Sunday Matters: Trying to Remain Hopeful

Sunday Matters

I’ve never been one to sugar-coat anything. Anyone can tell what I am feeling just by looking at my face. Well, this past week has not been an easy one. These “safer at home” orders are so necessary and in my head, I am all for it. But my body is physically showing signs of distress. Not sleeping. Antsy. Motivation to do anything? Non-existent. To say that I have cabin fever would be an understatement. Plus, I am so pale right now. Like, Edward Cullen pale.

BUT, we celebrated my husband’s birthday this past Saturday so that was good. We had some takeout and took a drive.

Right Now:

Hopefully we will watch the church service online. Last week, although we had good intentions to do so, our plans changed and we ended up watching the service mid-week. Still planning to meet with my high school group later this morning.

This Week:

It’s May. Unbelievable.

My daughter signed up to take a tap class online. It’s taught by an instructor we know so she is happy to practice dance while getting some physical activity in.

Much of this week will be spent pondering which schools she will apply for. Can you believe that “the girl” will be applying to colleges this fall? Also, when you apply to schools for musical theatre, you almost always have to have a coach of some sort to assist you with auditions and the like. If you have any experience in that area, let me know. In this new world we are living in, I have no idea how fall will be impacted. I already know that most schools are not requiring the SAT for admittance since they can’t take it now.


I am finishing up Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. If this book sounds familiar it’s because I was reading it last weekend too. Again, distraction is a beast.

After it, I am reading Make Your Home Among Strangers by Jeanine Capó Crucet for a book discussion later this month.

Make Your Home Among Strangers


I finished all those Harlan Coben shows on Netflix and they were just what I needed. Now, based on how much I enjoyed those my friends gave me a list of shows to try next. I think we might go with Broadchurch.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Haven’t really tried anything new but I’ve never ordered furniture online before and we need a new set of couches for the family room so that might be happening.

Grateful for:

  • Sunny, not too warm weather.
  • Time to do little things like paint the cabinet that has been peeling for ages.
  • Sounds silly but soap and water. Spending some time cleaning and it feels good.

Let’s all check in with one another. Are we good? We are, but to be honest with you all, I am getting tired of the entitled who demand that beaches open. I love the beach too! Love it! But the protests are ridiculous. It’s not about the beach. It’s political. I don’t want to start safer at home orders all over again.

31 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Trying to Remain Hopeful”

  1. I get out for 4 hours, 4 days a week to work at the store (contactless service) so cabin fever hasn’t been a problem for me but I do miss going out to eat and getting together with friends. Our state is starting to open up but we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing.

    I talked to a neighbor who’s a teacher and she said they haven’t figured out if they’ll be able to have students back in the classroom this fall or not.

    1. Fall classes are a real concern right now. I know my son is anxious to get back to campus but we save so much money having him here, taking classes online.

      I feel the entire state buzzing right now. All the protests and the militant covidiots, sorry, upset about wearing masks and not being able to go to the beach. Get over yourself. Really.

  2. It will actually be nice if after all this, life gets simpler. If colleges can take students this year without SAT, then why need it ever? Our lives are just so complicated and competitive and it doesn’t get better.

    I’m doing much better now. The last month was stressful at work and I didn’t know if I was going to have a job this month. I do and I’m grateful but also need a lot of R&R now to get the stress out of my system. Maybe books?

    1. I don’t think I knew how close you were to not having a job. Definitely stressful! I am so glad your job will be spared. I work for a university but it’s a state university so we are really feeling the financial pressure right now. A lot was spent on technology because, many students and faculty did not own devices. They utilized campus resources to get by.

      R&R sounds lovely. Good books, always a good plan. Tell me what you want to read next.

  3. I watched a few episodes of Broadchurch but that was it. I may try again sometime. I’ve got a few movies on my list I want to watch in the next week or so.

    My daughter has been helping her kids do their school work at home and also monitoring her students via internet. They are all ready to go back to school!

    They’ve opened a few beaches in Florida and people are acting like they know nothing about the “6 ft” rule. Crazy! I would live at the beach if I could but I can stay away until this is all over.

    My first stops when I go out will be the beach and a restaurant.

    Stay safe!

    1. Our schools are still in session online but won’t be going back this term. Fall term is being questioned right now. Summer has already been moved online.

      I love the beach. We used to drive there all the time but like you, a couple months is not a big deal. I really don’t know why they have such an issue. It’s not even summer yet.

      1. Our schools are still closed too, I just meant that my grandkids and daughter’s students are ready to go back to school.

