Sunday Matters: Weekends

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We had a scheduled power outage yesterday. They gave us plenty of notice but I had to get up early to get ready for the celebration of life we were attending and then we took off for the coast to enjoy the cooler temps. Cannot be here without AC. Today, up early to prepare for the day. I like the idea of sleeping in but honestly, even if allowed to, I never can. I always wake early.

The first week of classes went well for my daughter and guess what? She now has a cat. A pregnant cat. Luna showed up at their door. She is really not allowed to have a cat so we will see how this plays out. She is very sweet and the roomies have supposedly found a place for the kittens to go when the time comes. The vet says three kittens.

Here is Luna:

Luna the cat.

Right Now:

Student ministry it happening like always. I am still finding paint on my body after last week’s paint wars. All colors came out easily except for the teal. I was COVERED in teal. I’ve washed my hair dozens of times and there is still teal buried in my scalp. It was so fun though.


Still reading The Last Chairlift. I am about to pick up How High We Go in the Dark.

How High We Go in the Dark


The week has been busy so we are behind on our TV watching. My husband saw Bullet Train in the theater last week when I was busy at the fall kickoff. He recommends it. Said it was very entertaining.

Grateful for:

  • Teeth Whitening Strips. They are an easy way to take a few years off.
  • Spotify playlists. I love the ones that are suggested to me but I’ve been having fun creating my own too.

Have a great Sunday!

Whatnot – 08/24/22

Fisherman's Village - Marina Del ReyThis Saturday we have a scheduled power outage that will last all day long. It’s too warm to be in the house without AC so after the celebration of life we will be attending that morning for a dear friend who passed away in April, we will grab the pup and head to Fisherman’s Village in Marina Del Rey. It’s been a really long time since I’ve visited. Ten plus years, maybe more. It will be a nice break from the routine. 

Work is going okay but we have an ant problem in the office. My space isn’t that bad but they can’t spray because of sensitivities and traps are not doing it. Every once in awhile one crawls up my leg. Ewwwww.

Last Sunday student ministry had a paint war. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Students running at each other, and ME with handfuls of paint powder. I was covered and it is now three days later and my neck is still green. All the other colors came off easily but the green is holding. I look like She Hulk. It was so much fun though.

In case you haven’t noticed, I pulled the trigger on going ad free so no more disgusting ads to wade through when you visit me here! For $2 a month I should have done it sooner.

The RIP Challenge is coming. It’s going to be on Twitter and Instagram only. I am no way near getting my list together. I TANKED with my summer list. Chunkster reading got in my way. But, it’s one of my fave events so I will spend some time this weekend coming up with something.

I am going to end this here. As you can tell my brain is zipping around into too many directions. I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday. Friday will be here soon.

Still reading Irving’s The Last Chairlift. My review of Verity posted yesterday. Stop by to check it out.

Chatting with friends about books and life…