Sunday Matters: Kind of Different

Sunday Matters

This stage of my life is feeling a little different from what I’m used to.

It’s less busy.

This part is nice but the high school events I’ve grown accustomed to are not a part of my world this year and it feels strange. This will be short-lived since my daughter, The Teen, will be in high school next year. Still weird though.

Right Now:

We’ve gone to church and just had some lunch. Football is on and The Hub is tearing apart a faucet as I type. The kids have retreated to their respective rooms and I am about to light some candles.

Later, I’ll be with the middle-schoolers at church and then tonight? Nothing except some TV and prep for tomorrow.

This Week:

I’ve got a physical therapy appointment on Monday. This will be #2 for me. I feel that the meds and the exercises they gave me last time have improved my neck and headache, so maybe I won’t have to go too often.

There’s rehearsal this week too but that’s pretty much it.


I had to take a break with my reading. That headache I had did me in. I hope to start again soon.


I’m going to watch The Walking Dead special tonight where they’ll jerk us around and make us think certain people are leaving but as aggravating as that is, how can I not watch??


I made pumpkin bread but then the oven caught on fire. Why? Because someone left a taco shell in there and it caught fire. So the pumpkin bread had a very smoky taste to it.

I have no idea what to make for dinner. I’m kind of sick of food these days. Nothing sounds good.

Grateful for:

Quiet moments. I’ve had a lot of quiet lately. It’s given me time to reflect on things.

How are you doing?

This Week Slipped Away From Me


Lately, I’ve been feeling a little like this guy but I’ve started physical therapy and I am beginning to return to the land of the living. This is all a result of that fall I took months ago or at least that is what I think. The doctors, not so much.

What’s really silly is that I am to avoid certain positions and one of them is a position that involves holding my Kindle. So, the book that I am reading, Summer of Night is not all that enjoyable to read when propped up in an awkward position.  Sigh.

But I’m here and looking forward to the weekend. I need to pick up a few more decorations and I feel the need to make stew or something equally good.

How have you been? I’ve been bad with blog reading this week because reading in general is tough for me at the moment but I am going to take today and tomorrow to catch-up.

Chatting with friends about books and life…