A Blessing and a Curse

Every once in a while I find myself completely overwhelmed by my reading list. It’s a “good” bad. I mean, I don’t think I will ever complain that I have too much to read but the timing is sometimes an issue for me. I’m not always in the mood to read the titles when they need to be read. So what I end up doing is reading what I want, and then I can’t post the review because the book won’t be out for months. See? Timing!

Here is what I must read over the next six weeks. Some are review commitments, some are commitments I made to myself and others are here because they are borrowed and I really need to get them back to their owners. If any of them appeal to you, click on the cover for more info.

The Murderer's Daughters

The Four Ms. Bradwells


The Raising

The Wikkeling 

Ordinary Thunderstorms

The London Train

There is No Year

Canticle for Leibowitz


Kat Incorrigible


The Big Clock

With Spring Break around the corner, I plan to read at least three of these but these days, my time is spent watching the Otter Pup. She regressed a bit, so I’ve been watching her every move and it’s completely worn me out. At least now that the list is in front of me, it doesn’t look so intimidating. Yes, I think I can do this.

How many books do you have in your immediate TBR (to be read) pile? I say “immediate” because if I counted every book on my virtual list it’s like, 300 or something.

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25 thoughts on “A Blessing and a Curse”

  1. I can very much relate to your reading dilemmas! In fact, I’m having similar issues now with my reading. ugh!.
    The Murderer’s Daughters and The Four Ms. Bradwells are very high on my TBR list. I’m reading The Raising now and will soon be reading Ordinary Thunderstorms and The London Train. I have Freedom but won’t read it for a while.

    I have a bad habit of reading a book for a while and then getting sidetracked by another book. I’ve had to be firm with myself and make sure I finish the book I’m well into before getting very involved in a completely new book.
    But these are the problems I’m happy to have!

    1. You and I are reading (or will be reading) a lot of the same books! I read 3-4 at a time. I didn’t mention that part, did I? I get distracted all the time. Mostly because of the pup but not always. I used to be so focused. I think ageis a factor.

  2. The Murderers Daughter, The four miss bradwells and the London Train are the ones I would love to have on my nightstand. I do hope you enjoy all your reads.

  3. I’ve stopped taking books for review and visiting the library because my tbr pile is out of control. There are so many that I want to read right away that I have to find a way to just shut myself away from everything and read (in my dreams).

    That said, I do have Kat Incorrigible to review and was thinking of teaming up with my 9 y/o niece for it so I’d better get a move on.

  4. I’m in the same boat. I have review commitments, book club picks and books for authors who are coming here to read. I don’t know why I make it harder on myself.

    1. Most of the time I don’t mind the extra pressure. It keeps me on track, but this pup really has me a bit scattered. I feel twitchy every time she hops off the couch. Silly, I know.

  5. Murderer’s Daughter, Wither, The Raising and Freedom are all on my TBR…I have no idea how many books on are on my TBR and if I’m not careful, I can quickly let it overwhelm me as well…but I try to think about those shelves as fun stuff and not responsibilities…
    My youngest daughter really wants a new puppy but I just don’t know if I want that extra responsibility right now…life’s a snowball, isn’t it?? 🙂

    1. As far as pups go, I think ours is fairly well behaved, but she’s still a handful! Right now the kids are helping quite a bit because they know that I wanted another cat 🙂 I love thatzany little mutt but she is the epitome of a crazy dog.

  6. I can read fast and absorb but these are tough ones…they take time and are very thought provoking…Yikes…good luck…I will be thinking about you…

  7. Many great books on this list. The Wikkeling, The London Train and There is no Year all look fascinating. I don’t take books for review because I had the same problem. Now I happily read what I want without feeling pressure!

  8. Well you have some pretty big books on the list! I hate when I have too many obligation books to read so I really try to limit them so I don’t feel rushed and too obligated. I’ll be curious to see what you think of Freedom and The Raising.

  9. I completely understand how time consuming a puppy is! My Lily is 8 months old now and I am finally feeling like I don’t have to watch her every minute of the day. It does get better, promise.

    Do you really HAVE to read all of them? I might give the loaned books back, you can also borrow them again. No need to stress yourself out from reading (which should be pleasurable).

  10. I have 13 books on my night table TBR, I did not include my other stacks. It’s too scary! What made you change formats?

    1. Format, meaning the Indie Bound links? I’ve been linking to B&N forever but lately, I have seen too many indie stores close so am trying to support them.

  11. i also love list making, it puts everything in perspective and helps me tackle stuff easier.

    that being said i dont know much about most of the books in this post. what i DO KNOW tho, is that there are some really incredibly absolutely gorgeous covers in the batch!

    im looking up The Four Ms Bradwells and Wither based on their covers alone right now!

  12. I had my commitments completely under control and then they just completely crazy! I really thought the readathon was this weekend and I was so looking forward to it because I have the weekend free and I knew I could crank out a couple of books. But no!!! It’s the next weekend. Hope you can get through all of these!

    1. I love the idea of the read-a-thon but personally, it stresses me out and turns me off to reading for weeks afterward so I’ve skipped the last two and will be coming back from Spring Break this weekend so I won’t be participating in this one either.

      I am off today and tomorrow so I hope to get some reading done, but I will be watching the pup too so it’s not like the old says where I could take a day off from work, nap and read at my leisure.

  13. The Big Clock is great. You’ll finish it in a day. It reads like a movie and would actually make a great one if it were remade. There’s an old film of it starring Ray Milland. I haven’t read the other books you mentioned but there’s a lot of new to me books there that I haven’t seen before.

    1. I didn’t know there was a film version of The Big Clock. I’ll see if I can get it on Netflix after I read the book.

  14. Good luck with your reading! Depending on your free time I think that’s attainable. 🙂

    I’ve been doing a lot more impulse reading this year, so my TBR pile is whatever I fish out of my 500 TBR books on the shelves, or whatever comes in from my hold list at the library.

  15. I am feeling totally overwhelmed with my pile of TBR books. Many are from publishers or agents and I am dying to get to them. It’s just hard to put things in perspective at times. Am dealing my mother’s rehab from a broken hip and pneumonia. She is 85 and a heavy smoker. Also holding down a full time job and doing book presentations and reviews for the paper. So, I can relate to your post today.

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