The Sunday Salon: Hitting a Wall

Girl and Otter Pup
It’s been gorgeous this weekend. Basketball ended for The Boy and tennis ended for The Girl and believe it or not, it’s time to enroll them in summer camp programs. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of the year. I love that everything is beginning to bloom and the scent from all the blooming flowers warms my soul, but why is it that we need to plan so far in advance for things?

I hate having to think about summer right now. Hate. It. I also hate shelling out a bunch of cash for these programs when they are still a ways off. However, the kids don’t feel this way, of course. It gives them something to look forward to so I am trying to follow their lead, and think the same way. It’s a struggle, but I’m working on it.

As you can see above, The Girl has begun to read to the Otter Pup and the Otter Pup loves it. Apparently, no one ever did this for her before. They hunker down with a stack of books and really have fun with it.

The Otter Pup

Chloé is not the best picture taker. As soon as I get near her, she rolls over and becomes The Otter Pup but how can you not love that face? That pouty bottom lip? Too cute.

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This weekend, I hit a wall with my reading. I finished The Little Stranger, which I loved but now I don’t seem to want to read anything else. I have all sorts of wonderful books to choose from. In fact, I just received a bunch this past week that I’m really excited about, but I feel a bit distracted and antsy.

The earthquake in Japan, and the coverage of the event has left me in a very strange mood. The footage is hard to ignore, yet it breaks my heart to watch it. Having experienced a large earthquake firsthand, I know exactly what those folks are feeling right now, but we didn’t have to deal with the aftermath of a tsunami, not to mention the threat of radiation poisoning. My thoughts are with those folks.

Today will be a subdued kind of day.

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Hitting a Wall”

  1. Otter Pup is totally adorable…and she will get smarter and smarter for being read to…LOL…

    I know what you mean about all of that footage…when we lived in Santa Clara we had an earthquake and even minor ones are freaky…this week’s news has left me feeling all wonky and wobbly, too…I guess we just need time to take it all in…take care…

  2. Your girl is looking so grown up and Otter Pup is adorable! Such a sweet little face. 🙂

    When you first wrote that you found The Little Stranger at your library, I decided I should look into that one. Then you wrote in one of your posts how it was kind of slow going and you seemed less than positive about it. Now, I am delighted to see that you loved it! I am not going to read your review until I read it.

    I get some of the same feelings you do this time of year—I really like it getting dark earlier in the evening so I have never been a fan of daylights saving time, I dread having to work in the yard, even though I love flowers and color bursting out in my flower pots and stuff. I like warm sunny days that are in the mid to upper 70’s but I don’t like wearing summer clothes—you see my dilemma? I do feel for you though–having to put out so much money for those camps and the planning that goes with it. I am very thankful that my kids were older when I went back to work for this very reason. It is great that your kids enjoy the things you sign them up for, which in the summer for kids, that is all that is important….enjoyment!
    Have a great Sunday

  3. I think it’s fantastic that The Girl reads to Otter Pup and he enjoys it! Too cute! Hisreaction to your picture taking is great, too. I’m so happy for you that he’s fitting in with your family so well.

    My heart goes out to the people in Japan whose lives have ben hit so hard by the earthquake and the results of it. It’s devestating and diconcerting to see how scary nature can be.

    I hope you find a good book to sink into and you find a way to relax a little.

  4. I really like that nickname “Otter Pup”…she’s adorable and seems to be a big part of your family!! I can’t wait for summer…we had another mini blizzard Friday, warm temps yesterday and hopefully 50 degree weather later this week!! At times I often feel like not I’d just do whatever else strikes my fancy and not worry about it.

    The images coming out of Japan are horrific!!

  5. Our dog looks away when I go at him with a camera, too!

    I am the same with the Japanese footage: I am so saddened and overwhelmed by it, but find it fascinating at the same time

  6. I totally understand how the events in Japan have affected you, and how sometimes when you finish a book you liked, you don’t want to read anything else…yet! I feel that way too.

    I’ve also been struggling with summer plans for the kids. It’s like trying to fit a bunch of puzzle pieces together for me, figuring out who wants to go where at what times, and whether I can drive them or not. Plus the shelling out of the cash–ouch!

  7. My girls and I are getting ready to read the YA novel Sea by Heidi Kling…we had already picked it out when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan…in case you don’t know it’s about a young woman who goes with her father to Indonesia to help with relief efforts after the 2004 tsunami.
    I can barely stand to look at the pictures of the aftermath, but the pictures of the waves and the actual events are mind boggling…my middle child has already been digging through the Internet to find out geologically exactly how these events happen.
    We’re also going to try and spend some much needed family time together during Spring Break this week…the events in Japan show us just how fragile our live really are.

  8. I love that your daughter reads to the Otter Pup. So cute!

    And the earthquake news is upsetting. You can only hope things don’t get worse than they are.

  9. Japan… it’s devastating and yes hard to watch but I want to know if the reactors are safe so I keep checking. My boss is in Tokyo, we heard from him on Friday. He’s safe but that’s all I know.

    Chloe is adorable and I’m glad The Girl has a buddy to read to.

    I picked up a copy of The sweet relief… while in the city yesterday. I will read in soon (I have a few must reads I have to get through first). I hate having to read a book…. but I did this to myself. I have had the books for months!

    Have a great week!

  10. It is precious that she is reading to your puppy! What a good mom she will be some day! I have hit a huge brick wall as well with my reading, mostly just because I am consumed by my obsession/depression over our sick guinea pig. It is taking all of my mental and physical fortitude to feed, medicate and run him to vet appointments. I can’t even focus on anything else.

  11. Otter pup is adorable… love that The Girl has someone to read to — that’s so fun at that age!

    I hope you’ve founds something to catch your attention (reading-wise) I know that is a sucky place to be when you can’t find the right fit.

  12. It’s often hard for me to pick up a new book after one I’ve really loved… no matter how good it is, I feel like it won’t measure up. Your pup is adorable. She looks happier and healthier after just a short time with your family – you’ve been good for her!

  13. I love that your daughter is sharing her love of reading with Chloe/Otter Pup. It probably does major damage to his ego, but we call our dog Murphy, Murphalina the Prima Ballerina.

    It’s crazy how far we have to plan and shell out for kids isn’t it?

    1. Poor Murphy 🙂
      These nicks just prove how much we love our furry friends.

      Heck, I have some pretty funny names for the kids, too!

  14. Yes, the footage in Japan is rough to watch and so sad. Hope you aren’t focusing on it too much and have found the perfect book to get you out of your reading slump!

  15. I hear you on the summer camp issue. We just found out that it’s time to pre-register for boy scout camp. It seems way too soon.

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