Thrity Thursdays! AKA “The Space Between Us” Read-Along – Week 3

The Space Between Us

Welcome to Thrity Thursday, also known as “The Space Between Us” read-along. We’ll be reading the book over the next few weeks. Thanks to Lisa for putting it together and thanks to these other bloggers for joining in on the fun!

Dar at Peeking Between The Pages
Staci at Life In The Thumb
Kathy at Mommy’s Reading
Booksync at Book In The City
Bailey at The Window Seat Reader
Mari at Bookworm With A View

Chapters 12-15

My Synopsis:

My hope is that after this read-along, some of you will get a copy of this book and read it on your own. Since that is my wish, my synopsis isn’t a play-by-play account of what I’ve read, but just a high-level overview of what took place. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. With that said…

In this week’s reading, we learn a bit more about Maya’s parents and how Maya ended up living with her grandmother, Bhima. We also learn of Sera’s own difficulties and her struggle to understand her husband, Feroz and his wicked mother, Banu. Although Sera lives a more privileged life, her troubles are no less serious than that of Bhima’s.

My Thoughts:

One can argue that this novel is really two parallel stories that come together in a common way. I say this because Umrigar seems to pay equal time to both Bhima and Sera. I’ve read novels with this structure in the past, and they’ve always left me disappointed. I’m not feeling that here, though. Umrigar successfully weaves in and out of the lives of these women. Nothing feels forced. At the end of each chapter, I feel compelled to keep reading.

Whereas the first half of this book dealt with the present day, the second half seems to be focusing on the past and how things came to be. I tend to like it when an author manages to explain a character’s actions without it being force-fed to you in some manner.

So far the story is easy to follow and is filled with characters that I care about. I can’t wait for the next installment.

7 thoughts on “Thrity Thursdays! AKA “The Space Between Us” Read-Along – Week 3”

  1. I don’t know where I’ve been when this author was reviewed before, but now you all have my attention. I am sincerely hoping to make this lady one of my future projects. She sounds like she is in the same league with Jacqueline Woodson, Beth Kephart and Jhumpa Lahiri.

  2. Great post, Ti. I am not reading along with you all. I started reading the book a little late but it’s so good that I was able to catch up. I will be posting about chapters 12 – 15 today and will post about the beginning of the book soon.

    I agree that these characters are wonderful!

  3. It really is amazing how Umrigar can weave together the two women’s lives – so often it’s hard to use two leads. And she manages to move beautifully between past and present.

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