100 Things (in three parts) – Part One

I’ve always wanted to post a “100 Things” post about myself but never seem to have the time to sit down and do it properly. So… I am doing it in three parts and will post bits throughout the week. It sounds silly. I know it does, but you can learn a lot about a person from these posts. Shall I begin?

1. I yell a lot.
2. My favorite color is olive green.
3. If there are french fries on my plate, they must be eaten before the burger.
4. I talk to myself. All the time.
5. I like my cream, with a tiny bit of coffee.
6. I’ve never had a true, best friend.
7. The first library card I ever had, was forged by me because I couldn’t get my mom’s signature. I was 7.
8. I crack my knuckles.
9. I cannot stand it when people talk on their cell phones while using the facilities.
10. I talk with buds from high school nearly every day. Facebook is good for that.
11. I tell it like it is.
12. I detest cigarette smoke even though I smoked for two years when I was younger.
13. I cannot deal with drunks.
14. Flip flops are my shoe of choice.
15. I’ve no tolerance for teens with potty mouths.
16. I’ve been known to curse like a sailor.
17. I’m not a fan of weak women.
18. I’m a reality TV junkie.
19. I prefer gift bags over wrapping paper.
20. I can’t attend movies in the theater anymore because the talking bugs me.
21. I like to plan when I am going to plan.
22. I can tell what a person is all about within 3 minutes of meeting him/her and I am always right.
23. I can’t draw anything other than stick figures.
24. I screen my phone calls before picking them up.
25. I appear to be very organized but really, I am a seething, whirling, mass of confusion.
26. I enjoy doing laundry.
27. I think I’d do well as a stand-up comic.
28. I’ve never been a fan of Botox but lately… it doesn’t sound so bad.
29. I always smell nice. Smelling nice is a priority with me.
30. I cannot stand fair-weather friends. I’d rather have none.
31. Respect is a big thing with me.
32. I can eat chili peppers with the best of ’em.
33. I like to shop for others, but hate to shop for myself.

Tune in later this week for Part Two!

22 thoughts on “100 Things (in three parts) – Part One”

  1. Wow i need to make a list. LOL. We have a lot in common: 1, 4 (sometimes you have to talk things out with yourself), 8, 11 (you have to speak the truth), 12, 13, 15 (agree although i do have a potty mouth at times), 17, 19 (at X-mas people can tell my gifts b/c i put them in gift bags), 20 (girl i feel you on that. I still attend but i give folks evil looks), 22 (can’t stand fakers/posers and can spot them in the first minute) 24, 25, 28 (never say never), 29 (Bath & Body Works is a girls BFF), 30 (So true. My BFF and I have been buds for 30 years.) 31, 33 (so true. i dislike shopping)

    Thanks for listing those. It was quite interesting to learn that i’m not the only person with little quirkds. :)Perhaps I need to do one.

  2. I think it is becoming clear why we get along. I particularly love the statement about not tolerating teens with potty mouths, and the one right after that about cussing like a sailor!!! hee hee

  3. #7 is cute but also seems like fodder for your therapist…”Mom wouldn’t sign my form…”

    Do you prefer opening gift bags over wrapped boxes, or is your love of the gift bag about its ease over wrapping?

    1. I love to unwrap a nicely wrapped package. You got me there. I like bags for me because I make them all pretty with lots and lots of fluff.

  4. Things we have in common (so far): 4, 6, 9, 19, 25 (I seem to have a LOT of people fooled on that one!) and 29. Looking forward to the next installment!

  5. Tina, we could so be friends.


    So funny that we live across the country from each other and we are so alike.

    Can’t wait for the rest!

  6. I can’t even imagine people use the cell phone in the facilities as you say. I haven’t had the pleasure of this experience. Although…no doubt it’s coming.

    I’m glad you smell nice. LOL
    I wish you would do my laundry…I would do your dishes.

    This is cute. I might do one. You are very brave.

  7. Ti, I love your list! What a great way to share bits about yourself. There are quite a few items on your list that we have common – 2, 4, 12 14, 21 to name few. Too funny! Can’t wait for you next list!

  8. This is great! Love a little peek into the inner-workings of Ti. 🙂 Lots in common here too. I would list them, but I’m too far down the comment line (would have to keep scrolling back up and I’m too lazy to do that, haha). This would be a fun things to tag other people with… a get-to-know you kind of game.

  9. I adore 100 things posts!!! They are incredibly revealing.

    And it surprises me that a woman who plans to plan would be a a seething, whirling, mass of confusion. : )

    I love your confidence in yourself and your strong opinions.

  10. Flip flops? Check. Cursing like a sailor? Check. Coffee with my cream? Check. Yelling a lot? Check. And number 25? Completely me! I love, love to organize things but I never seem to actually be organized!

    1. I’ve actually had moms come up to me and ask me how I can be so organized while working full time, etc. Yeah, I work full time, manage to get dinner on the table, AND have a very clean house BUT…I put my family through heck sometimes to get it done.  I wish I could be less rush rush rush, and a little more mellow.

  11. Hmm, I’m afraid we don’t have that much in common! It really bothers me when people crack their knuckles, I don’t think I’ve ever appeared organized to anyone who knows me, I’d rather die than be a stand-up comic and I’m no good with chili peppers… On the other hand, I do enjoy laundry, I talk to myself (though maybe not as much as you do), I can’t draw either and I like shopping for other but not for myself…

    I love the library card story!

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