        1. Oh, I got you. My daughter was so stressed before all this that this has been a much needed blessing. Her grades are so good right now.

          1. That’s great! I know some of my friends are more stressed now and some are less stressed. For some reason I’m in the less stressed category too. I guess it’s because I know I’m doing everything I can to stay safe.

            1. My schedule was just too out of control before. It had gotten better because at the top of the year I really tried to say NO to things and take some stuff off my plate but it was getting crazy with choir and theatre and things. When all that got cancelled it was a very sad moment but also a very good one. We all needed the break.

  4. Don’t even get me started on the protestors claiming that it’s their civil right to not be in lockdown. Right, you’re right to the beach is so much more important the health of our communities. NOT! I am starting Broadchurch in a couple days; my mom says it’s really good.

    I am so excited for your daughter to apply to colleges. She and my niece are the same age and I have to say I love hearing about where people choose to apply, why, and where they end up going.

    1. I’m not sure how this will work because she will have pre-auditions and they will most likely be online. Plus, coaching for theatre is also online right now, not terribly ideal. I know ALL applicants will have the same challenges for the most part but it does present a challenge.

      Those people protesting in Huntington Beach did not look like locals. It was a straight-up political rally. What kills me is when the parents have young children hold signs that they don’t even understand. Holding up a sign of our Governor as Hitler, is a real stretch. I heard someone on FB say that if the weak are vulnerable, then this virus will take care of em and leave the strong. Survival of the fittest. So pretty soon what, they will protest the Americans with Disability Act? Ridiculous!

  5. Wow, the girl is going to college! Time flies! I have not gone stir crazy yet, taking 2-3 walks a day helps. I also Zoom for yoga and get togethers with friends on a weekly basis. I am spending more time with friends now than in the “real” world.😜. We loved Broadchurch. The woman detective whose name I can’t recall plays Queen Elizabeth in the second season. Hope you enjoy it!

    1. We started Paranoid before Broadchurch and Paranoid, although it’s now getting better took a long time to wind up. Broadchurch is next now.

      I painted cabinets last Friday out of boredom. Haha. I just need to keep busy. Today I have the watercolors out and will attempt to paint something in my Bible. Maybe I will try it on paper first.

  6. I’m doing well. The weather is gorgeous, and I have even been getting outside to clean up the landscaping with Jim and Holly. I detest gardening but find pulling weeds and cleaning up edges to be strangely cathartic, even if I have blisters all over my hands and swollen wrists from twisting and pulling.

    1. I really have to clean up my back patio area. It’s a mess. Landscaping is fine because we have someone who takes care of that part but the patio furniture is all dusty and covered with bird crap. We have a lot of birds who enjoy our covered patio.

  7. I am so over the people who are protesting. And to be protesting at the beach is just ridiculous. Not as ridiculous as the people who showed up to the state capital with weapons, though. They are pushing for the National Guard to have to step in and then they’ll have the excuse they’ve been looking for for years to rebel against the government. Oops – didn’t mean to get off on a rant. Guess that tells you how I’m doing!

    1. Those people who showed up with rifles!! Please! If black men showed up like that, they would have been shot dead before they even approached the building.

  8. Checking in! I’m totally in agreement with you about the protests. I don’t personally care much about the beach, but I would love to be able to get my hair done—it literally grows longer (and grayer) by the day. But till I can, I’m trying to keep it healthy and out of my face. The big picture is not about me. The restrictions really have helped and we’re still going to need them for awhile, one way or another.

    True confession? I would be totally fine continuing my current routine of only going into the office one day a week for the rest of my working life. I don’t hate videoconferencing and I LOVE not commuting—I’m probably putting in more work time without the drive time. In some respects, I am built for the lockdown lifestyles :-).

    I watched all of Broadchurch when it originally ran on BBC America. Not exactly an upper, but REALLY good.

    1. My work situation is pretty good right now. It is busier but no hour long commute to and from work and I can do things in between projects to break up my day a little. I don’t mind it. I miss browsing the bookstore but I can live without it for now. I have plenty of books to keep me company anyway.

      These people pushing back on the restrictions aren’t even the people I would expect to push back on them. I can see how people who are in financial distress need to go back to work. I get that but these people are protesting things that are no important. Sorry. Calling Newsom Hitler, when we have you know who in office is ridiculous.

