The Sunday Salon: Thinking about Summer


It’s a beautiful day in So Cal. It’s about 72 degrees and gorgeous! I’ve been visiting blogs and from the looks of it, many of you are thinking about Summer and putting your reading lists together. I am not quite there yet. We had some funky weather which sort of delayed that feeling for me, but now that it’s sunny again and all the stores are pushing their outdoor stuff, I’m started to get excited about it.

But, do I have a Summer reading list yet? Uh…no. However, I normally pick some heavier reads for Summer so it may take awhile for me to come up with my list.

On to other things…

I haven’t shared photos of the Otter Pup lately so here are a few along with a brief update. She’s still doing great. We love her to pieces. She’s gained 2 lbs. since we adopted her and weighs in at a hefty (ha!) 7 lbs. She is quite the personality. Chloé knows her name now but comes to “Baby” which makes me think that is what her previous owner called her. She’s about 8 months old now.

Chloe getting a tan

Here she is getting a suntan. With her blond highlights and her Hollywood tan, she fits right into the California lifestyle. See that smile? Each time you click on the photo it should get bigger. I love her little pouty mouth.

The Sunday Salon

Today is a lazy day. I ran one errand (can’t seem to escape them) and then later we are hitting my MIL’s for a BBQ. My nephew is home from Afghanistan for a short visit so we’ll visit with him a bit. Until that time though, I plan to hang out with the book I’m reading, The Raising. I rolled my eyes by page 58, but now I am pretty into it.

Oh, and while flipping channels I stumbled across an AbFab marathon. I love that show, so I’ll have to sneak a few peeks at it in between reading. What are you doing today?

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Thinking about Summer”

    1. Chlo is really a great pup. She is very submissive with the kids and us. She doesn’t try to assert herself with us. She pretty much does whatever we want her to do. BUT, with other dogs she tends to want to be the Alpha.

    1. I don’t actually keep a lot of books in my shelf so whenever I get down to choosing them, I’ll be getting them for my Kindle or borrowing from the library (if possible). I’m trying to save money too which makes it very challenging.

  1. I just want to eat her up, she is so sweet. I need an otter pup. I’m definitely thinking about summer. I am really really over school. And basically, my reading list will be what is on my Kindle, since I will be traveling 5 1/2 weeks of the summer. Of course that doesn’t help with the 200 books in print that I want to read RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

  2. I’m reading A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I have only about 200 pages to go and probably will roll through them tonight. After that, though, I’m not sure. This was a break from the Harry Potter series. I might start another series to take a break from this series ;). Actually, emoticon aside, I’m thinking about it seriously. :).

  3. hmmm… what is AbFab? I will have to click to find out. 🙂

    We had 3 inches of rain yesterday… I hope spring arrives soon. I would rather have snow than rain. Rain stops you, at least I can be outside in the snow.

    Chloe is adorable.

    Enjoy the BBQ and your family! Thank your nephew for all he’s doing in Afghanistan. Such an honor!

  4. Otter Pup is adorable! I love that she answers to Baby but also knows her name.

    Glad you’re enjoying The Raising. I did for a while but then I stopped enjoying it.
    Summer reading list? Maybe I’ll make one although I don’t think I have different reading plans.

    Have fun at the BBQ! Enjoy the nice weather!

  5. Thanks, Ti, I think a summer reading list for some of my TBR pile would be a great idea. Otter pup is so sweet, glads she has settled in!

  6. Your doggy is so cute! I’m glad she’s doing well.

    The weather has been completely crazy here. Yesterday we had an early Easter egg hunt with family and it was pouring down rain the whole time. I don’t think the kids minded though. There was much splashing in mud puddles. I can’t wait for it to warm up again.

    1. So I was gushing about our nice weather yesterday but today on my walk, it rained on me 😦 Nothng like “rain hair” to start your day. I walk here at work before I start so I will be pulling out the hair dryer in a bit.

  7. Summer still seems impossibly far away, as upstate New York has yet to crack 60 (and Saturday was downright cold!) Still, I always manage to file away a summer reading list that is impossibly long.

  8. Awww, Chloe is adorable! She looks like she’s gotten quite comfy at your house already. It sure doesn’t take long for them to take over your heart, does it?

    It’s pretty hard for me to think summer when we’re still getting snow. lol. I doubt I’ll make any summer lists for reading. I’ll just read what I’ve committed to and anything else I may be able to fit in. I’m not sure how much reading I’ll get done outside this summer with Sam – he’ll be into absolutely everything.

    Have a great week Ti!

  9. I’m not feeling summer yet AT ALL! It will have to get out of the 40s for me to do that. And glad to hear The Otter Pup is thriving! I’ll be curious to see what you think of The Raising. I wasn’t a big fan.

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