Have You Heard About The 39 Clues Series?

I was browsing in Barnes & Noble the other day and my daughter and I came across this new book series called The 39 Clues. She was fascinated by the trading card display that was right next to it. We immediately picked up Book One for my son.

The search for clues is key and the series incorporates trading cards, a web component and the books themselves. If you have a kid between the ages of 9-12 that is not that fond of reading, maybe this might motivate them?

My son knew nothing about the series but when I handed it to him, he thought it was the coolest thing since Drumstick ice cream cones. No, seriously.

If you want to learn more about this series, check out the web site here. I’ll let you know what he thinks of Book One when he finishes.


Greasy Rider Winner!

Thank you for being a part of my first giveaway ever! It was very exciting to see all your responses on how you and your families are going “green”. Some of you have really done quite a bit and the environment thanks you!

Now for the winner… Each email was assigned a number in the order in which it was received and entered into Random.org’s integer generator.

The winner is…ELIZABETH! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the book! I am sending you an email now!

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