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Review: The Rosie Effect

The Rosie EffrectThe Rosie Effect
By Graeme Simsion
(Simon & Schuster, Hardcover, 9781476767314, December 30, 2014, 352pp.)

The Short of It:

A turbulent ride of ups and downs.

The Rest of It:

The Rosie Project was an adorable read. It really was.  It was smart and fun and I loved the characters and the unconventional romance aspect. That book was all about the pursuit of love and what it means to be the “other half” and it was delightfully awkward.

In The Rosie Effect, Don and Rosie are now married and their world is about to change in a huge way when Rosie announces that she is pregnant. This book has little to do with Rosie. It focuses on Don and the fact that he is just not prepared for fatherhood.

It’s  a tad tedious in the telling and to be honest, it took me a really long time to read it. Marriage problems abound and Don’s mannerisms are not nearly as charming as they were in the first book. In fact, he annoyed the hell out of me.

I have little patience for sequels that are just so-so and this one falls into that category.

Source: Sent to me by the publisher via Edelweiss.
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Sunday Matters: Rest

Sunday Matters

I have been on vacation since the 19th and I can’t believe that one, precious week has already passed. Disneyland was a blast, Christmas Eve was enjoyable and Christmas dinner was very nice. I think I’ve gained at least five pounds.

With all the health stuff I’ve been dealing with, I’ve come to the conclusion that I work too much and don’t sleep nearly enough to function like a normal human being. I’ve been catching up on sleep and even with all the extra naps and sleeping in, I am still exhausted. That can’t be good.

So, I am taking it easy. Lots of couch potato activities that involve movie and TV watching. I am still going easy on the reading. I finished one book and wrote-up the review, but I may just take a break from reading for the rest of the year as I am worried about the eye thing coming back.

Right Now:

The church we attend is on ‘vacation’ this week so the service is online only. This is okay with me. I plan to sit here with my half cup of coffee and enjoy the service anyway. I’m itching to do something by the coast but our little road trip yesterday was a bust for a number of reasons. Not sure we’ll venture out today.

This Week:

No big plans this week. The Teen is attending a New Year’s Eve party with his girlfriend and we’ll most likely order in and hang out. One exciting thing that takes place at the end of this week is a visit from my uncle and cousin. I haven’t seen them in a really long time and she is bringing her darling baby boy with her.


I could not read Bag of Bones for the read along because of my darn eyes. I feel awful about that because I was really looking forward to joining in. I could not read the new Murakami either. I think I will save it for the beginning of the year.


I’ve been watching all sorts of things. Lots of Roseanne, Lucy and Seinfeld. Plenty of KCET programming like Huell Howser, too. We watched What About Bob? (Bill Murray) last night and Friday (Chris Tucker), the night before. Also managed to watch all of the holiday episodes of Adam 12 and Emergency! Not to mention all the holiday movies we watched which included It’s a Wonderful Life, a classic.

I have a bunch of movies recorded that I’d like to see like The Great Gatsby and American Hustle. I have to be in the right mood to see them, though.


I made tacos a few nights ago but haven’t cooked anything since. With all the eating we’ve managed to do, I am not in the mood for anything.

Grateful for:

I am glad for this time off, even if a good chunk of it is spent sleeping.

Happy Thought For the Week:

No work this week and I am looking forward to my uncle and cousin visiting.

What have you all been up to? I’ve been online a little bit, just to keep on top of the big stuff but I am still reducing my computer time so that my eyes can rest. How are you?