Review: Tomorrow There Will Be Sun

Tomorrow There Will Be Sun

Tomorrow There Will Be Sun 
By Dana Reinhardt
Pamela Dorman Books, 9780525557968, March 2019, 288pp.

The Short of It:

Vacation Lit is a thing and I am a sucker for it.

The Rest of It:

Two families arrive in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Jenna has organized the trip to celebrate her husband’s fiftieth birthday–she’s been looking forward to it for months. She’s sure everything is going to be just perfect–and the margarita refills delivered by the house staff certainly don’t hurt, either. What could go wrong? – Indiebound

A lot, but not in the way you expect. I imagined a kidnapping or a murder or some psychotic episode but this vacation goes wrong in the way many vacations go wrong; small, subtle clues that all is not what you pictured and that life is about to get challenging. Annoying, perfect friends, a husband who spends too much time working even while on vacation, teens who go off to do their own thing only to leave their parents worrying about their whereabouts. And then in the midst of it all, a full staff of servants who become reluctant witnesses to it all falling apart.

I love vacation lit. I don’t travel much so when an author takes me to another country through her writing and keeps me turning those pages, then I consider it a win. I was entertained and the story was realistic in what could happen on a vacation like this one. I felt as if I got to know the characters pretty well and the pace felt right. If you enjoy vacation lit, give Tomorrow There Will Be Sun a try.

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Sunday Matters: Disappointment & Happiness

Sunday Matters

This has been a week for disappointment and happiness. Some personal events took place these past few weeks that made me question my entire purpose in life. Everyone is good. Family is good. Just something that kind of threw me off and now I am second-guessing things. I need a few days to process it,

On a happy note, I believe my son has chosen the university he will attend this fall as a junior. He was accepted to the university I work for but he has chosen to go to CSU Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He will be a Mustang. After the college visit he had, the other schools he was accepted to paled in comparison. I’m happy, that he’s happy.

Right Now:

Coffee and church and maybe some reading with all the windows open. It’s expected to be 85 degrees today.

This Week:

After all the things I had to do these past few weeks I finally feel as if I am on top of them. We just need to pay a visit to the junior college to submit my daughter’s summer school requests and we’ll be good for awhile.

My life group is on break so that gives me my Tuesday nights back for a little while. I am kind of excited about that.

On Saturday, three of us are seeing Legally Blonde at the university I work for. This same night, my daughter has prom. She’s only a sophomore but is going with some juniors and seniors in theatre. We got her dress before the wisdom teeth came out which is good because we would not have had time to do so given that prom is so darn early. I remember prom being in May, not before Easter!


As usual I am reading more than one book at a time. On the 17th though, I have a discussion meeting for There There so I am reading it between other books. I am in this weird reading mood where I just want to read fast, drama-filled stories. Don’t think this one falls into that category so we’ll see how it goes.

There There


There is language. A lot of bad language and adult themes but Ken Jeong’s Netflix Special is hilarious! It’s only about an hour long but I laughed the entire time. I think he is just as funny without the language but there’s plenty in there so just know that going in.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I haven’t tried anything that’s been good so I won’t share any of it here but I gave up yelling for Lent and so far that is going well.

Grateful for:

Everything is blooming right now. We’ve had so much rain this year. Everything is so green and fragrant. I love it.

Question for you: How do you handle disappointment? Does retail therapy work? Self-care? A hike? Right now, I feel the need to isolate myself which is not the best way to go.

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