100 Things (in three parts) – Part Two

This is a continuation of my “100 Things” post from the other day. Here’s part two:

34. Your friendship means more to me than being recognized with an award.
35. Book lists are my life, but I am always without them at the bookstore.
36. No sweet tooth here.
37. My fave time of the day is bedtime. How sad is that?
38. I am brand loyal and have been known to buy a year’s worth of something I like.
39. My fave place to sit at the bookstore, is in one of the little chairs in the children’s section.
40. Pizza? Cheese please.
41. I once made a student film about a crippled man, and a woman with no arms.
42. My head it too big for hats. Well, too big to look good in them.
43. I develop nervous tics if my calendar is not up-to-date.
44. Clothes must be hung-up properly. Something I retained from my days in retail.
45. I live in t-shirts and khakis.
46. I collect bookmarks.
47. Musicals rock.
48. I like to sleep with a fan on. Even when it’s cold.
49. The Body Shop’s Coconut Lip Butter is a must-have item.
50. My office is in the basement of a library (no windows).
51. I don’t wear a watch because it bugs me when I type on my laptop.
52. I miss the 80’s.
53. My idea of a perfect snack food: chips and salsa.
54. Because of a hip injury, I have an over-extended first and second position (ballet).
55. I’d rather be by myself, than with a crowd of people.
56. I type so much for work, that my hands have forgotten how to write.
57. Thanksgiving is my favorite U.S. holiday.
58. I’ve never been out of the country.
59. Sometimes, I think I should have been a doctor.
60. I get along better with guys, than with women.
61. I have no patience.
62. I prefer washing dishes by hand, than using my dishwasher.
63. My key chain probably weighs at least a pound.
64. My everyday bag is an LL Bean backpack that I’ve had for years.
65. I love funny, sarcastic greeting cards but not everyone appreciates them.
66. I am Mac user.

Tune in later this week for Part Three!

17 thoughts on “100 Things (in three parts) – Part Two”

  1. 35. I’m without them at the library, too.
    36. I wish.
    42. I have a big head too, especially with all this hair.
    56. I noticed a couple of years ago that I get writer’s cramp far sooner than I used to when writing.
    58. I had not been until last October. It was the best experience.
    59. How come?

    1. RE: Regarding me thinking I should have been a doctor…

      Since I was about ten years old, I’ve always had a firm understanding of medicine and how it works. I’ve diagnosed many of my friends with various illnesses and just seem to understand the body more than the average Joe. And with all of this Lupus stuff lately, I’ve come to really appreciate a good doctor. I think I’d make a really good one, but when I was going to school, $$ was a problem so med school was out.

  2. Good to know that i’m not that the only person that sleeps with a fan on all year round. I may have to check out the Body Shop’s coconut lip balm. I have an 80s soundtrack. Keep em coming.

  3. I’m chuckling at number 38 and thinking of Elaine and the sponges. I bet this was an interesting exercise…we get to know you better but is probably good self-examination.

  4. I love my Mac, and I agree wearing a watch with the laptop is annoying. I also love funny, sarcastic greeting cards!

    Has this self-examination been good for you?

  5. “Book lists are my life, but I am always without them at the bookstore.”
    My iPhone has saved me in this category. I can keep the lists in my phone and so I always have them with me. Woo hoo!

  6. I’ve noticed that people who don’t have a sweet tooth tend to be chips people – I wonder why that is?

    I have the same problem about not having my lists with me at the bookstore and I love Melissa’s idea – now all I need is the iphone to go with the idea!

  7. #38 — I do this with clothes. My more fashionable friends get mad at me, but if I find a t-shirt that fits great I’m getting several! 🙂

    #42 — mine too! I always blame it on the thick hair.

    #48 — I do this as well. Even if it’s a night where I have the heater on!

    #55 — absolutely.

    #63 — me too, how does that happen? I always try to take keys off but I need ALL of them.

    #66 — I am as well… best computers ever!

    Loving this series!

  8. I am so with you on quite a few of these – definitely the booklists and cheese pizza ones! And I know what you mean about typing too much – my handwriting is nil!

  9. I love musicals, too! Sadly no one in my family is with me on this one so if I want to watch one, I have to do it when I have my house to myself. Fortunately this is happening more often now that my kids are getting older.

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