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Ventura HarborHello, hello! We’ve had some weather. Rain, lightning and thunder. Which is why I am glad we got to the harbor last weekend. It was a lovely trip. The pup had her cod and chip (one chip). Haha. We were so happy to get a little rain on Monday night. So far I am loving October. It’s cool in the morning and evenings and warm during the day. Makes for good reading weather. 

Speaking of reading, I finished My Heart is a Chainsaw and the review should be up this Friday. That, was different. Not at all what I was expecting.

I am currently reading my book club’s pick for October, Piranesi. Not sure what I was expecting but this one is fascinating. I fell right into it.


Have you read it?

I am trying to figure out the logistics for winter break. My daughter’s campus is not close to a large airport which makes travel a challenge. Our preferred airline flies out of Wichita but that is four hours away and she has no way to get there. The number of available flights are limited no matter where she flies out of. Plus, I am trying to coordinate with my son too. It has to happen soon though because what is available is booking fast. Wish us luck. 

Nothing else going on. I keep feeling the need to purge. I know it’s mostly because I am home all day long and see nothing but stuff that could be tossed. I don’t know how we accumulate so many things. I am fairly choosy about purchases or really, bringing anything into the house so I am always amazed at what we have lying around.

Halloween decor should be going up this weekend. Houses here and there have been adding things. I think we will have a lot of trick or treaters after last year’s dud of a holiday.

What’s new with you?

Review: The Night She Disappeared

The Night She Disappeared

The Night She Disappeared
By Lisa Jewel
Atria Books, 9781982137366, September 2021, 416pp.

The Short of It:

Jewel does it again. I love her books and every time I picked this one up I was immensely happy to do so.

The Rest of It:

Tallulah and Zach are young parents. Only nineteen with their entire lives ahead of them, but they are both trying to do right by their young son so they live with Tallulah’s mom. While Zach works to create a nest egg for them, Tallulah attends her college courses hoping to one day be a social worker but the lure of someone from her past, the unpredictable Scarlett, surrounded by her wealth and her crowd of followers is too much for Tallulah. She finds herself fascinated by Scarlett and then one day, when Zach and Tallulah head to Scarlett’s place after some drinks at the pub, something goes terribly wrong and the two disappear.

This was a great, suspenseful read. The story of Tallulah and Zach’s disappearance keeps you guessing. Scarlett’s backstory and the other people involved, including a young couple living on the school grounds who take an interest in the case, given that one of them writes detective stories for a living, really added to the complexity of the story.

Recommend. It’s not high lit fiction but it was good, and juicy and and I enjoyed it a lot.

Source: Copy won in a Goodreads Giveaway.
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