The Sunday Salon: When a Break is not a Break

The Sunday Salon

Have you ever geared up for a break and then when the break started wondered why you even took one to begin with? It’s Spring Break but it started off with a botched mattress delivery from a big box store. Then The Hub and I bickered over how they handled it. That put the kids in a foul mood. The Girl has been testing me and The Boy and her have been at each other, too. I  mean, we haven’t even gone anywhere yet.


I wish Spock would render me unconscious with the Vulcan nerve pinch.

On a reading note, I managed to finish two of the books on my immediate TBR list. I’m very happy about that. If I can just keep up the pace, I’ll be done with the list in no time.

Hopefully things will settle down a bit and the rest of the week will be much more pleasant.

19 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: When a Break is not a Break”

  1. I’m feeling your pain. We had our spring break, but it wasn’t much of one for me. Basically it was alot of running around, and listening to the kids go at each other with their hateful comments and nit-picking. And bad weather. It is bad when I’m looking forward to having the house to myself again, sleeping in be damned.

  2. Take a deep breath and remember that none of that really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. It will get better!! 😀

    As for son is in Florida for spring break so I only have to contend with the dogs and the hubby for a few days!!

  3. Doesn’t something like that always happen? I used to get sick every time it was a vacation from teaching. Like my body was just WAITING for me to have some free time, haha.

    I say lock the kids in a room and let them fight it out with fists, while you grab some tea, a book, and some earplugs. (Kidding — of course. Kind of.)

    Good for you for the two books read, though! My GR Book Goal tracker told me to speed up my reading, haha! Ah! The pressure.

      1. The 2011 Reading Challenge. If you go to my GR page and look at the bottom of the right hand column you’ll see it. You can make a reading goal for 2011.

  4. Well–those kinds of times, I don’t miss! I hope things get back on track and you get to enjoy the rest of the week!

  5. Can I say… I have never watch StarTrek but my son and husband used to make me watch the next generation (in the 90’s). HA. It’s a pleasant memory so I must have enjoyed the show.

    Personally, I have had a tough few weeks so I can completely relate to your week. Nothing like a botched delivery though. This is terrible news, if you are like us… I’m sure you can’t wait to sleep on the new mattress. Are you still waiting?

    Enjoy your break and good luck with the list.

    1. The mattress is for The Boy, who has a problem with his sternum, so we needed to have it ASAP. We finally got it, but it took several deliveries to get all of it and I had to get mean. I hate getting mean.

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  6. breaks never go as planned and sometimes you wonder why they are a break!
    and the kids argueing….just think of when they are home ALL SUMMER LONG!!!!! i can tell how bad the day is by how much my cell goes off while i’m at work!
    maybe you got the worst of it over at the beginning!

  7. I hope your week has improved and you’re enjoying your new mattress!

    Deep breaths & retreat into another book from your TBR! You’re on a roll!

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