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Sunday Matters: COVID-19 – Social Distancing

Sunday Matters

The university I work for closed for two days last week and will be online for faculty and students once they return from spring break. Staff are still required to report for work and I’ve spent the past 2.5 weeks preparing web pages for the switch to virtual learning. Let me tell you, I am pretty wiped out and haven’t had much time for anything.

My daughter’s school is closed and going online soon as well as her college course. My son’s spring break was extended by two weeks but here’s what was impacted:

  • Choir concerts, cancelled
  • Theatre festival, cancelled
  • Theatre showcase, cancelled
  • Rehearsals, cancelled
  • All school trips, cancelled
  • Prom, cancelled
  • My son lost BOTH of his campus jobs for next quarter

Right Now:

High school ministry will be held virtually today. I need to pop-on shortly.

Everyone is supposed to be practicing social distancing to flatten the curve of spread but so many continue to go out in groups thinking this is a party or something. THE SCHOOLS ARE CLOSED for a reason, do not take your kids out to the movies in large groups. Use common sense.

Plus, getting everyday supplies is a challenge as many of you know. I purchased pantry items three weeks ago, ahead of the need. This helped. We went to the market late Friday night and did well because that market had their employees working overtime to keep the shelves stocked as much as possible. I really appreciated that and told them so.

This Week:

I plan to hit work tomorrow but I suspect we will be working remotely as soon as all the logistical stuff is setup.

Book club was cancelled for this week.

The Hub is already stir crazy just because I asked him to NOT go to the gym.


We have all this time to read but I cannot focus right now.


We watched Outbreak. We watched a really good movie called The Case for Christ. We are still working our way through The Crown and The Walking Dead.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Nothing I can think of.

Grateful for:

  • So glad I prepped weeks ago
  • Happy to have technology as an option for meeting

How are you all doing with all if this? It seems so surreal.