  9. I am sorry it’s been rough for you, Ti. I wish I could say it has been different for me, but nope. I can relate all too well. I hope your daughter enjoys the tap class. Good luck to you and your daughter with the college search and applications. I’m not ready to think about all that yet. Let me get her to the end of the 3rd grade first. LOL We are counting down the days until the school year is over . . . I don’t know who wants it more–me or her.

    I can’t believe all these protesters either. Two of our county board of supervisors are calling a vote Tuesday to lessen restrictions in the county put in place by the director of Public Health. I think a lot of it has to do with the outcry from people who are arguing their freedoms are being infringed upon–at least that’s the impression I get from the statements they put out. Frankly, I am much more inclined to follow the medical professional than the politicians, especially in this case. At least there is some comfort in knowing the Governor’s orders supersede anything the county Board of Supervisors might decide.

    I hope you have a good week, Ti.

    1. I am not much of a name caller but most of the people protesting the beach closures are just a bunch of whiny freedom fighters who are entitled beyond belief. If your worst problem is not going to the beach, then you have it pretty good. I feel like now, there will be this huge surge which will set us back. I was feeling like June could be a good time to do a soft open but now I don’t know.

  10. These protests make me so angry… and I’m afraid the re-openings are moving far too quickly. The county reopened beaches, but our city/island has kept city beach lots closed through the 15th. There are a few places residents can park if they’re not close enough to walk or bike – thankfully I can walk. Rental accommodations ban is also still in effect on the island until the 15th. Restaurants reopening today with limitations. We’re going to wait a few more weeks to see if there will be another spike. Scary times…

    1. I thought Ca was going to be the last to open things up because our Governor had a list of six things that had to be met but he announced today that by Friday, some things will open. Which concerns me. People here are been horrible with their damn protest so I feel like you should wait to see if there is a spike because if we open, and then there is a spike, he will be blamed for opening too soon when it was probably from the protests.

      Whenever I do go out for errands, I am jumpy and clearly not myself. It will take awhile to ease into things I think. I definitely don’t want to go back to my normal crazy busy self.

  11. It’s hard to believe your daughter is almost at that searching for colleges stage. My husbands oldest grandchild is home now but was in her second year at Syracuse University which she loves and her brother will be a freshman at University of Indiana in Sept – we think–right now there are 5 of them living in a smallish Manhattan apartment – sheltering down –sad.

    I don’t think anyone is sleeping well these days, so much to be concerned about. I’m glad we are still closed except for “essential services”. I just said to my husband, I never thought I’d say that an ice cream cone via Dairy Queen drive through would make for a nice afternoon for me. Simple times.

    Stay well!

    1. Some of Ca. opens by Friday which makes me nervous because many are not following the guidelines now, so who knows what will happen on Friday. A free for all, I fear.

      I can’t believe my daughter will be applying for colleges this fall either. I want her to remain in Ca but for Musical Theatre and performance, there are only a handful of options. She is a very young 16 so we shall see. Right now if we could just get her driver’s license that would be good. She can’t finish driver’s training and the DMV is closed anyway.

  12. I sent you some coaching information via FB. I hope you find something and good luck to your daughter…she’s so talented. She can do it.

  13. hey Ti, what a week … I’m with you about the protestors. Hard to believe the Girl will be applying to colleges, wow. Will your son likely be doing online classes in the fall? School seems tough right now. I have a young friend trying to graduate this month in Boston — it’s crazy eh? May could be another nutty month …. there are projections that daily deaths of Americans could reach 3,000 … per day! as reported in the NY Times. this is no time to get lax about safety! it could be a brutal month. stay safe

    1. I think you are right. May will be brutal, numbers wise. Many feel that everyone should just catch it so we can be immune but when “catching it” could mean death, I will remain a “non-joiner”. Thank you.

      My son’s school is a CSU like the one I work out and they are both talking about fall being online. My guess is it will be a hybrid. Some classes like labs will be in person. It’s been nice to have him home but his job situation is a big question mark. Try to get a job here? There? The two academic departments he works for had to let him go but then they recently offered to pay through July, when he would have normally ended his job so that was wonderful.

  14. I have good days and bad days. Our state began opening up last Friday and this weekend the beaches in Galveston were wall-to-wall people. I was deeply saddened when I saw the photos. The other thing that astonishes me is that churches are opening up. That seems completely foolish to me. Many of the people who attend the churches that are opening so quickly are among the most vulnerable.

    I feel better when I get lost in a book or I see faces on Zoom or I talk to blogging or real-life friends or I get out in nature or I do something creative. I’m glad you have been able to find comfort in cleaning and in spending time with your family.

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