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Review: Billy Summers

Billy Summers

Billy Summers
By Stephen King
Scribner, 9781982173616, August 3, 2021, 528pp.

The Short of It:

Billy Summers will steal your heart but be prepared, it’s a little different and surprised me in a lot of ways.

The Rest of It:

Billy Summers is a hired assassin. Most assassins are pretty bad guys but this is where it gets complicated. Billy, is an assassin who only kills bad guys. Legit, bad guys who have no business breathing the air we all breathe.

The story opens with Billy accepting a job. This hit requires a bit of prep beforehand. Billy has to establish multiple aliases, secure an office space which puts him in the prime position for the hit, and although the man he has been assigned to kill is a very bad guy, Billy has decided that this will be his last hit. As with most things, as soon as you say this is the “last time” for something, things pop-up unexpectedly.

Without giving anything away. A “someone” pops up which complicates Billy’s entire plan. This was the most wild addition. I was surprised at how the story played out from there. Surprised in the most pleasant way. It’s so different and yet, so King. In feel, it reminded  me a lot of the relationships King created in the Mr. Mercedes series. So, if you enjoyed those characters, you will also enjoy this book too.

Much of the story is the setup of the hit. The actual planning. But then the story becomes something else entirely and this is where I really found myself loving these characters. You should know going in, that I am including a trigger warning for rape. It actually plays a very large role in the story and provides the motivation for some of things that happen.

What you need to know is that I loved it. I didn’t want the story to end. It’s somewhat long at over 500 pages but I never felt its length. I was thoroughly taken with this story and highly recommend it. It’s about second chances, making things right, and loyal friendships.

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