Review: Killing Commendatore

Killing Commendatore

Killing Commendatore
By Haruki Murakami
Knopf, 9780525520047, October 2018, 704pp.

The Short of It:

In my opinion, this is one of his most linear works and yet it possesses all of the key elements that Murakami fans have come to expect from his work.

The Rest of It:

I spent a lot of time reading this one. Not because it was long and dense, but because each and every sentence begged to be read again. Much of it was beautifully written, but some of it was puzzling which is why I love Murakami so much. He takes an idea and just goes with it.

In this story, an artist, recently separated from his wife, heads to a remote, hilltop home to do what he does best, paint. But in this house he finds a painting that basically, changes his life. The painting titled, Killing Commendatore, is a violent depiction of what is basically an assassination. An “idea” takes the shape of a very small man. There is a deep pit in the forest which will remind readers of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. There’s a young girl, a faceless guy, a menacing man who drives a Subaru, an impressionable aunt, and a very mysterious man who lives in a white mansion across the way.

If you ever felt intimidated by Murakami in the past, this is the book for you.  I think there is a lot to relate to in this one. The overall theme of loneliness, isolation, what it means to be married and loved and generally, what can be found at the core of each human being and how that can shift depending on the circumstances.

I can see Murakami winning an award for this one. It seems to embody everything he’s ever written and yet remain so unique. I highly recommend it.

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Sunday Matters: Hello December

Sunday Matters

Did everyone survive Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday? I’ve never received so many emails. It was really annoying. In fact, it turned me off. Just too much stuff and my house is already full of stuff. Enough, already.

Right Now:

Yesterday we went to Disneyland and spent the entire day there. My legs feel like they are broken from so much walking but we love going. My son is still missing Disney so much. He sees it in an entirely new light now and it’s just magical.

This Week:

I have some fun stuff this week. I have book club on Thursday. We will discuss Sourdough by Robin Sloan. Remember Mr. Penumbra? Same author.

I also have a work Christmas party on Friday. I don’t have a good ugly sweater for it. Not sure what I’ll do about that.


After Sourdough I am not sure what I’ll pick up. I am behind with my reading goals for the year. So much so that I just changed my goal on Goodreads. Yep, you can do that. So technically I now have three more books to read in December which is doable.

What should I read? I have King’s Elevation. I also have a non-fiction book I’ve been wanting to read, If You Only Knew by Jamie Ivey. Ivey writes this podcast I’ve been listening to, The Happy Hour. Her book looks pretty good.


I started The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. Holy cheeses. I watched the first episode while in my car, in the dark. I am not jumpy. Jump scares don’t really bother me but the visuals in this one. CREEPY and terrifying. NOTHING like the book it’s supposedly based on.

New Things I’ve Tried:

Disneyland has really upped their game in the gluten-free department. We tried a new restaurant yesterday and they had an allergy menu and made me a delicious pulled-pork sandwich from it. It was nice to have the same thing my family was having and not be left out.

Grateful for:

I’m grateful for the awesome day we had yesterday. Beautiful, cool, weather and the crowds were not bad at all.

Today I have the hit the market and later I am volunteering but I will be recovering in-between. Fifteen hours at Disney did me in.

What are you up to today?

Chatting with friends about books and life…