The Sunday Salon: 1Q84 (so far), Halloween & Other Updates

1Q84 Murakami (The Man)

My week was made glorious by the release of 1Q84. I’ve been taking my time with it and so far, it’s wonderful. A little different, but similar enough to know it’s a Murakami. It’s funny how particular I am about reading this one. It has to be just the right time and place before I’ll pull it out. I haven’t read any of it all weekend because I haven’t found that perfect moment just yet.

My kids have already been to four Halloween parties. They are all partied out and with Halloween on a Monday this year, well…I don’t suspect we’ll be doing much besides handing out candy and maybe a tiny bit of trick-or-treating. I’ve been watching scary movies all weekend so I’m all caught-up with watching my “must see” movies (Halloween, House on Haunted Hill, The Shining, etc).

I asked you this question the other day. In case you were wondering, the books in question were tossed into the recycling bin.

The Sunday Salon

Once again it is over 85 degrees here. It’s hard to get into the season when it’s so warm out. I don’t feel like cooking, or baking or doing much of anything. We’ll BBQ later, which is easy enough to do when you hand it over to The Hub and say, here ya go. I’m all for keeping it easy today.

Happy Sunday!


28 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: 1Q84 (so far), Halloween & Other Updates”

  1. You can have the snow my parents received in Mass. We got some too, but it is already melted. LOL Glad you found a solution to the book problem…and I did get two short story collections like you suggested of Murakami…Let’s hope I can get to them before they head back to the library. Wouldn’t you know that 5 books I put myself on hold for came all at the same time!

  2. Glad the weather is good. I agree you need peace and quiet to get into Murakami. I have read about 5 chapters so far and am enjoying it. Easier to understand so far, easier than The Wind Up Bird Chronicle, for instance. I hope you get a chance to get into 1Q84 soon!

    1. I read a few more chapters last night which puts me somewhere around Chapter 15 or so. You are right! This one reads much more straight forward than his other books. I wonder if that’s a translation thing.

  3. When did Halloween get to be such a big deal? Almost everyone in our neighborhood is decorated to the hilt.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your book so much. I can’t wait to read your review.

  4. we like Halloween because that’s about the only time I fill up the candy jar!! Marc is 16 and he’s going trick-or-treating with his girlfriend and her brothers. Hope he brings home some good stuff!!

    I get being in the right place to read certain books 😀

    1. Well, we weren’t planning to do much but now my daughter’s best friend will be with us. They will trick-or-treat with The Hub, I will be home with the pup (who is going to go nuts over all the doorbell rings) and my son is supposed to hand out candy, at least for a little while from the driveway (to minimize the doorbell rings).

      My daughter does not have school tomorrow but my son does so it will be an early night.

  5. I picked up my copy of 1Q84 today and just started reading. Enjoying it so far. I have no experience with this author at all but I am excited to be reading something so outside my norm. I give you all the credit! 🙂
    We went to a Halloween party last night…husband and me…it was fun but I was disappointed that so many people showed up without a costume on.

    1. I have to say, I am at chapter 15 or so and this one seems to be much tamer than his other books. It’s not that his other books were graphic or anything, but they required a bit more deciphering than this one (so far). I was talking to another blogger about it, maybe the translation has something to do with it. Nevertheless, I am enjoying it quite a bit.

  6. I had a feeling you were going to read that book just the way you are…

    We had SNOW all day yesterday…it was amazing…all of my flowers were covered in icy whiteness. Today it is melted, the sun s out and my flowers are blooming again!!!

    I have not bought Halloween candy yet…hitting Target’s tomorrow.

    1. You haven’t gotten it yet? Did you pre-order it? I hate when you pre-order something and it takes you longer to get it than the last minute buyer. That happened to me with one of the Harry Potter books. Well, you’ll be very glad when you receive it. It’s really good!

    1. Reading the book is funny though… I carry it around in a special bag to keep it clean and perfect. The dust jacket is housed in another location and I have to use hand sanitizer before reading it. I know it’s nutty, but so be it. I have had two near misses with 1) a can of diet coke 2) my coffee so now I am not drinking anything while reading it.

    1. I hope you didn’t have too much damage. So many of my blogging friends live back East. I was blown away by all the “power out” “ice storm” damage.

  7. I bought 1Q84 yesterday (and was APPALLED that 1)I couldn’t find it on my own and 2)the guy I asked for help didn’t know Murakami or the book…he looked in graphic novels to try and find it). Anyhoosie, I also bought Reamde (another chunkster) which has sucked me in, so I imagine it’ll be awhile before I get to it.

    1. After seeing that cover everywhere you had trouble finding it? The bookseller who rang me up didn’t have a clue who Murakami was. But, he didn’t really know who Steve Jobs was either. Seems to me he is in the wrong profession.

  8. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying and savoring the new Murakami. It’s only a matter of time until I go out and grab this one too, but I am waiting for the reviews to start pouring in to be sure. It does sound like your kids have been very busy this Halloween, and I hope that they, and you have a great Halloween!

  9. Yay! Your book is finally out and you can read it! So was tonight as slow as planned?

    I’m glad you’ve been watching enough scary movies to cover both of our shares – I avoid them like them plague (I know, such a wuss).

  10. We had a glorious day here today which will be following by snow tomorrow. I am not ready for winter so I would be all over a few 85 degree days!

  11. Oh how I wish it were a bit warmer here. I think I may be all scary movie’d out too. I watched them all week. Then again they are my favorites. The Shining never gets old for me. Hope you’re having a good week.

  12. I found it much easier to read 1Q84 on my Kindle and went through it in no time. Also posted a review on Murakami’s faebook page but he hasn’t of course made any comments 🙂 …Harvee

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