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My New Motto

Book Shelf.

I am in the middle of a great book. It’s the same book I was reading before the funeral and I’ve picked it up a few times to enjoy it but I can only read a few pages before my brain moves on to other topics. It’s unfortunate because this book is super good.

So, I am reading. Kind of. Not making much progress but that gap of time/space between books is expanding and making me nervous. Do you ever get nervous when taking too long to finish a book? I have so many great review copies to get to but at the same time I want to give my current book the focus it deserves. That means I am dipping in and out of it. I really don’t like to read this way though.

The read-a-thon is this weekend and I will be at a track meet. Again. Too much going on there to focus on a book but I sure wish I could join everyone this year.

What’s everyone reading? I want to see your stacks. That sounds dirty.

Neverwhere Read Along

Neverwhere Read Along button.

I am crazy for read alongs this month! Here is another read along I joined. I’ve never read Gaiman before. Hard to believe, I know. Nancy was talking about reading the book on Facebook and I decided the best way to finally get to this author is to read him with others.

Head over to Bookfoolery for details! It’s super casual and runs through the month of October.

Will you be joining us?