Sunday Matters: Losing Track of Days

Sunday Matters

The sign of a good vacation is not knowing what day it is. I am at the point now and had to check the calendar to make sure this posted on the right day and even then, I was late to post it.

Right Now:

My church takes a break this week and only provides an online service so I watched from the comfort of my couch. Our plans got all mixed up this past week due to weather. We are rescheduling Disney but the day we chose is also expecting horrible weather now. What can you do? The Hub goes back to work soon and my son is only here for so long so we will have to deal with the weather.

My view as I headed out the other day.

This Week:

No plans for New Year’s Eve. I think my son and daughter have their own plans. New Year’s Day I usually make dumplings and just hang out. My gluten free version is always a challenge. It’s one of the few, good memories I have of my father. He always made Tibetan dumplings on New Year’s Day.


My First Book of 2020 is A Good Neighborhood so I will start that this week. My Goodread’s reading goal was not met this year. I tanked in September and could not get it together. Work caused me stress and it carried over into my beloved reading time. All I want to do is read good books. Is that so hard?


I’m starting The Crown this week. Too many have recommended it.

We saw the latest Star Wars movie. I liked it better than the last installment.

My husband has found the show Live PD. I have lost brain cells because of it.

New Things I’ve Tried:

I’ve had a couple of bills go missing in the mail so now I am paying them online again. I used to, until a major screw-up took place that caused me to go old school but I will give it another shot.

Grateful for:

My family went to a football game today so I had a little time to organize things. I feel better when things have their own place so I’m grateful for the extra time.

What’s up with you? This is posting so late I probably missed most of you!

20 thoughts on “Sunday Matters: Losing Track of Days”

  1. I’m still here *waving*.

    That is the sign of a good vacation. Glad you are having one.

    That view is stunning.

    Kim and I are just having a quiet night in on New Year’s Eve. We’ve been making our way through the Harry Potter movies for the holidays, but we’ll be done with them tomorrow night. We might watch some reruns of Drunk History and the latest season of Letterkenny.

    1. I knew today was Sunday and yet forgot to schedule the darn post. LOL.

      I am getting a lite antsy at home but going out for NYE doesn’t sound appealing to me either.

  2. Our schedules are crazy so not knowing what day it is isn’t uncommon around here. I always say I’d fail that test at the hospital if I ever hit my head.

    We’re going to a bonfire for New Year’s Eve which should be a lot of fun.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Why does the world make us all work such a ridiculous number of hours? I hope life slows down for you in 2020.

    I’d love to see your dumplings recipe. My dad’s people made fabulous dumplings, too, but I’ve never tried to make them. These are Southern dumplings. I wonder how the two recipes compare.

    I hope your first book of the year gets you off to a great start. I found my reading last year to be mostly ho-hum. I want to pick better books this year and bail on the mediocre ones.

    Here’s to a great new year, Ti!

    1. I have no recipe! That’s the problem. It’s all by sight and although the normal version comes out great, the small batch that I make that is gluten free is always slightly messed up. LOL. GF flour is such a pain to work with.

  4. I love the Crown and can’t wait to hear what you think of it. I enjoyed the social and cultural history as well as the story lines themselves. And, I’ll confess I’ve only seen the original 3 Star Wars movies. I couldn’t quite get myself to watch the others, but I do feel out of it for not seeing them.

  5. Time is always getting away from me. I clicked the link for A Good Neighborhood and it looks good, I’ll be watching for your review.

    My daughter’s parents in laws always have a bonfire for New Years Eve, but I have to work the next day so I’m staying closer to home.

    1. Our NYE was uneventful. We did play Uber for my son but my husband was watching that Live PD show all night long. I did kind of get into it but these people are crazy. It’s like Jerry Springer + Cops.

  6. I’m working my way through The Crown myself. I’m not much of a TV watcher, so you’ll probably finish long before I will. Your picture of your view is beautiful. It’s a little snowy here, but cold and windy…..and yet we had 50 degree weather on Christmas. In Iowa that’s unheard of. The longer we can go with no major snow storms, the shorter our winter will seem.

    1. We had all that strange, cold weather which shut down major freeways and caused all sorts of problems but then it was 75 out and beautiful. I feel like winter is already over for us.

  7. Hi Ti! *waves* Long time, no see (me, not you). I’m trying to get back into my longest held hobbies and just getting around to catching up with everyone.

    Btw – beautiful view, that one is! We’ve been having gorgeous weather this week. Made Christmas and the holidays such an outdoorsy affair. Loved it! I saw your Insta post, so I trust you made it to Disney?

    1. We did get to Disney, just had to go a different day and the day worked out fine. Was supposed to be rainy and horrible but when we got up the weather was not that at all. It was a nice day and we did everything we wanted to do.

      I’m glad to you see back and blogging!

  8. Dumplings sounds delicious. We usually do Chinese take-out on New Year’s but this year I’m not sure we will because the Chinese places near our new house are not as good as the Chinese near our old house.

    I hope you loved Disney. I think Anna’s daughter loves LivePD.

  9. Great pic! I missed my goal to by a few books, due to a reading slump just like you. Spending New Years with my mother, who turns 90 in March. Here’s to a great 2020!!

  10. Nice photo of the snow on the mountains! We had a good time in the OC but I got a bad head cold which was a drag for the week … one night there was a big rain storm — I think it was the night of Dec. 25, wow good rain then. It was a lovely time with family (the weather was a bit cool at the beach for sure 50 to 60) and now we are back to the snow here. Christmas is over …. it went like a flash

    1. We got caught in that rainstorm! Went to the movies Christmas night and when we came out it was pouring and it was an uncovered mall type place so we were soaked by the time we got to the car. Took forever to get home because everything was flooded and we could not see the lanes. We were supposed to hit Disney the next day but cancelled after that rain and then of course it was a perfect day. We went on 12/30 but it was so packed.

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