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Sunday Matters: Birthday Week Starts Now

Sunday Matters

Hello , friends! This week is my birthday week! I’ve always loved my birthday week because it includes Labor Day. This year, I did not request my actual birthday off, Thursday. I normally do but it seemed weird to be off Monday, come back for two days, be off again and then come back again. I should have just taken both Thursday and Friday off.

Right Now:

No plans today besides a little volunteering later.

This Week:

On Monday, we are staying in town but going to my in-law’s house for ribs! I volunteer Monday nights but since it’s a holiday there is no outreach that night. During they day, I hope to hit the used book store by my house. They are having a big sale.


I have been reading City of Girls for what feels like forever but only because I’ve been reading it in-between other books. I am finishing it this weekend or else!

Also, who is ready for the R.I.P. Challenge?


I watched the movie I, Tonya last night. It was actually, very good. Excellent performances by Margot Robbie and Allison Janney.

Tonight, Fear the Walking Dead, and in a few weeks I will be ready for a new season American Horror Story.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I tried that Rao’s jarred pasta sauce that everyone raves about but it was really, just a good quality sauce. Not worth the price which averages $10-$12  per jar in California. If you can’t make homemade sauce, I highly recommend the Arrabiata sauce from Trader Joe’s instead.

Grateful for:

Three-day weekends. Love them because they allow for one day of errands, one day of fun and one day of rest. Yesterday we hit Santa Barbara for the day. The weather was perfect.

What are you all doing this weekend?


Review: Judas


By Amos Oz
Mariner Books, 9781328745491, November 2017, 320pp.

The Short of It:

Really made me think about religion in general. Was Judas a hero? In this book, Oz poses the question.

The Rest of It:

This was a book club pick. Going into it, I had few expectations because I really didn’t know much about it. I have to say, this was probably a good thing.

Jerusalem, 1959. Shmuel Ash, a biblical scholar, is adrift in his young life when he finds work as a caregiver for a brilliant but cantankerous old man named Gershom Wald. There is, however, a third, mysterious presence in his new home. Atalia Abravanel, the daughter of a deceased Zionist leader, a beautiful woman in her forties, entrances young Shmuel even as she keeps him at a distance. Piece by piece, the old Jerusalem stone house, haunted by tragic history and now home to the three misfits and their intricate relationship, reveals its secrets. ~ Indiebound

I found this book to be very good for discussion but not as enjoyable to read as I had hoped. The romantic element between two of the characters seemed a tad forced and not terribly realistic. I liked parts of the story. A young student, listening to stories and learning from an elder was appealing to me but Atalia was cold as ice. I never warmed to her.

The political elements were not excessive but provided enough background to give me a feel for the conflict of that region. As a discussion book, it was excellent. We had plenty to talk about. The possibility of Judas being a hero was something we had to wrap our brains around. Throughout history he has been recognized as a traitor. That brought up the question, what is a traitor and is being one always bad?

Interesting, huh? Well, that’s all I have. I will say that reading other books while reading this one was not possible so I’m glad this one is behind me but if your club needs a good discussion book, give this one a try.

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