie. I am working on the YA novel Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, so even though I would have enjoyed getting together wtih friends, I am also excited to have extra reading time.

    1. Well, we are at the friend’s house nowTand it’s cold). Enjoy your relaxing evening!

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  4. Blogger is doing that to me too with my google account. It seems to want me to do it twice. Whatever. You know how finicky blogger can be! :–)

    And just because I read your posts about margaritas on FB, I had two at dinner tonight. All your fault. (not mine, needless to say!)

    1. And because of you, I am about to have another!

      For me, even if I post twice I can’t get the comment to post.

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  5. Oh my gosh, I have my book club next week and haven’t finished my book either. In fact, i haven’t even started it! Yikes.

    Glad to hear In Stitches is good… it’s in my review pile. It was pretty nice over here on the westside today, but my mom said it was pretty windy up north in the Santa Barbara area. Maybe those winds will be coming down here tomorrow towards me. I hope not.

  6. The David Mitchell is a tough read. It is on my to-read list but God knows when that will be. I know only one person who has been able to finish this one and like it.

  7. It’s been windier than shit here this past week…it’s a total downer.

    And I just don’t understand why long weekends go by so fast. They need a super slo-mo button or something.

  8. It sounds like some of the older folks enjoyed your coffee! I am a coffee fan and suspect your coffee was good but stronger than you’re used to. Mexican food and margaritas (delicious!) followed by strong coffee….your group of friends must have strong, resilient stomachs!
    I wonder if they’ll put you on coffee duty next year!

    Lazy is good…you deserve some down time! I had too much down time with bronchitis and am not scrambling to catch up. Aaaahhh, well, what can you do?! I’ve read a few times that “The Thousand Autumns…” is a bit slow going. Good luck!

    I am having difficulty commenting on some blogs, too. I emailed Blogger and posted a comment in their help forum…but no help has been provided!

    Enjoy your Monday off!

  9. I’ve been having the same problem on Blogger blogs. I thought it was me so I’m glad to hear it isn’t.

    And I hope you didn’t kill anyone with your powerful stomach-burning coffee!!!

  10. I had to laugh when you said that they were drinking it like it was going out of style!!! I haven’t been on the computer in two days but everything seems to be working good now 😀

    I haven’t read that book and now I will make sure that I don’t 😀

  11. LOL….I cracked up about your coffee making experience…too funny.

    I am behind on book reviews as well (about 4 of them). I want to be doing anything but lately it seems.

    I read the David Mitchell book last July (just checked), and it took me over a month to read it. I thought it was good, but very slow in parts. good luck

    1. I finished the Mitchell book last night but it was a long, slow process. My group meets tomorrow to discuss it. I don’t think they’ll like it but sometimes it’s hard to tell with them.

  12. OMG! Your post just reminded me that I have book club this week and I haven’t read the book yet! The holiday weekend really threw everything off for me.

    I had coffee like that at a bar once and it was quite a memorable experience. The older folks may have liked it that way, I know my dad does. Thank goodness he can’t hear me calling him an old person. 🙂

    1. I finished my book club book last night but man, was it painful. I may never recover. Did you get yours read?

    1. I had one more day, because my son needed some work done to his gums for a crazy bicuspid that is growing sideways. That procedure took just a few minutes (surprisingly) and he was fine immediately afterward so I read all day and napped. I was lazy! Today, I am back at work though. Yawn.

  13. Glad to hear you managed to squeeze both fun and lazy time into the weekend! But you’d better get going on that book club read!

    1. Haha! I just finished the book club read last night. It sucked!! Sometimes I wonder if a book really sucks, or if it is just way over my head. Visit my book blog: Book Chatter

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